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@PearPear I'm really supportive of this suggestion and I'm glad you brought it up. It definitely needs to be handled and I'm glad we have active users making good feedback suggestions (as feedback is one thing in the forums that is very important)!

However, a suggestion for all those giving feedback, telling people "ENTITY, WE NEED A RESPONSE" is not likely to make the people who are a part of that entity want to respond to you. Your suggestion was not a day-of emergency that needed an immediate response. It's not like someone was dying or we had a security breach.

This is coming from someone who has made about 100 suggestions of feedback over four years on this site and watched 90+ of those get ignored due to the unavailability of site staff. Those of us asking for site changes were patient, as well as patient about receiving communication from site staff. It took site staff three years to follow through on bringing direct messaging to this website, and we got very few progress reports. It was really frustrating to see 100 pages of quality feedback get ignored. Watching ELO pump out monthly updates and responding to users is like watching magic elves restore the lush green hills of the valley that were absorbed by darkness for many years. In other words, it's refreshing as hell!

A nicer title for this post would be "Forum Mod/Flagging Suggestion." ELO is made up of nice people and they do listen to the community. It's not like you're trying to get through to a giant company. Hopefully it never reaches a point where it feels like ELO is too big to feel like our feedback reaches the top, but I'd bet the forum will be scrapped if that happens.

tldr; demanding a response from representatives in ELO will not make them happy about considering your idea. The clickbait title is not a respectful way to approach providing quality feedback. Be appreciative that ELO is making a considerable effort to keep the vibe of the community positive and is doing their best to ensure that our feedback is heard and implemented :))

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@OxkniferOxknifer Understood, I’ll keep that in mind for next time.

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