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I would like to be added to Choice Chamber, The only current leaderboard mod hasn't logged on in over a year, I've attempted to contact the leaderboard mod a month ago on all social platforms but they only receive messages if they follow you back, and I've gotten no response.

I also have found video proof for a lot of the runs that are currently on the board and feel they should be added.


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Pardon the post, I was hoping to be added as a moderator to Yomawari: Night Alone ( ).

As of late I've been trying to drum up a little more interest in the game, speaking to more experienced runners about the game while also playing it myself on stream for those who may be interested. I've even spent some time expanding on the game in any way I can and getting in touch with past runners on and off the site in order to try and showcase the game. However, the current moderators are not as active as they once were and three weeks have passed since my first submission has been sent in. I've tried catching their streams to reach out to them but unfortunately I've not had any luck due to schedules not aligning. I'm also trying to reach out via steam to one of the mods, and if I'm able to get in touch I plan on appending an update, but in the meantime I've not had any luck as of yet in requesting mod from them. One mod has only been away for three weeks but the other has not logged on for a few months shy of a year.

As previously stated, if I do manage to get in touch with them I'll be making sure it's known but I've not been successful yet. Ultimately my main goal is to just see a little more attention on the game as well as ensuring submissions can be reviewed as quickly as possible, so I feel more active hands would be better than fewer.

Thank you very much, and once more pardon the post.

UPDATE: I've managed to get in touch with one of the moderators and he was kind enough to resolve the issue. Thank you very much for your time plus advice, and sorry about that @DaravaeDaravae


@ShizzalShizzal Kindly DM me some proof regarding your attempts in reaching to them. We'll handle this in DM's further.

@SadlySadly I'll go ahead and remove this, but, this is not the right place to post this. In the future, directly message a Full Moderator for requests like these.

@ACPlay18ACPlay18 Okay, added.

@NmFlash8NmFlash8 Okay added.


Willing to be mod placeholder for til someone else comes along

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@SoupySauceSoupySauce One of the two moderators appears to be very active on Twitter. Try reaching out to them there first please.

@xenkaroshixenkaroshi You need a pending run on the respective board you are requesting moderation for.

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Hello, It looks like the mods for Ninja Gaiden Shadow have been inactive for a while now. Of the three that are there, it appears that only one has some kind of sparse activity on the site (logged in 25 days ago) and twitter, and I am unable to reach them by DM. I have a submitted run that has been in limbo for a little more than 3 months, and there are a couple of new runners with plans to submit runs that will also need to be attended to. Could I be added as a moderator for the board please?

Thank for your time


Hey, so for Fear Perseus Mandate the mod has been offline since September. I have tried contacting him around the time I submitted a run for Extraction point, but he never got back to me on his twitter.


Hello, I've submitted a run over a month ago and couldn't get in touch with the moderator. They haven't logged in for over 3 months, their Twitch link is broken and nothing has been uploaded on their Youtube for over 4 years. They also don't have any other socials available linked on their profile.

Thanks in advance.


I have several runs pending under and it's been over 3 weeks for them. The one mod for the game hasn't been online in over a month. I've tried reaching out to them over twitter but have had no response. I would be willing to mod Armello, but I have no experience in being a mod.


@LivLiv I tried a direct message through twitter yes, but I'm unable to make contact. I get a "can't be messaged" under their name when I try. I've left a DM here on the site in the hopes that they will see it when they next log in also.


@DesolisDesolis - Tweet at them instead (mention them in a tweet). This is something you can do regardless of what the intended recipient's settings are, and they will get a notification that they were mentioned in a tweet.

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@LivLiv just checking in to see if you had any luck the past week or so in contacting moderators.

I’m going to be running Ganbare Goemon: Hoshizorashi Dynamites Arawaru!! (Game Boy Color) in a marathon in early June (NASA 2020), and I would really like to set the run rules and other categories in case other runners would like to take a crack at it. I would also be able to validate runs instead of them being in pending for months.

Thank you for your help with this, I appreciate it!

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I am moderator in and there is a problem with @alexinho.k
He is a super-mod, but posted only one run (about two years ago) and then did nothing to leaderboard (did't verify runs, answered on forum only once, at the very beginning).
The game has recently got new release and we expect new speedruners, so we are working on a good looking of a leaderboard and inactive moderator isn't good thing.
@kiraa96kiraa96 (the other mod) and I tried to write to him on facebook (it seems to be only contact method to reach him) but when he finally answered, he treated us in a rather rude way and of course rejected to resign from being moderator. If it is needed, I can send screens from this conversations with him.
@alexinho.k is also inactive on for I think 3 months, but logged once or twice, one month ago, just after we wrote to him, probably because he wanted us not to have the argument against him that he is inactive.
I will be grateful for positive consideration of my request.

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@MaltaranMaltaran - Will look into this.

@DaldamehtDaldameht - The moderator appears to have verified your run (within 15 minutes of you submitting it, even), so I don't think there's an issue here. If there are issues with the leaderboard please make a forum post in that game's forum so the moderator can address them. Also I went ahead and fixed the game URL because... yeah.

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I would like to see what can be done about Legend of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse.

It appears that the moderator has not been on the site in over a month and it doesn't look like they're active on Twitch much these days. I have tried to reach out to them via Discord over the weekend but to no avail; I have since tweeted at them just this morning but I also don't want to harass them too much considering the current circumstances going on.

I have a slough of runs for this game going back 27 days that have yet to be verified. Is there anything that can be done here?


NM! They've responded. 🙂


Hello all. I am writing in hopes to take over the Snow Bros. 2 board: I have a run that has been pending for a month. Mod hasn't been on this site for 9 months. I tried to contact him through Twitch whisper and Twitter, has not responded. Have a great day everyone.

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Hi, I am a moderator of and I would like to request for the removal of super-mod Cerdax.

There's a little bit of backstory I will have to explain first:

Before Izraill retired, it used to be me (a moderator) and Him (super-mod). A week ago, He decided to resign from communities He wasn't active on, and before resigning He replaced himself with some new mods (Illumina who is a super-mod, BlueCrysta004 who is a mod, and Cerdax who is a super-mod). The problem is however, Cerdax was banned for cheating 2 years ago, and unbanned a year ago. He is also on a watchlist (as are all formerly banned players are). Izrail didn't know of Cerdax's history (because He wasn't very active on Dragon Escape, He left me to watch over Dragon Escape as He looked over other Minecraft speedruns), so He made Him mod before He left a few months after Cerdax requested Him for mod. I do not think it would be a stretch to say someone who has had a history of cheating, and is even on a watchlist, would be a good fit to become mod (let alone super-mod, but that was a mistake from what I heard, Izrail only meant to make Him verifier).

If you are interested in His ban, here's a link to it (by Tac, when He was mod).

If you want to verify what I said, I can give you screenshots from Illumina. I first assumed Illumina was the one who gave Cerdax mod, but after Illumina talked to Izrail (of which screenshots I do not have), Izrail told Illumina it was a mistake.

You can also directly ask Izrail through the connected social media apps (twitter works best for me) he has on his src account if you want to be absolutely sure.


Hi, 10 days ago I tweeted Oliver1235 asking if he could remove himself as a supermod from Rollercoaster World as he has not been active on SRC since November 27th. I know the usual waiting time is 3 weeks but since his last activity on Twitter was on March 30th, I was wondering if I can get him removed due to inactivity? I understand if I have to wait longer.


Hey id like to become a moderator for The Room Three ( None of the moderators are active on discord and ive got 2 wr runs pending.


@LivLiv Thanks for trying to reach out to the mod. I've updated my account with contact info. Sorry, I didn't see anything in this threads original post about needing contact info, only the email authentication requirement. I've since added a few contact methods. Let me know if there's anything else you need from me!