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Oi Anderson, bem vindo ao foro de, cara 😃 🙂 ficou muito legal pra te ter aqui tambem


Hi !

I would like to request my name changed to LovenityJade (with that capitalization) from ikarius. It would be greatly appreciated !
Thank you ! ❤️


Can I have my name changed to just Patrick? I see the name isn't taken.


I'll change it, but I don't recommend extremely generic/common usernames.


The other guy named Whitelight is whitelight_ on Twitch, seems awfully confusing.

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Hi! My name is currently freddiemcfred12 and I am getting more into speedrunning. Can I simplify the username to just "Freddie" ? Thanks you guys rock!


Is this thread still working xD? , If its active i wanna change my name to felip.24y , becouse to be honest my nickname makes me laugh.

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I may as well ask again. Do you think my name could be changed to Star? The user Star has been practically inactive. They haven't been on for 3 months, and as far as I can tell, have submitted no runs, no forum posts, no twitch/srl/youtube/etc hooked up to their account, etc. in the 8 months they have been signed up on this site. Thanks!


Can my name just simply be capitalized?


Can my name be changed to "Uber"?


StarOfDoom: The user is at least logging into the account a little bit, so I think it would be out of line to take it away from them. If they hadn't logged in since your original request, I probably would have switched it over now.


Hey, could you possibly capitalise the B at the start of my username? Thank you 🙂


Could someone change my username to "SoulSoldier64" please? That's the username I use everywhere else. Thanks!


Can my name be changed to Dani
Thanks a bunch! =]


I'm gonna be mostly doing ps4 runs now, and I want my username to match my psn. xJackieBx is what it I want it changed to, thank you


Can I have my name changed to "ToiletSalesman1", please?


asking again, Would like name changed to "xJackieBx" (no quotes) as that would match my twitch name


Is it possible to change my current name MartinForslund to MartinForSlund ? 🙂 (with just a capital S)


Can my name be changed to just "justinpic"? Thank you.