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Recently it seems Elo has been caring less and less about us as a community and only keeps us around for the money we make (the addition of ads makes this clear). Numerous complaints have been made over the past few months but nothing has changed and nobody has done anything about it.

Several people have said they’re creating an alternate speedrunning site, but none have yet succeeded as it’s a rigorous task for one person to undergo on their own. That’s why I am proposing a new open sourced site, built and developed by members of the speedrunning community. The advantages of an open source site are that the community gets to decide what features are added and the responsibilities don’t entirely fall with one person (this prevents a Pac-like situation from occurring).

The site would mainly focus on leaderboards that refuses to add, however it could closely link with the src api to have some leaderboards that are already on The site could have a donation system where all excess money at the end of the month (after hosting and other costs are covered) go to a charity that was voted on that month. This would ensure that the site remains non profit (by extension no ads and data selling) and supports charity while running without relying on a single person.

I will elaborate further if the idea is positively received, for now I’m just throwing ideas at the wall and seeing what sticks so to speak.

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I like the idea for excess going to charity. It seems like a really nice way to stop anyone from ever getting greedy.


"The site would mainly focus on leaderboards that refuses to add," - not much left of that. and no relevant stuff is there KEKW


A certain someone has a really well made concept for an open source src alternative as well. It has not been talked on here but on the src discord it has been discussed a few times.

I hope it succeeds

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Decent idea, but I don't think donating excess money to charity is a good idea. Not because I think donating to charity is bad, but because I think the donations to a new, open sourced site would receive would be far from "excess" (unless it actually grows to such a significant magnitude in such a short time that donation money is pouring in) for one, and because that money that people interested in the site donate, should go into improving the site in any way or shape possible. Maintaining, but also important to note: growing a site to be on par with a site of this magnitude is not just 'hosting' costs. There is a lot more involved.

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Originally posted by Garshhowever it could closely link with the src api to have some leaderboards that are already on

I'm not sure how well this would work out taking rate limiting into consideration (might be an issue on big leaderboards like Minecraft)

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@11 Yeah that’s true, the src api isn’t all that great and rate limiting would make it very difficult for big boards. I think it could work pretty well for smaller leaderboards though (which the site would mostly have at the beginning).
@DaravaeDaravae Also true, it would be unlikely to get that much to start. I put that in there as my idea for preventing anyone from getting greedy. I know that there’s a lot of costs with running a big site, I just didn’t feel like listing all of them.

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The problem with making a new site is when this one was made the only true alternative really was SDA which had an absolute lack of features and just didn't meet upto the needs of the speedrun community at the time. Whereas SRC currently fulfills the needs of 99 percent of users; with it only being a small percentage of users who have an issue with the site currently. The large majority will use adblock in regards to the ads, because who really browses these days without adblock?

The only way you could get this to work right now is to convince some of the big series to completely abandon SRC, like Minecraft, Zelda, Mario, Pokemon, etc because if the big hitters leave, more will follow. Pushing the open-source aspect is probably more important than saying SRC is bad and so forth, because people still want an open-source solution to SRC.

SRC, development wise, hasn't really changed from when Pac was in charge. There still isn't really any strong communication on what's going on currently. We could login to the site tomorrow to find out something else has been changed for the worst again with no word on it whatsoever. I'm more concerned with what's taking them so long to get a community manager, and if they aren't looking... why are they not looking?

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Nobody remembers PBtracker smh


Originally posted by 1I'm not sure how well this would work out taking rate limiting into consideration (might be an issue on big leaderboards like Minecraft)

@11 For cases such as Minecraft perhaps you could do a pre-load of the api data into a cache on the site every day at midnight (or maybe once every X amount of hours). Certainly not ideal, but otherwise the user experience with the board would be pretty sluggish.


> @11 For cases such as Minecraft perhaps you could do a pre-load of the api data into a cache on the site every day at midnight (or maybe once every X amount of hours). Certainly not ideal, but otherwise the user experience with the board would be pretty sluggish.

I feel like I have posted this a couple times in other similar threads, but I made a API "cloning" tool in Node.js which can scrape every single leaderboard, player, and run on the site in a few hours with rate limits, and even generate statistics and etc.

People should be focusing on frontend development, since that is where most people want to see improvements, right?

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Like a lot of people in the community, I also tried making alternatives but the conclusion I always come to is that it's just a tremendous amount of work and doing that on my free time is always difficult. However, for the Souls community, we made a purely frontend integration based on the API, but who knows how long the API would be available.

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Personally I keep track of my own times, and I'll encourage other communities to see about doing the same. Not necessarily hosting their own website for a series. Can be as simple as a google sheet or some wiki page.


@CapitaineToinonCapitaineToinon That site looks super cool 😮

I am assuming the server routinely just updates a local database with data from the API? And if so how often does it update?

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@11 Thanks! No it's a purely static website so the client browser's direcly communicates with the api.

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Honestly even if there was an objectively better alternative (which is a very tall order), I'd have a very difficult time wanting to transition leaderboards anywhere personally. I'd basically need to feel that SR.C had no chance of significantly improving (I'm still holding out hope, as naïve as that may seem) and that the future of the site was uncertain. At the same time, I'd also need to be 100% sure that the new site is reliable, both in terms of actually functioning day-to-day, and in the sense that it won't disappear because whoever's hosting it ran out of money or something (this is less likely to be a problem with open-source, but wouldn't be the first time). And that's just to even consider it, I'd still have to convince the communities that moving over is actually a good idea and that they should join me. I can go setup an alternate leaderboard anywhere, but if nobody can be bothered to use then it doesn't matter.

I could see smaller individual features being "replaced" by more niche and focused sites (for example, not many people track marathons on SR.C anymore, they almost exclusively use Oengus for that nowadays) and over time maybe that could weaken the site's current position. But as things stand right now, I have a hard time believing anyone really can or will make a site capable of replacing leaderboards for communities that are already here (with the exception of IL-driven games, since SR.C just doesn't have the feature set for those). Best of luck to anyone who tries though, you're gonna need it.

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I've wanted open sourced for a while now. I wish they'd done it while Pac was leading it and I would certainly still be a fan if ELO would allow for open-source, as well:

The Code Runners Discord (speedrun tool coding group, basically) has discussed making a whole new site once or twice, but it's a very hefty task.

I agree with Liv and Shiken in that, even if such a thing were created, it would have to hit on a lot of needs that are taken care of already by this site. I simply (yet) see a small team taking on such a large task and getting community buy-in. Odds are, unless someone like Pac stands up and gets addicted to contributing to the site until it succeeds, the project would turn into a side project. And that'll just lead to a bunch of frustrated users who aren't getting the site they need.

So, once again, I'd rather turn this into a plea to ELO to allow for open-sourced site contributions. (Once their current React developer is done overhauling the PHP website, which will probably take a long time)

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