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@KynotzibKynotzib Heard nothing back after a week, so added you to FUEL since you have pending runs and there appears to also be others waiting.

@VakalaVakala I will attempt to reach out to the two SMods via Twitch Whisper, since some of their other contacts appear broken or restricted by privacy settings. That said, GreifMaker's Discord is not invalid, I have verified this myself.

@BenJ2310BenJ2310 Your run has only been pending for 3 days, and 2 of the 3 mods last used the site only today. Please contact them regarding this. Cubeface last tweeted on June the 25th, which I wouldn't class as a 'long time'.

@antifreqantifreq Mod last online a year ago, okay.

@RubiiRubii Mods are given a period of 3 weeks / 21 days to verify runs, before we typically class them as overdue. If it reaches that period then I can attempt to intervene. I can attempt to tweet at NES/Fungo and direct them to your post, however for now.

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@VakalaVakala Sorry about the whole thing, I've been personally short on time but I'm verified all your runs. Since you're interesting in Moderating you are now Moderator on, I'm sure it would help the rest of us mods out.

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Request: remove @IkodIkod from all mad dex leaderboards (they're all on his profile). Hasn't been active, ever. Doesn't verify runs. Rarely logs on to the site. I'd like to have super mod so that i can add other mods of actual active players because at this point i'm the only person verifying runs.


Sole moderator of https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​Crypt_of_the_Serpent_King/​forum
Has not been active in 10 months, and has also deleted his twitch account.


It has now been 21 days since i submitted a run to the Maximum Action leaderboards, and it still has not been approved. The moderator of that board has not been online for 2 months now.


Hi I'd like to request mod for Seventh Cross Evolution ( https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​Seventh_Cross_Evolution ). The only mod, puri_puri, was last online 6 months ago, his VODs links are all broken so I can't find his twitch account, and he has no other contact. I have pending runs for all 3 categorys.

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@RiekeltRiekelt If you did actually read the first post, you would have been aware of the rule stating that discussion should be kept between site staff and the requesting party.

@TweniThreeTweniThree Since he has been inactive for only a month, I don't think that warrants enough to unmod him just yet. People have lives and according to the audit log, he has been very active towards the very end of May. In what ways did you try and reach out to this moderator yourself?

@SoulfulOfNickSoulfulOfNick Since the mod is indeed inactive for 10 months and you have a run pending, added.

@Johny5521Johny5521 TweniThree literally posted 2 posts above yours in this thread. In what way have you tried reaching out to him yourself regarding this issue? Again, this thread is last resort.

@sugarcirclessugarcircles Since you waited 3 weeks, tried to reach out to the mod and have a run pending still, I added you. Thanks for the effort.

@fusecvfusecv Would you mind adding at least one more valid social media link? Preferably Twitter or Discord.
We like to have one more so just so users are able to contact users properly for the games they moderate. If you added one more, post here and we will add you.

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Using @ 's on the forums doesn't actually ping a user. It's probable they just don't check the forums for each game they moderate actively, or have notifications setup. That said, they appear to be using the site + social medias actively, so would be the best bet.

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Added discord and steam, and enabled email notifications for new runs submitted.


@LivLiv Thanks for the message! Though he also hasn't been active in quite a while as well, I will try to get a hold of him. Thanks again for the help!

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Hello, I am writing to you here following players who asked me to add Dofus 1 as a unique game in "family games" of Dofus 2.

It's the vanilla version of the MMORPG Dofus, made by Ankama. There are 30.000+ active accounts, The game runs on a stable and fixed version from 2009.
Compared to version 2, which is constantly evolving and requires constant updates, this version, which has not updated any content since 2009, opens up a big difference in the speedrun possibilities of the game compared to Dofus 2
These were historically hispanic based only (South America) since at the time Dofus 2 was more demanding in hardware resources than Dofus 1.
Ever since the internationalization of the servers, the community grew a lot. We now have a lot of players determined and dedicated to make 1.29 version a better game, always welcoming new players.

With all that said, we think the playerbase would really be thrilled by the possibility to "shine" and outdo themselves by speedrunning and getting recognition for it on This could also attract older players that have already "done it all" on this version.

Thanks to my 4 years of experience with the "Dofus 2" category on your site, I now want to create this new game in order to attract more and more people to the speedrun of these two games.

If you need more information, don't hesitate to ask me.
While waiting for your answer, I wish you a good day 🙂


@fusecvfusecv Good stuff. Added.

@LagadouLagadou This is a thread for requesting moderation for an existing game. Request new games here: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​requestgame

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Hello, I ran a game a while ago that I got a world record for called Super Mario Crossover and I was interested in becoming a moderator due to their high inactivity with the forums and not logging on for a while. Of course, for the past 3 months, a mod hasn't said a word in the forums, nor has shown any sign that they've seen it. I made a discord hoping that at least one of the moderators would join. But nope. Not one. I'm requesting to be a moderator here, since they havent done anything with the game for the past few months (verifying runs, talking to the community, changes rules after being shown mistakes in them from a YEAR AGO) So please, let me become a super mod or at least a mod so that way this game no longer has to suffer from its huge lack of support.


Thanks so much for replying. I have currently linked my discord account here, please help me to continue my process.


@SonictheHedgehogSonictheHedgehog Your account is only 6 days old, you have no pending run and no socials linked either. Please refer to the https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​moderationrules to meet all these requirements before posting here. Additionally, you can always try and reach out to the moderator through social media.

@Owen5560Owen5560 Runs are being verified daily. I just took a look at the audit log and even a few hours ago multiple got verified. Moderators are not obliged to join any Discord either. Have you tried reaching out to these moderators yourself in any way before posting here from the concerns you may have with the game? Just for your information as well, even your Discord link expired. Even if anyone wanted to join, they are unable lol.

@CaisangCaisang Not sure what you expect from us here. Liv already pointed out there is an active mod for Winds of Revenge who has even verified your run. Contact them directly regarding the title instead of posting here.


@CaisangCaisang Okay done, (responding to this request here:)


For Neverending Nightmares it is apparent the mod is inactive. However, we require users requesting here to have at least 1 form of contact (Twitch, Twitter, etc) assigned to their profile. Please assign at least one, and we can process your request.

@II3urNzII3urNz I've attempted to tweet at what I presume is the user's twitter. Their current handle appears broken, but this appears to be their current handle: https:/​/​twitter.​com/​MeowmiXX_sc - redirecting them to your post and asking them to fix their invalid contacts. If they don't get back to me in several days, I get around to adding you to the game.



I would like to be made moderator for the game OutDrive: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​OutDrive

-The current moderator, and only person on the leaderboard, has not been online on SRC for a year now: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​user/​lucid1/​info , Also his last activity on twitch has been 9 months ago. I can not get into contact with him

-The only run on the leaderboard, by the person mentioned above, is not valid: the video is shorter in length than the time claimed to have been achieved, this doesn't add up.

-The rules for this game right now are horrible and can lead to some terrible situations where people can make a meme out of it, I would like to fine tune the rules to make the game competitive and fun to do.

-I have a lot of experience in moderating and I am very active on SRC.

-My run that is pending (and will probably be pending indefintely if the situation stays the way it is):

-I have been able to find a few more people who want to do this run and it would be nice to have an active moderator for this game.

Thanks in advance

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@MakkerDonMakkerDon Yeah I don't think he is coming back any time soon. I added you. Please take a look at the other runs in the queue as well.