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If this is still working, can I have my name changed to PrShiori? thanks


Can you change my username to FallenAngels. I feel like my current username is not that cool and it's really immature


Could you change my name to vSnake? thank you.

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Could you please delete this account? I made a second one with another email adress. Thank you!


Anderson_Ferreira: There's still the bug with underscores in the URLs. Me changing your name doesn't magically fix that.

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Hi there, could you change my account name to 'Bismark' please?

Thank you in advance!


Can you lowercase the "B" in my name please? thx


Can you change my name to Nurmat? Thank you!

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Hey admins, can you change my name to just Julian? Nobody has taken that, thanks a lot


Hey! Can you change my username to Rebecca13 ? thank you!


Hello admins! Please may I have my name changed to 'NorkiNorki'? Thank you!

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Hi. Can I have my account deleted please. Thank you :3.


Can you change my username to "Warlord"? I already made the account because I made the mistake of not finding this thread before. I'll make an account deletion post using that account to prove it's me. Thanks.

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Can you delete this account? I'm switching the runs from "KuriGoat" on to this username.

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Hi admins. May I ask why my name wasn't changed? Is my requested name already taken? If not, may I have my name changed to "NorkiNorki" please?

Edit: Apologies. I thought later requests had been granted. I'll wait.


@DrTorture28 It wasn't changed yet because an admin might not have time to do it yet.

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Why the heck is my account still not deleted?


KuriGoat: Bleh, "Failed to rename theme folder" bug. I can't change your name right now because of the bug.

Other guy: "Why the heck is my account still not deleted?" - Because admins have IRL obligations as well.

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Why the heck is my account sti--[user deleted]

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Please transfer all mod conditions and past runs to my new account, electricyellow. The pigeon account can then be deleted. The electricyellow account already exists, since I created it prior to this change request.