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Hi, I'm one of the moderators for the Virtua Fighter series of speedruns, including VF1-4 leaderboards.

Before I was assigned as moderator, the original mod had requested a particular game in the series "Virtua Fighter: Remix".

However we have since found (and communally agree) that this iteration of the game is essentially identical to Virtua Fighter 1 and doesn't need a separate category let alone an entirely separate board.

The only differences are some minor improvements to visuals (most notably, it added some textures), they don't even effect the speed/performance of the game and even if it did, it likely wouldn't effect much as we run using the in-game timer.

I am currently the only moderator for the board, I asked the original mod to remove himself as he didn't want to bother trying to go through the effort to get it removed.

Is it possible to get this board removed? How do I go about doing so?


Go to Edit Game and click on the small arrow at the top right and click Delete Game, only works 2 weeks after the game has been added
If it's already been up for over 2 weeks, I doubt that you can do something about it except asking the site staff


Yea Unfortunately it had been up for several months before I even began moderating ...

How do I contact staff?


Request deletion here.


Done. Thanks SpiderHako. 🙂