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Well the custom flair thread has been bumping for a long time and I still don’t see a custom flair. The flagged posts is a good idea, but I don’t know if ELO will actually try to add it.

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I sent the thread link to Meta a little while ago, he said he liked the forum flagging idea. Didn't seem as favorable to the forum mod idea but I guess it's a start. Whether the people who actually make decisions agree with him is a different story.

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Elo doing the very bare minimum. Why am I not surprised...?

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Honestly, separating the moderators into more categories is a good idea. They had content mods who could handle game requests, and full mods who could handle actual moderation. They more spread out it is, the more efficiently it could be done. The whole no volunteers thing is honestly ridiculous to me.

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What would happen if people kept bumping this thread? LinkThink

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Let’s find out

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bump as well

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Its going pretty well so far.....


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forum mods idea is dumb imo, always leads to abuse by most people in positions of power, it's rare to see a forum mod not involved in scandals.

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there are mods??? Ive never seen one

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