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Request to be moderator of bye bye box boy. The moderator there has been inactive 21 days ago. I want to request a new category but I cannot do it for that reason.


I have always been a big gaming fan and recently I wanted to try speedrunning on my own.

I'm trying to submit run for the game Absolute Drift

I would like to suggest we add new categories such as All Event Challenges, I made a post about it here:

My problem is that both of the page's mods are inactive for more than 5 months and last runs are from years ago.

Could I get myself the rights to add and edit leaderboards?

I read all the rules pages before posting here, I was sent here by this post:




can jack_hase be removed from all of his games he wants to not be mod for all of his games and he has retired from speedrunning


@AcethedolphinguyAcethedolphinguy - Okay, adding you.

@SmathlaxSmathlax - I'll reach out to the moderator. If I'm unable to, we can add you.

@SpriteDaLegendSpriteDaLegend - I see you've said this is resolved, but just for future reference:

Originally posted by Site RulesGame moderators are generally provided 21 days to handle a run submission... It is not a requirement for moderators to verify all runs every time they visit the site

@TsukisukiTsukisuki - I'll try to reach out to @brassbeatbrassbeat , if I'm unable to we can add you.

@PikAsrielPikAsriel - Have you attempted to contact @monkeyman192monkeyman192 directly on Discord? If not please do so.

@Waza__AlexWaza__Alex - Okay, adding you due to long-term inactivity.

@robloxboirobloxboi - Gonna need more than just your word to take any action on this. Ideally they unmod themselves from all their games or make this request on their own, but if this is coming from a conversation you had with them or something then send me a private message and we can at least work with that.


Thanks @ShikenNuggetsShikenNuggets

Donating 5$ right now since I'm so hyped to officially be part of the speedrun community!

Looking forward to metting you all in chat at GDQ! 😃


@ShikenNuggetsShikenNuggets what about my Tf2 post? (You didn't mention me in the big post with other peapole, so i figured out you missed mine)


Thanks, @ShikenNuggetsShikenNuggets!
The moderator replied and added to the moderator.


Hi, I am once again requesting to be a Kingsley's Adventure moderator since the current one is not active and I can't be private messaging him/her every time I want to submit a new record. He/She also left a few submissions unverified.

Thank you.


@kiraa96kiraa96 - Whoops, must have cut that from my response by accident. Anyway, I'll try to talk to the current moderators about this and if I'm unable to we can add you.

@glcwinterglcwinter - Okay, adding you due to long-term inactivity.

@elsizelsiz - Mod was online less than a week ago, and your runs aren't overdue yet. From the Site Rules:

Originally posted by Site RulesGame moderators are generally provided 21 days to handle a run submission

When you contacted them last time, did you specifically ask them to add you as a moderator?


Killing Floor 2 currently has a moderator essentially stating an intent to unilaterally change timing from IGT to RTA over a host of objections from active runners, due to that mods apparent dislike of how a game mechanic impacts IGT.

While there's absolutely an argument on both sides, the mod stated clearly that any further objections should be brought to site staff because this is happening whether anyone wants it or not.


I have tried to contact the moderator of bye bye box boy but he does not reply. Therefore can I be the moderator of this game?


So, I submitted the following run a month ago: With no reply from one of the moderators (thelvl99charmander) though PMs. I would like to see if i can acquire mod status so the game won't remain dormant with Ultra Street Fighter 4. Thank you for your decision what ever it may be.


@ShikenNuggetsShikenNuggets yes I did it but he/she has not made me a moderator, I cannot always send a mesage to him/her, it is not serious. It will be a long time before he/she verify the run. One of the run I uploaded 18 days ago and the other was 6 days ago. Both are not verified. If I have to upload a run, have I always have to write him/her or someone new starts too? I think this is not a good method.


@jinglehelljinglehell - We're looking into this situation.

@PikAsrielPikAsriel - I'll also try to contact the moderator. In the meantime, could you please make a forum post in the game's forum detailing the category you're planning on suggesting and include your run of it?

@afnannen136afnannen136 - Removed from the game you mod due to long-term inactivity. Will look into handling the others.

@H2OHappydudeH2OHappydude - We can add you due to the long-term inactivity, but you'll need to enable Email Authentication in your account settings before you can be added as a moderator to anything.

@elsizelsiz - Again, neither of your runs are overdue yet. If/when the older one goes over 21 days (because, again, moderators are given 21 days to handle run submissions), then I'll have a chat with them and try to come up with a better long-term solution here.

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Hello, was hoping to become a moderator for Noitu Love 2: Devolution
Currently the game has no moderators and hasn't had a run submitted since 2018, other than the one I just submitted today.


Requesting mod for Yu Yu Hakusho ( I have two runs pending for 21 days. I attempted to contact the mod through their only listed contact method (Twitch) a couple of weeks ago, but no response and no activity on Twitch or SRC in 10-12 months.


Requesting mod to Crisis Force [NES], Stinger [NES] mod HurricaneMixer.


Hello, I did a speedrun of a game in the PS Emulator which don't have moderator at the moment, Could I'm be placed as moderator the game? Link of the game:, Link of the run:

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