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Recently, one of my times (1st place) on the site was surpassed. I did not know this until 2 days after. I think there should be a notification whenever someone passes your time. It would be great to know when a time in a game has been improved, and people aren't always around to verify runs. Thank you for the consideration.

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Sounds good.
This fits in really well with a bigger update I'm currently working on so I'll add it with that.

One question though:
Would you want that notification regardless of your own rank?
That'd mean that if you're last on the leaderboard, you'd get a notification for every single run.
Keep in mind that there will also already be an option to get a notification whenever a run is added in specific games.


Maybe as an option? Maybe have the options of no notification, only if you're first, only if you're top 3, only you're in the top 50% and all runs. That sounds like too many options though. 😛

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I agree it should be an option. Although I think that either a simple [ON/OFF] option or even an [ON/First 3 places/OFF] option would suffice.

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Guess I didn't really mention it before, but every type of notification will become optional after that update.
So that part is already guaranteed.

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I would recommend an option for each game individually, if possible.


I feel like it should be an option for an individual, rather than a game or series. Because someone might want to know if their run was beaten, but the mods of a particular game uncheck the option. I dunno, I think it would work better the other way, but who am I to say? 😛



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TheGlitched64, I meant like you can choose yourself which games would notify you and which ones wouldn't. Rather than have an all on/off or some formula.

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oh, my bad. If that was implementable, then yeah, that would work. Sorry for the confusion.