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Hey everyone, ElGranJerry here (Chrono Trigger Any% WR holder), wanted to know ifi it's possible to get in contact with T3tsuya. At the moment there is a lot of mistakes in the leaderboard (3 of the only 4 Any% runs have some kind of mistake) and many times are missing. We as the Chrono community don't know how to contact him and would like to ask for your help, and would also like to ask if any of the community members or admins of #chrono on irc could get moderator access for the game since it's kind of weird a Chrono leaderboard is not monitored by any member of the community.

Thank you for your time.

This goes for both Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross (Can check the page moderators for our own page which has most of the runners)


I'll add you as super moderator. You can add the others as moderators/super moderators. t3tsuya's a cool dude though, I met him at AGDQ. He said he runs both games, just hasn't uploaded his PBs anywhere.

Moderator is more synonymous with maintainer in some cases, but ideally we'd have the game's community members doing the maintaining if they're available. 🙂

(I edited this post from what I originally wrote.)


OOh that's interesting, now I gotta check his runs. Cool man, thanks. Good to know 😃 Definitively appreciate him bringing the games up 😃 Have a good one