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  [user deleted]

please delete my account, thank you

  [user deleted]

Please can you delete my account.


zypher_k: Another user has that account name.


Could you guys change my Name to ESL_Kuma

Best Regards


Can you change my username to "Warlord" ? Thanks

  [user deleted]

Please could you delete my account, thanks.

  [user deleted]


Please change my name to SpeedySpiderSponge

Thank you!

And by the way, can you make my profile url "SSS" if you can? Thanks again!

  [user deleted]

Delete this account

  [user deleted]

Delete this account

  [user deleted]

Delete this account

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Kochie87/SpeedySpiderSponge: User profile urls are automatically derived from the name, so they cannot be set to something custom.

I manually changed the names of the people I saw that were affected by the bug that prevented name changes in some cases.

Quick reminder that this isn't meant to be used regularly, we're not going to change your name every other day for you.

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Can you change my name to Andra? I feel like it's a lot better than TheAndra21. Also, can you delete TheAndra97, that's my old account and I forgot the password and the email 4Head ? Thanks 🙂


Is it possible to change my name from AEBPlays to UselessBrit please 🙂 Thank you

  [user deleted]

Delete this account


Hello ,

Change my name from Gold74 to Gold



I'd like to change my name to "Walex" and if it's already taken, to "Walex903" to keep the same name in all my social media.

Thank You guys!

  [user deleted]

delete this account