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Can I be a mod for Fix It Felix Jr. ( The mod has been inactive for 11 months and I cannot get in contact with them? I would post more runs but they only put the single level out of the many levels in the game?


Hello! I would like to request moderator for a game called Fighties ( Recently I submitted a run however I quickly realized after I submitted that not only is the only run on the boards from 4 years ago and the video is now gone but the super mod was last online 3 years ago and the normal mod was last online 8 months ago. It has not been long at all since I submitted my run but I am very confident that this run will not be verified any time soon. Because of this I am requesting to be a mod.


can redbladegabe be removed from both of the guest obby games he has not been on for 1 year and i would like the team to be more organized


I have contact one of moderator in youtube.


Can I be added as moderator for the Jepack series:

The series has been added recently and has NO moderator.

I am super moderator for 2 of the 3 Jetpack games.

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Can I be a mod in Portal Unity? (

Because the only mod has been inactive for one year
and I have a run that has pending action for a month.


@LivLiv I added contact info and email verification to my account, can you help me now?


@InsaneJetmanInsaneJetman - This series is not in need of moderation, which is why it was added with no moderators. In general we only grant series moderation under very specific circumstances.

@.hikLye.hikLye - You'll need to add at least two social media contacts to your profile (things like Discord, Twitch, Twitter, etc that you can be directly contacted on) before we can consider your request.


Hello, I have a run that has not been verified in almost a week. The mod for the game hasn't been online in over a month and I feel my time won't be posted. The game is Mausoleum of the Medusa. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!


@kramsey11kramsey11 Thanks, you are added.


"This series is not in need of moderation, which is why it was added with no moderators. In general we only grant series moderation under very specific circumstances."

@ShikenNuggetsShikenNuggets - Oh? I asked because I looked and was hard pressed to find a series without at least one moderator.

It would be nice to at least have a picture for the series.

Here's what I would have added:

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Hey, I would like to request moderator status of Goosebumps Horrorland. The only moderator of the server has been inactive for over 3 months, and me and another runner of the game have been trying to contact them though Twitch, Discord, and YouTube, with no response at all. I do not have a run currently of this game, but I plan on having one soon, and another runner I am in contact with does. We have a discord for this game that we have invited the moderator to on multiple occasions, with no response. The rules are also somewhat vague, causing confusion in the games forum, amongst followers of the game. Due to the extensive inactivity of the moderator, l would like moderator status of this game to make the rules more structured, get the discord server on the speedrun page for the active players, and to make the games's speedrunning page better in general and up and running again. Thank you.

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@InsaneJetmanInsaneJetman - That's because this is a relatively new decision from us. In the past we would grant series moderation fairly freely, which has caused a lot of problems. I added that cover.

mrawesomecat. - Denied. "Planning" to do a run is not enough for us to grant moderation. Make your request again once you've done a run. Also, you would need to enable Email Authentication in your account settings before you could be added as a moderator to anything.

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Hey, so the previous supermod for Wii Sports Resort left the community due to some life priorities, and that leaves the main board for WSR supermodless. I don't care if you give it to me, or give it back to Bandow2000 to match the category extension board, I just don't want to leave the board supermodless. Cheers!


Also, further on what Cmdr said above, since the WSR super mod was also the Wii Series Mod and left, can you give super mod to Wipeoutjack for the Wii Series? You don’t have to if it isn’t necessary.


@ShikenNuggetsShikenNuggets Changed the settings for Require e-mail authentication to log in 🙂


@LivLiv I am so sorry for not seeing the response until I now. I just added a Discord contact to my profile. I have discord open all the time, even when I am not speedrunning. That should be the most viable way to contact me. Again, sorry for the delay.


Over two weeks ago I requested to remove inactive super-mod. You replied that you would look at it.
Sorry for spamming, but I wanted to just make sure that this case didn't got lost somewhere and I will ever get an answer.


I know the mods are strict on adding someone as series mod. I get that, but I would like to be the Killer Instinct series mod. I've done runs for every game except KI Gold as I don't think I can or not available to me in the KI 2013 pack with the games. Additionally there have been a few new runs submitted for some games showing there's still people running the games. I have experience with managing series two examples is Soulcalibur another fighting game and Gears of War. So it's not like I'm new series mod I like to do what people want. One good case is that Soulcalibur II people complained that the game does function differently with region and HD versions. As such the games were split up by NTSC, JAP/PAL, and HD showing I cared about that feedback for the community and wanted to ensure the runners would be happy. I'd like to do the same thing with Killer Instinct.