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Hey it would be really good for users to be able to see the latest 10 posts on the forum on the front page.

The way I thought it could work is if you reduced the main column max width to 1024px and add a floating DIV underneath the twitter widget with the latest 10 posts from the forum.

It might encourage people visiting the site to post more on the forums.

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It could be useful for many here.
When you're active on the forums, it's sometimes really hard to see if there was a new post or answer into sub-forums.
It could prevent some person looking for every sub-forums from doing a Ctrl+F search to see if a new post was send some minutes or hours ago.


Or a section with that: Threads your posted in ^

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For threads we've posted in, a notifications system is scheduled, but I don't talk about that only.

I personally go around the forum and seeing the 10 lastest posts could be really useful if you're able to answer a question which was asked in one of these posts. Or you just want to react to recents posts or just be aware of their being.


Nothing against you, you have plenty of ideas to make things move, but did you know we have a feedback thread ?


The thing is that 90% of "The Site" forum could be in feedback thread, and I don't have any problem with always writing in this thread, but an unique thread makes it hard to debate on a feedback or a possible feature if everyone debates on everything.


Yeah if there are a lot of ideas going in at once, having them all in one thread would result in an incomprehensible mess.

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Then, maybe a full Suggestions section would be better.

Once again, this is only my opinion, but I don't like having suggestions mixed with other subjects, even if they are rarer.

Also I don't remember if it's easy or not to create subsections for these forums that are not related to a game or series.


I agree with Pres and Mad. I would of imagined "The Site" forum is exactly what it means. Any topic regarding the website. Surely there's no point having one forum with just one thread in it for feedback?

If separate suggestions where written in it's own thread then it opens it up to interpretation and discussion. If you post an multiple ideas in one thread and everyone is discussing multiple ideas in one thread... = clusterfuck 😛


I hope you then that you accept my apologies for suggesting a Suggestion forum into a Suggestion thread Kappa