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This "dumb nonsense" @Merl_Merl_ is saying are your only options, and guess what? you don't want to take any of them.

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@KaiKai, clearly i have to choose from options some @Merl_Merl_ told me to do. Yeah, good idea, lets all do whatever other people think we should do, on speedrunning forum... what a great idea. (no)
I am not here for an advice. Post is not about that. You can't help me, you can just bark around saying i am too loud.
I do whatever is neccesery in my pov. Bigger conflict, more noticeable.


this is stupid, this is legit stupid, i legit cant. we just dont like the "aggressive" tone you are putting this in

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" lets all do whatever other people think we should do"
Uh, isn't that exactly what you're asking from us? Support in telling Elo to change the ads

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Originally posted by DelekatesI am not here for an advice. Post is not about that.

Alright, you don't want advice about this issue, I get that. However, thread/posts in forums exist to discuss a topic.

So what should we discuss in this case? 🙂

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haha imagine thinking speedrun communities won't leave the site when many of them have been on the edge for a while

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Not responding to Merl_ or Kai anymore, kinda waste of time 🙂
@starsmileystarsmiley, this is forum, forum about site, with feedback section that was removed and changed in not that good timing. Expecting people to say oppinions regarding update and adds that were added without any real reason.
NOT expecting to get guidence on how to live my life, use my browser, etc, etc.

also there are options to agree or disagree with 1st post, you are free to leave your oppinion (preferable not million times as i have created topic not for those who agree with this update policy) If it wasn't clear from the beggining, now you know.


@Lieutenant_BooLieutenant_Boo, that was in responce to people who want to help me. I am DON'T request help. DIDN'T requested it in the first place too. But if people actually want to help - i can leave proper instructions on what they can do for me.
Can't help yet? Find those who can or don't spam, this is actually good too XD


I hope you're getting paid for this @starsmileystarsmiley cause i don't envy anyone who has to deal with this shitstorm

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@DelekatesDelekates To be fair, you started this thread off typing in all caps, almost yelling then continued being rude to a handful people in this thread.
I'd suggest changing your tone if you'd like a honest discussion since I am just assuming that's what you made this thread for?

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@DaravaeDaravae, oh sorry kind sir, that i didn't expressed my self in the way you like it.
Rude? People suggest me to use addblock, wasn't expecting for that kind of responce. Like, 2021, i am not banned in google, i can google how to remove adds.
I am getting feel that you didn't read through topic eather didn't you? I didn't responded in rude manner to everybody, you can check maybe they actually tried to leave proper feedback regarding situation and NOT trying to suggest me what to do?

meme - we live in a society is kinda related here, so many trolls, so little people reacting to the update.


prob gonna ignore this but

"NOT trying to suggest me what to do"

You're talking in site forum bud, should've just kept it in the support hub if you wanted answers from people who run the site.

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Buddy the support hub is only there because they can hide negative PR, this forum category will be gone soon I bet.

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elo doesn't read forums they can't delete them 5Head

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also, have you considered using addblocker


I've heard uBlock Origin is pretty dope

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