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@MerlMerl, if suggesting adding addblock when first post says some WON'T do that is not troll and then trying to be "nice" by asking again to use addblock when it was underlined that it is not wanted is not troll, i am getting to the idea that man eather BLIND or doesn't want to see what is the problem or he simply wants to "help" by posting in this thread by upping with useless message.
gonna be clear - here okay.
post name - remove adds.
post is about adds being annoying and force added when not warned. No call for help was done from devs.

If you have suggestions, THIS POST DIDN'T ASKED FOR THEM OKAY? Hope u got it too or blocked. Please - stay away. If you have arguments and want to contribute to the conversation like @IvoryIvory does, feel free to. I can protect my position of non addblock user and have my oppinion.
If you have YOUR oppinion - you can write - "I use addblock and i am fine with changes". Done, no need to say that I NEED TO USE IT.

About be patient and be nice. I am nice enough to not send you further than to block page, also if u gonna run games i moderate, i am fine with checking them by rules. I am nice, believe me 🙂 Patience? Yep, this post might look like a demand, but lets be real. I can't demand anything, so it's simply a feedback. Also thanks again, i've filled feedback form.

Regarding "web can't be free" i already wrote here about that. And in another thread too.


@LorLor Glad you are used to use addblock. Good for you 🙂


The Ads are a brand new feature that was just rolled out, there may be adjustments to come in the coming days. It's a big change, but I'm sure it's for the better.

As for the news, I enjoy it, it's nice to read articles about speedrunning and learn more about communities I didn't know much about previously.

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@DarQ_MassacresDarQ_Massacres, quite weak to make statement that "it's for the better" when website owners just do whatever their minds want to.
It's not that hard to keep in touch, i am sure they didn't came to this idea in this month or yesterday, at least i hope so.
News are great when they bring information. This website is quite a big chunk in the speedrunning world, changes to this web = changes to the speedrunning world.


@LivLiv, i believe there are good ways to place adds smartly and much more smarter than this was done today. Also main point here is communication. They simply role out whatever they want to.
Especially when donators had no adds, it's a big change to me and i am sure to other donaters too.
I am willing to pay, but i want to hear it from devs, not shoveled with adds until im pissed 😛


Just remove adds, easy. @StarlightStarlight
glad you read through convo, thanks for adding "usefull" post.


@LivLiv, and you too? You even acknowledge it's a bad way because adds are getting blocked XD
how many times i need to write it
better react right away rather than wait until they think of other cool idea like:
add runs for the fee. Add games for fee.
bigger wallet - better mod.
watch an add before adding stuff.
web not working until you remove addblock
and so on and so on.
wan't runs be moderated faster? pay. (good idea by the way 😃 )


Honestly, the issue I have with the ads is not directly the practice of having ads, but rather the implementations of many things/factors:
- People who originally donated have to deal with ads
- There is no way currently to remove ads (even via a paying method)
- They lied about the roll-out stuff to an extreme degree (said it would be rolled out over several days, literally the majority have ads within 5 hours, that's just misleading, no other way to describe it)
- The UI with the ads is absolutely terrible (even if they're blocked, the UI is still shifted to the left unless you use the CSS profile)
- They somewhat hid the change behind one sentence in the announcement that if you aren't reading carefully you could somewhat easily miss
- The ads themselves are incredibly intrusive, autoplay audio in most cases (which I hate to no end) and if I end up taking a screenshot and don't modify it in 90% of cases I would end up leaking my physical location
- Should I mention ELO Engage claims they respect user privacy yet also track users based on specific things... seems morally fine to me /s

Also, have they even updated their Privacy Policy either? If they're using ELO Engage now then their privacy policy isn't even updated... which seems really questionable to me in many ways.

On good news though, a full mod has already suggested to them to re-add donations to remove ads, and it's possible the ads on current donors stuff could be a bug/issue... we'll have to see...

(Not gonna leave the site over this, but this has me very concerned on the future of src, for example: backing up leaderboards costing money)

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I've tried subtracting, but at the end of the day, I think division is more for me. Really takes those adds down in multiples. It's also not as likely to cause negativity, as I like to stay positive.

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They... did? Its in the news section, they gave you a warning

"Thanks. I am not using adblock, never did and this new "addition" to won't make me to."

then... dont? i mean, sure the ads are annoying but you can live with it, if not then just leave the site and go ahead and find another website to track your times

"I personally don't want look like hot pile of garbage"

Then get fucking ad block if you dont like it, thats the only way to get this "hot pile of garbage" out of your screen, as you dislike ad block, like i said "just leave the site and go ahead and find another website to track your times" because Elo has to make some money somehow

"Adding adds was a bad idea"

They legit need money, 90% of the users are logged in than out, they have no way of making money

"forcing people to use additional soft to simply browse webpage is dumb, imo and there are better solutions."

you can browse it fine without ad block, it can just get annoying, and if you dont like it, like i said then leave

TL;DR If you dont like them, then leave and find somewhere else to track times

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These ads are out of hand. Done with you clowns until you fix this $%*#show

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  [user deleted]

Everyone just needs to sit down and take a chill pill. We’ve explained everything we can to you, @DelekatesDelekates, there’s literally nothing else helpful that can be said here. I suggest you either settle for the solutions we offered to you, deal with the ads, or don’t use the site. Simple as that. You have a right to be angry but you don’t have to express that here, especially after we’ve already told you how to solve the problem. ELO will optimize the ads system as time goes by but don’t expect them to be removed anytime soon.

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Wow @KaiKai. Just WOW.
Not only you swear like a child and can't form your thought, but also you try to protect company for needing money when, they told nothing about that 😃 Go drop your F bombs where it's safe, re-read forum rules maybe or get banned.
Let's talk about warning they made:
"Second, over the course of the next few days we will be rolling out ads for logged-in users. If you run into any bugs with your logged-in experience, please report them in the bug section of the new Support Hub."
aaand thats all. Could we affect anyhow their decision? No - post sent right with the update time.
Is this a way you communitcate with your community? No, this is majpr change, warning posted at least 24h before implementing and talk at least for a week that this gonna happen, also explaining yourself is a way people get a clear view, why this happens.

About all nonsense you talk that Devs need money. They removed donation button, what are you talking about XD Devs simply don't care nor for you, nor for me.
All in all, avoid this topic, i can see you getting banned with such wording.

About not forcing to use addblock. Check forum for screenshots, full screen of ads, if this is not forcing down my throat then i don't know what is.

And no i am not leaving web until i decide to do so. I am trying to talkover things, some people silently added addblocker and others are making contibutes by adding some kind of page extensions. I don't want to be like that, so i raise my voice. If you like using addblock, could just write - i am fine with update, there are plenty of those too and i am okay with that.

@GarshGarsh, it's so sad i can't remove your messages. Eat chill pill urself and leave topic. You are not "Supportive" and your "support" is not welcome, if you wan't to call those messages support. I admit this is cool that you are active on the forums, but you already expressed that you are fine, go find other people to bother or this simply becomes trolling and adding fuel to the fire. Please.



you can browse it fine without ad block, it can just get annoying, and if you dont like it, like i said then leave

ads are resource theft, simple as. don't defend them. I can only imagine for mobile users. I wouldn't be shocked if ads are used to slide in a pay wall at some point, because "it's ads or paywall lol". Really any justification for trying to monetize a collection of speedrunning leaderboards is a joke to me, but eh what do I know. It's back to wikis on a long enough time line I suppose.

still as an adblock user myself I'm more concerned with moderator video showcasing. It sounds like a weird feature that distracts from leaderboards but I guess it depends on how its implemented.

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this has to be a joke right? reading trough all this sure was entertaining but jesus christ 😃?

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Honestly just give up. You're arguing like a toddler and it's not helpful for anyone. If you don't like ads or adblockers then just leave.

The reason they have ads is so they can keep the site running. What do you prefer? src with ads or no src?

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Originally posted by Komrade I wouldn't be shocked if ads are used to slide in a pay wall at some point,

At this point im fully expecting it to happen.

" Gold Membership
Member those previously free features we had before? Like WR Progression graphs or fancy profile backgrounds? Well now you get to pay for them for only $9.99 a month!"

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@StarlightStarlight welcome to ban list, thanks for pushing theme up ❤️

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You are going to block half of the forum users at this rate.

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