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Hate speech and vaccine misinformation has remained up on the forums for 37 minutes now. This needs to be addressed now. This should be your number one priority. A number of good recommendations have been offered in this thread, namely:

1. Addition of forum moderators.

2. Ability for old users to flag posts by new users. A certain number of flags hides that user’s posts and temporarily bans them, pending further review by site staff.

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2. Ability for old users to flag posts by new users. A certain number of flags hides that user’s posts and temporarily bans them, pending further review by site staff
. I wouldn't say new users, but trusted and well-known users. For example, you could submit a form to become a "forum flagger". They could accept if you're well known.

But I extremely love the idea

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@Act7Act7 If you're limiting the report system to just a few trusted posters, you're basically just making nerfed forum mods. The idea for the flag system is that it would allow for faster response because any of us who happen to be around at the time could do it.

If people are found to be abusing it to harass legitimate new accounts, they could be "flag-banned" in the same way people can be mod-banned.

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I think the second idea could only be used if the first idea is as well. It seems way too easy to abuse without an active mod team making sure it isn't.

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@TRLittleToasterTRLittleToaster The conditions I had in mind would be something like: at least 5 flags to activate, flagging ability limited to accounts older than a month & with at least 1 verified run, and the automatic hiding only applies to new/low activity accounts (low activity to account for delayed bots). Low activity being 0 verified runs & less than 10 posts.

Edit: To clarify, "low activity" is separate from new. If either condition applies, they can be flagged. And I like the suggestion from @PearPear of adding a probation period of a week after a user's first post where the account can be flagged, as that'll help deal with any sleeper trolls.

Any coordinated harassment would become obvious fairly quickly, and then the flag-ban could be applied to the offenders. It'd take an exceptionally dedicated individual to abuse it on their own.

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@hahhah42hahhah42 That’s good, though the “less than 10 posts” would just lead to trolls making 11 posts in quick succession. Maybe, on top of all the conditions you suggested, make an account able to be flagged for a week after its first post.

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All of these are great ideas, in an ideal scenario I think both forum moderators (which could also extend to handling comment reports and possibly abuses through messaging) and the flagging system should be implemented.

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instead of everyone being able to flag you could give a lot of trusted users the ability to flag and if a certain number of those do the thread is deleted. It should also be possible to see what threads have been deleted in order to avoid abuse (it shouldnt happen since theres mature people you can trust but its still good to be cautious)

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Stupid ass conspiracy theory about how the COVID vaccine is bad.

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Harassment and non obscene message

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I can't tell who your talking to.
Also, can we keep politics out of src. I don't want a bunch of people ruining the site because they believe something that someone else doesn't. I don't want to start political talk.

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I think the idea wouldn't hurt if applied but don't think they are gonna add forums mod ngl

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Well, they have to do something, and I’m just going to keep bumping this thread until they do.

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