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Heya. I don't care if you removed donate button, or what kind of excuse u want to make about adding adds literally EVERYWHERE, BLOCKING VIEW OF SPEEDRUN.COM WEB, DON'T DO THINGS LIKE THAT WITHOUT NOTIFYING OKAY?
Thanks. I am not using adblock, never did and this new "addition" to won't make me to.
Add function to remove adds, monthly sub or whatever you need to run this web. Before this web didn't need any adds to hold itself, share info with users - like that you don't have enough money to run this web or somethings else, i don't know, think of what you actually do to the web before pushing up your "great" ideas.
I personally don't want look like hot pile of garbage, i can't even see message properly i am posting BECAUSE VIDEO AD FROM YOUTUBE IS BLOCKING 10% of the screen! So yeah, i'll better store my records in spreadsheet rather than on web that can't TALK WITH USERS.
Literally, i am pissed off.
AND AGAIN - Why you post NONSENSE news about :
The Perks of a No Reset Run
Speedrunning in Virtual Reality
Spotlight: Four Women in Speedrunning
How to pick your first speedgame"
WHERE IS NEWS LIKE - WE LACK MONEY - WE CAN'T RUN WEB PROPERLY PLEASE SUPPORT US WITH UR CASH - WE GONNA ADD ADDS SOON, SORRY! ... Like really. No warning, no nothing, out of the blue, you just make gazillion adds. People run adblock because of such websites as this trashcan became, thanks to you.
Very cool that you are working on web, implementing stuff. Very cool.
Yeah, very cool. I am greatfull, really. Adding adds was a bad idea, hope you got it 🙂

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@DelekatesDelekates, we all understand your frustration. There’s 5 or 10 threads that already address this issue. For now, the only thing I can recommend is install Adblock. If you want to remove the dumb margins, take a look at this thread:


lol yeah I thought it was malware


@GarshGarsh, who are you, why you AT me, do you even have a postion in organizing I don't care there are a lot of posts about this update, better think or NOTIFY before you actually do? Or you like to come home and smell all dirty laundry right in front of your noise?
NO USING ADD BLOCK, do you even read m8?


this is good copypasta material

anyways, if you have any problems report it to the support tab that was recently added.
Also, no need to be so rude. 🙂

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People need to do posts about this nonsense they do, not going to wait until they give me 18+ adds or i don't know, adds that can't be closed properly. I've seen them all, i don't want them on this web. There are a solutions, but they want to pull out sneaky, so i am not going to silently watch while this web burns to hell.


@IvoryIvory, thanks, did that already.
Well, it is rude force adblock usage, also it is totally dumb.

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@DelekatesDelekates I am an sr.c user just like you. I’ve given you the logical solution to the problem, if you don’t like it, there’s nothing else I can do for you.

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@GarshGarsh, Thanks local user, i don't need your solution that I ALREADY ACKOWLEDGED IN MY 1ST POST.....

Please dude, leave thread, find other people to troll.


What do you have against adblock?


@DelekatesDelekates Trust me, if I could just yeet this thread, I would but unfortunately that’s not how it works.

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@IvoryIvory Ah actually not that much, i don't need additional soft on my pc/browser to browse through web. Many do use adblock, but this is pure toxic solution. Some web pages go so wild that you need couple minutes to remove things from screen and some content is simply not working with adblock. Piracy you know? So if they want me to pay to use their web/info and i need it - i do pay, if i don't need that web, simply ignoring it.
It is unhealty to push updates like this anyways, to the community. Unfair is maybe better word though, but this world wasn't fair by any means.

tldr - forcing people to use additional soft to simply browse webpage is dumb, imo and there are better solutions.


this is so sad i can still see posts of this troll even though he is blocked 😑
whats the purpose of block then, to block useless private messaging XD


@Bob-chickenBob-chicken glad to see fresh blood to bring attention to the post, thanks and blocked 🙂


adblock is free and barely does anything except for block ads. They aren't really in the way too much regardless, i've been using the site just fine since the update today while my adblock isn't working

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@DelekatesDelekates Garsh isn't a troll, they're very active on the site forum and a generally helpful person who is just trying to be nice to you and you're being rude. This site can't be completely free, Elo is a company and needs money to run the site. They chose to run ads. With the absolutely MASSIVE amount of negative comments they have been getting, I'm sure Elo is working on a solution right now, but you can't seriously expect it to happen immediately. Be patient and be nice.

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@IvoryIvory Using web-pages is free for users unless web page wants visitors to pay for it's content. Speedrunners bring content to this website, content is FREE. Some use twitch, that doesn't require anything for storing vids, some use youtube, some other places. Yeah i get adds in YT, but if i would like to not receive them - i simply purchase subscription.

Even if adblock is free, there is no point of using it if there aren't annoying adds right?
Why i should take something that is free, if i don't need it? I get it, you are fine with the update, pass through. I know that there are other oppinions, maybe some are not that loud as mine.

Maybe this post will be deleted in 5 hours, when EU gets to the morning time. But i don't see this change to be acceptable, especially when updates are forced. Maybe there is a part in user agreement that web will do whatever it wants to do. But then webpage will loose some parts of it's community.
It happens, it's fine for the webpage, maybe i am dumb and all others are smart. Just hoping they will apologize and revert this change.


I don't want to get involved!

I'm using Brave browser and I have no issue or conplaints since it's a chromium based browser and it had a Built-in Adblocker.

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