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Thank God this clarification happened! Otherwise, my Columns III speedrun could be left in limbo. That board is small (only four times, five if you count an obsoleted one, and one active moderator.) I found a few other speedruns on YouTube, and if I made my own website, I might list those times. I would also list the one without video proof (but with a witness) that's slower than my time, but not if it were under 30 minutes.

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@SBCzSBCz telling the hard truths.

That reddit thread exploded hard and fast (even for reddit), so the lack of trust isn't just for us usual sitegoers.

This whole thing's been rather wild for me, as I took about a year and a half hiatus from speedrunning a few months before the sale. I've since come back in time to see all of this go down and find the state of things to be quite different.

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Meh. All this site ever was for Pac was a cash cow, too. I'm not really concerned by any of this.

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At least Pac treated it less like a cash cow

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I find it a bit amusing that Pac's main speedgame doesnt use