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Will the moderator capabilities be transferred to my other account, as requested, @xHaviiHx, or another admin?

  [user deleted]

Hey, can someone delete my account if possible. Thanks


Hi, can my username be changed to "Warlord"? Thank you.

  [user deleted]

Hello, can someone delete my account, please!? URGENT! Thankyou!

  [user deleted]

Please DELETE my account. Thank you ❤️


Can you guys change my name capitalization? It's needed to be nneeooww with small letters


requesting name change to "Jesuscatface"


Hi can you change my name to "Inteon". Thx


Hello. Can you please change my username from thatbrointheAF to KingStrixx , please? Thank you.


Hello after the recent events and even after providing all the proofs, some people still keeps acusing me, so i honestly feel this isnt my place at all, especially with your retarded SF moderators , so i would like to request to be deleted, thank you and stay cool

  [user deleted]

Please delete my account ❤️

  [user deleted]
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DELETE my account and all other accounts with the name sengen!

  [user deleted]

delete my account and otakulevel99 account.

  [user deleted]

delete this sorry for an excuse of an account!

  [user deleted]

delete account.


Impressivepigeon390: It's way easier to just rename your account. You essentially keep the same account and runs get renamed. Post if you want me to do that. I can delete the other account.

KuriGoat: See the post 6 posts above your post. There's a site bug preventing me from changing only certain people's names.

GamerWarrior2016: If you keep creating all of these pointless accounts, I'm going to start banning them instead of just deleting them.


Could you change my name to McChicken? If it's unavailable then maybe something like A_McChicken?

  [user deleted]

please delete my account.


please delete my account.


Please change my name to Tilts_

Made a new twitch account. Thank you