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I'd like to request moderation for Stele ( https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​stele ), the current moderator MadFox321 ( https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​user/​MadFox321 ) is not verifying submissions and is not responding to PMs.



@TacliteTaclite - I'll try to contact the moderator, if I'm unable to we can add you.


Hi, i'd like to request moderation for My Summer Car ( ) they're a lot of moderators but almost all of them have been absent for years/months, the only one that looks a lil bit active logged in 1 month ago, so i tried to talk to him via twitter (that he uses a lot) and the guy just didn't answer.


@ShikenNuggetsShikenNuggets I don't run this game cause it's impossible to run it because categories are old and it's impossible to run now in 2020 because there has been UPDATES that changed a lot af things in the speedrun, that's why i wanted to be moderator so i could actually update categories and people would still run the game with the recent updates, people wanting to run this game are forced to download cracks of the game for previous versions, kinda unfair for the devs and kinda stupid when we could just uptdate categories.


@BliwarkBliwark - I'm a little confused about how new updates make the game "impossible" to run. All the categories state this in the rules, which seems to imply that the newest version is allowed:


Your game should be in the latest version to be taken in account, or at least have the 31.07.2017 update

If there's some other issue that I'm not seeing, please send me a direct message explaining it and I'd be happy to reach out to the current moderators so they can address it. But in any case, for us to even consider adding you as a moderator you need to actually do a run.

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@FinalizaGamesFinalizaGames - I'll try to contact the moderator. In the meantime, for you to be added you would need to enable Email Authentication in your account settings, and add another social media contact to your profile (preferably something like Twitch, Discord, Twitter, etc that you can be directly contacted on).


Hi there,

I would like to request to be super of this board here https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​sgf I have had a run pending for 22 days now and there is no way to contact the only mod that has not been on for over a month. The other two mods have not been on in years.



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@FinalizaGamesFinalizaGames YouTube is perhaps the worst social media to attempt contact on, because as proven by your attempt; people just do not get notifications on comments. Messages are defunct there. I would say at this point, YouTube is fairly useless (if not useless) as a contact method, and so users should be expected to have at least one more.

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Can I get mod for Yu-Gi-Oh! The Falsebound Kingdom? I've had submitted this run almost 3 weeks ago and it has not been verified yet. Now, I don't know if the mods are on vacation or taking time off because of the coronavirus but I am kind of concerned. I have contacted both mods and they have not answered me.


@ShikenNuggetsShikenNuggets Alright, I did a run of the "10 levels" and "20 levels" categories.


@BlueLink_OWBlueLink_OW "Almost 3 weeks ago" is not "at least 21 days" as required per this thread. You need a little more patience. I was actually planning on watching your run tonight. I was not aware that the other mod had not logged in for the past month.


I'd like to request moderation for the game series Crazy Frog Racer https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​cfr (in particular the DS Version)
I wanted this to be my first speedrun and was highly excited, but couldn't contact the Moderator. Now it has been like 2 month since I tried to submit this run and he's still not responding. Not on this site, not on Discord and not on Twitter (despite him still posting on it time to time).

This is my last resort and other than this way, I am not able to get it through pending.


@BlueLink_OWBlueLink_OW - Your run has been pending for 16 days, which is a long time but not long enough for us to take action here (especially since one of the moderators in question is, evidently, active). As stated in the Site Moderation Rules,


Moderators are generally given 21 days to process run submissions

@BenjamsBenjams - Okay, added.

@CardsOfTheHeartCardsOfTheHeart - While you are one of the moderators in @BlueLink_OWBlueLink_OW 's situation, we'd still prefer discussion here be kept between the requester and Site Staff, as stated in the first post of this thread.

@Vikke99Vikke99 - I'm a little confused by this request... you don't seem to have a submitted run for this game?


Hi there,
My request may have been overlooked and if it has not been then sorry for this post.


@NerdyNesterNerdyNester - Sorry about that. I'll try to contact the more recently active moderator on their YouTube, if I'm not able to we can add you.

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https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​greatgianasisters doesn't seem to have an active moderator. My run and others have been pending for a long time.


Hey! I've recently posted my speedrun of the game Beholder here on, but I couldn't help but notice the fact that both moderators there haven't been online for a whole year. I was wondering if someone else could pick up moderation for it, and I'd volunteer if needed!

Link: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​beholder
Inactive moderators: Smeer and C0ranium


@RebootReboot - Have you tried contacting @MmeaninglessnameeMmeaninglessnamee ? They were online 2 days ago.

@FearworksFearworks - Denied for now, we don't feel comfortable adding you as a moderator due to your account age (as mentioned in the first post of this thread, we generally require accounts to be 30 days old before making any moderation changes). Also your submitted run seems to have some issues (most notably the video is private, but I'm also not sure about the submitted time considering how much shorter it is compared to what's on the leaderboard), and for future reference you would need to enable Email Authentication in your account settings before you could be added as a moderator to anything.


Thank you, @ShikenNuggetsShikenNuggets, I noticed that I had made it private and not unlisted. The reason for the large difference in time is because the way I did it was a true Any% run in that it's the fastest ending available, and in my opinion, my run should be of another category. Unfortunately there is currently only one category on there because of inactive moderation. Anyways, thank you for responding, and I'll come back here when my account is a bit older. Have a great day!