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So I was working on moving all Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix HD - Data Organization RTA (LV1) runs to Data Organization RTA and forgot about moving the PS3 (Japanese) and PS3 (English) runs from Data Organization RTA (LV1) before deleting the category. Is it possible to revert that change or no?


Nope! You can't revert it sadly. If you remember the rumners' names, then you can submit the runs again for them.


The runs aren't lost, even though they can't be restored with a single click.
You could use the API to try and find the missing runs,
or ask someone with database access to re-attach the runs to the new category.

~~You can find the api documentation here: github

Here's a bit of the workload taken off ya already: runs for KH2FMHD made on PS3~~

/edit: scratch the api method, can't find runs that have no category apparently.


couldnt you ask a fullmod/admin to rollback the deletion?


A method that used to work was just adding the category back with exactly the same name. Otherwise, a member of site staff can rollback the changes. They had some trouble with it recently, though.


Hey, get in touch with me on Discord and, if you can, link me to one of the runs that was in the category, and then I can check the old category ID.

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