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The moderator for "Pizza Dude" ( ) was last online 2 years ago. I'm waiting for him to verify my run for a month, but he is inactive. I tried to contact him on youtube, but he doesn't write back. Could i be a new moderator for this game and could he be removed from moderation.

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@CharlieCrestonCharlieCreston Okay, added.

@ShinkenXShinkenX Your runs got verified it seems. Next time, try and perform a little more effort into reaching out to the mod.

@picklewicklepicklewickle Charlie was added.

@SpriteDaLegendSpriteDaLegend If you want to be added as a mod, you have to meet the requirements mentioned in the first post of this thread which you currently do not.
That said, did you even attempt to read that since I made a reference to that before? As it clearly states users that wish to become a moderator need to enable MFA (e-mail authentication) in their profile settings and add 2 social media contacts to their profile that have messaging/DM capabilities.

@Nippo4512Nippo4512 This is not the place to ask to be added as moderator if the current mods are active. Take it to the forums of said game instead of here or message the mods privately.

@Fatal_KingFatal_King Okay added.

@Limping2pLimping2p Okay added.

@MikeZorDMikeZorD Okay added.

@mynameisAndymynameisAndy Fatal got added. Request is handled.

@ch0rr0ch0rr0 I'm okay with adding you, but you did not meet the requirements mentioned in the first post of this thread before you posted here. Please add at least two of your own social media accounts to your profile that have messaging/DM capabilities (YouTube does not.) Please perform the required and get back to us when done.

@TrainyyyyyTrainyyyyy I'm okay with adding you, but you did not meet the requirements mentioned in the first post of this thread before you posted here, as E-mail authentication needs to be enabled in your settings. Please perform the required and get back to us when done.


Ok. I just added my discord, twitter, steam and twitch account. I think now i'm ready to be moderator for Pizza Dude.


@ch0rr0ch0rr0 Thanks, I added you.


Hi @DaravaeDaravae,

The only active moderator of Aero Fighters SNES left. There's only one remaining which is and didn't log in the last year.

Unanswered message in Forum since 15 days, unanswered submission since 2 weeks. I private messaged him without answer since 4 days and actually his twitch and youtube account hasn't been active since the last year (tried to reach out there too).

Let me know if you can move me to mod/super mod.


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hello for this game could @JayKayGameJayKayGame be removed as a moderator. We are improving/cleaning up the board and are on to the final stage which is improving and better clarifying rules and retiming runs and both me and @bluerapids12bluerapids12 would like him removed, he isn't involved in the community, he has been offline for over a year before he logged on 3 months ago. I've tried contacting him on twitch and the src messaging system and have had no luck.

i would also like him removed from and if @Vicious_LPVicious_LP could be removed as well that would be great

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Hey, can i be made a mod of the mod hasn't been active in over 3 weeks so it doesnt look like my run is getting verified anytime soon. The socials provided also don't actually let me message him so im at a loss for contacting them.

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Hi, one of my friends has deleted his srcom account but was a game moderator and never passed the mod on before deleting his account. He was the only mod and has left the game without a moderator. I'm the head of the speedrunning community on the discord server and was wondering if I could have mod for the game as well. I also mod other games on srcom.

The game in question is Apsulov: End of Gods.

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Requesting mod for I've had mod in the past but removed myself when I quit running the game. I've gone back to glitch hunting for the game, and I know there's been some renewed interest in running it from newcomers. Considering Skavenger and Bran haven't been online in 2+ months there might even be runs pending. I'd ask them for mod but no idea how long I might be waiting for that response. Also requesting (again) that rollbuster be removed as mod. They've been inactive for over a year, and inactive in rondo for over 5 years. It's not a big deal, but it's probably annoying to get DMs offsite over moderation for a game you don't run anymore.

I'm mainly just looking to verify as well as help clean up the board and take version differences as well as emulation testing/accuracy between different emulators more seriously, especially with a new official emulation out there (TG16/PCEngine Mini)


@DaravaeDaravae the current inactive mod is a super mod, the only active mod is a single mod that wants to make me a super mod. However, they do not have the ability to give me this position. I have spoken to Hagata, the current mod who is active, on Twitter and we have decided that I should be a super mod and they should stay as a regular mod due to me being fluent in English. I gave them the option to decide, and they said they would rather have the super mod be someone who speaks English. With their current status they cannot give me that position (they are a regular mod), which is why I asked here. If you would like proof of our conversation I can send you screenshots of them (Hagata told me to ask here if I could be given the position). If this still isn't the place to ask for assistance with this, I'll ask the forum of the game but I don't see a point as the super mod has not been on for more than a year and I cannot message them on Twitter as their dms are off and they will not follow me back. Thus I assumed that in order for me to be promoted as a super mod, I needed to ask here. Sorry if this (still) isn't the correct place, as this is the first time I have requested to cover a position like this.

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Requesting mod for since there is only one mod ( ). I tried getting in contact a month ago for a run verification but received no response. There could very well be runs pending that we don't know about. Checking their SRC and Reddit profiles show they haven't been online on either in 4 months.

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Hi, I'd like to request moderation of - I have some pending runs and there seems to be no moderator at all, so nobody could verify my runs. (Also, I'd like to add the other Game Boy hardware platforms, I did the runs on GBP but currently only GB is an option.) Thanks.


@NolintoNolinto Okay, added.

@afnannen136afnannen136 Removed.

@PearBearPearBear 3 weeks inactive isn't that long. Considering your run has been pending for just a week now, I'd say try and send the mod a message on SR.C first. Perhaps they will log on after awhile.

@randompinkbunnyrandompinkbunny You require a pending run.

@KomradeKomrade You require a pending run.

@Nippo4512Nippo4512 I upped Hagata to Super Mod. He can help you further now.

@ProbablyGeoProbablyGeo I'm okay with adding you, but you did not meet the requirements mentioned in the first post of this thread before you posted here, as E-mail authentication needs to be enabled in your settings. Please perform the required and get back to us when done.

@adrianusadrianus Added.

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If a game's moderators are highly inactive (have not logged on in three or more months) and not responding to off-site contact, and you have a run already on the boards, you may request moderation of the game without a pending run. Accepting these requests are at the discretion of site staff.

Considering I have runs up and have modded the board in the past I figured you wouldn't stuff me for that reason, especially since it seems that requiring a pending run isn't an issue if you have runs up anyways but yeah I'll just contact the current mods and see if they get back to me.


@KomradeKomrade Yeah and I'm asking you for a pending run, as you did not ran the game in more then a year.
That said, you also did not enable MFA in your settings which is a requirement as clearly written in the first post.


Yeah that's some new shit I'm not aware of, I ticked some box in my profile to require email verification to log in, is that it? Of the moderators my run is just as valid as their runs, considering those runs are as old or older, but I'll whip up a run real quick for whatever reason if that makes you happy.

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One of the mods for Rondo just signed in though

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I have enabled E-Mail authentication on my account.

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@KomradeKomrade Except that they are still moderator of the game and you are not. Also, seems like one of the mods just signed in so you can just forward your request to them now.

@ProbablyGeoProbablyGeo Thanks, added. Also please take a look at the categories of this board. Tons of empty sub variables that are unused and clutter the board. Kindly asking to take a good look at it.


Hello! I would like to request the romoval of an inactive super mod on the "The Walking Dead: The Telltale series" and consequently on all 5 games of this series. The super moderator ClingingTomcat8 has been inactive for more than 3 weeks already. Also he doesn't have any runs on the leaderboards, showing no interest.