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Can I get blocked too? I wanna join the club. 🙂

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me reading through this entire thread:

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Jeez five pages

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Just going to say...

Everyone has a right to be pissed off about the ads, elo, the questionable stuff they've done lately, as well as be worried about the potential future of the site, and so on.

The only way a point is going to be drawn and they actually may give a (remote) crap about the issue is if you don't act like a complete dick to people who are saying "use an adblocker", that goes to both ends (such as the original poster).

There are valid ways to express your distaste with everything (as I did in page 2), however if the same person that's pushing it the hardest is also the biggest dick about a mitigation that (technically but not really) solves the issue, that doesn't exactly help at all.

Should you need an adblocker to be able to competently use the site? Absolutely not. Is making it so a private feedback form is the only true way to give feedback very bad? Absolutely. Do any of these things justify being a complete dick to everyone trying to offer mitigations to the issue? Absolutely not.

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@BulletsBullets - I know, this thread has no reason for 5 pages

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  [user deleted]

Hello @DelekatesDelekates! if you don't want to see ads on this site, i suggest using open source ad-blockers like uBlock Origin or ignore it! :smiley:

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op is off the goop but he's right to be anti ad. Telling people to just use an adblocker isn't the point. Like yeah its a solution for some people, but even then still not the point. could ask for donations, subs, etc. and plenty of people on src would fork out money, but they know just slapping ads on the site is a better business model.

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i can t, believe it, i just can not believe it! i hate addition , this is bull shit! @JoeBidenJoeBiden @ElectricLightOrchestra why are you making me add, this is not what i voted for when i joined speedruns .com 😡 you are making the people angery and beware.. u do not want to see our true potential when we are ang ry... hit the like buton on conputer

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KEKW thanks for keeping the thread alive KEKW


It’s a shame @JoeBidenJoeBiden hasn’t submitted any runs yet. Maybe he’s busy right now.

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Running a country is hard- running games while doing that must be quite difficult. I imagine he must have the account for following the progression of some games.

This leads to the question: what are the games he's following? No way to know for now, I guess.

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Lol I wish ELO was Electric Light Orchestra, their music rocks

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I agree completely that ads for logged in users is an ABSOLUTE DISASTER. It was one of the worst decisions you could make, really. IT'S TERRIBLE.

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i dont really see much from the ads because adblocker, but a player recently had problems submitting and reading rules because of them....


I think they at least need to be removed from the Submit Run page. They block the entry fields and a pain to deal with. Why punish the very people providing content to your site?

Additionally, I don't think there would be much clickthru on page where people just want to submit information and move on, so it's just bringing your overall clickthru rate down.

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