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• With usernames, country flags now show over sub country flags. e.g. should be my flag but instead shows
• Game covers are now wrong for some games. e.g. Pou CE and Granny 2D show the wrong cover with the new /themeasset/x/cover URLs

Both of these are bugs for the whole of the new backend

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Gonna bump this because I already complained about a similar type of issue earlier in this thread and it's (somehow) gotten worse

Why do I have games which I am not following on the top of the Latest Runs page.

There really shouldn't be a reason as to why this is happening
- The games which I am following do meet the criteria to hit the 40 runs mark
- Even if it hypothetically didn't, it would make the most sense to put those runs on the bottom of the Latest Runs tab (which is what it was doing before... even if it shouldn't have been doing so) (this is the common sense way of handling this - people are more likely to click and access what they're already following in the first place)


@MasterOfMikeMasterOfMike, @LivLiv has also complained about this in the supporter forums, so you are not the only person who has said
Although I don't mind the games being in a random order

Originally posted by MasterOfMikeit's (somehow) gotten worse
I don't think it has since I don't think that the Latest Runs has had an update recently


To be fair I haven't been on src in the past 2-3 days for unrelated reasons: here's a timeline of my experience:
- See non-followed games in Latest Runs, post here.
- See it seems to be resolved, world is fine again.
- Isn't on src for 2-3 days.
- Come back to src and sees that the non-followed games thing is back, except that it's on the top now. Assume it's a one time thing and do other stuff.
- Check Latest Runs again and realize "oh this is really actually back", and post here.


Can I just not have runs from games I don't follow on my frontpage? If I wanted them on my frontpage, I would've followed them.

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It should be a mix of followed and non-followed games


With 0 option for them to not show up?

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Maybe this is a "me" problem, but I now see two games on my front page that I follow, and a total of 5 runs from games I follow out of like 25 runs.

Also, the games I follow are now buried about halfway into the front page.

Run ordering aside, the number of followed games shown makes zero sense considering I have set my front page settings to show at least 10 runs from followed games.
There have been a lot more than 5 recent runs in the games I follow.

Screenshots of my front page and front page settings:

The last two pictures in the album (taken from the Hitman Series Page) show that there are a lot more than 5 recent runs in the games I follow here in the list (Hitman 3 Category Extensions and Hitman 3 Elusive Targets).

This is a recent issue, only two days ago or so I was seeing only runs from games I followed, or at most a few runs from games I didn't follow at the bottom of the list.

I can't stress enough how little sense the new front page looks. Thanks.

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my front page is only of games i follow


I love how the bug disappeared and then reappeared over the course of like 24 hours

I love src and their questionable handling of this /s

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I only see one run I don't follow on the front page, at the top

I want more, and I want them at the bottom. I think the latter is true for everyone.

I also don't want followed game's runs to show.up after like a week or a few days