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@HabrenoHabreno @milan35 , chocolatethegaming changed his discord name if you dm him on discord he responds almost imidiately, heres his discord tag ivander#8745


In that case, could you kindly point them to sr.c ? I don't believe I share a server with them.

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Good Evening,

Requesting Moderation for Windy x Windam board. I would request someone be added to verify my runs, I would also like to be added as a mod, but I do not want to verify my own runs. I tried reaching out to the current mod but I wasnt able to find or talk to.


So far I have been waiting close to 3 months.

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Hello, I want to become moderator for the Strikers 1945 leaderboards.
The original moderator quit the site some time ago, and I've submitted the run more than a month ago.



this site keeps people on the leaderboard with deleted video, it shouldn't happen in any game


@DBcadeDBcade - Added you due to long-term inactivity. If there's someone else willing and able to moderate that game you can add them, but if not then unfortunately you don't have much of a choice on verifying your own runs.

@MadPunkerzMadPunkerz - I'll try to contact the more active moderator, if I'm unable to we can add you.

@FinalizaGamesFinalizaGames - This is not the purpose of this thread, but anyway, that's up to each game's community to decide how to handle those situations.

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@plxqplxq I'm okay with adding you as a mod. Though, you need to enable MFA (e-mail authentication) in your settings before we are able to add you.
Please do so and get back to us when done.

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Hi, I wanted info about the state of the game Badland's (, as one of the mods hasn't logged on the site in forever, and the other one, despite logging in quite frequently, ignores pending runs (mine are from jan 21st and 22nd, almost two months ago) and forum posts (I tried writing a post on there before writing here)
I'd like to be mod, as the rules are also in a confusing state, and the mods are unresponsive to questions about them


@plxqplxq Added. As discussed, try and go over the current state of categories if possible as they seem a bit messy.

@Scipione1Scipione1 Moderator bogdan_mkd has a couple of social media accounts linked. Have you tried reaching out to this mod through any of those by any chance? If not, please try and do whatever you can first to reach out to this mod through those. Kindly return back to us with the results.


I didn't notice, I'll do that and come back to you, thanks


Talked about it with him and resolved, thank you anyways

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@FinalizaGamesFinalizaGames Please read the first post. Your run needs to be sat for at least 21 days before it is considered overdue, and attempts at contact to moderators are expected before users post here. @louiskanaklouiskanak looks to actively use twitter: https:/​/​twitter.​com/​louiskanak , so your best bet is there.


so some one who is active became mod for generations obby
so my submission for mod on generations obby is closed

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Hello, I need some help with my runs in Initial D (PS1) and in Hot Wheels: Turbo Racing.
My run in Initial D (PS1) has been pending for more than a week now, the two Mods have been inactive for almost a year and the Super Mod doesn't seem to respond to my messages or either verify my run.
My run in Hot Wheels: Turbo Racing has also been pending for a week, there are only two Super Mods but they haven't logged in since 9 months ago. I've also noticed that there's no moderator for the Hot Wheels series.
I wanted to ask you if I could become moderator of the two games and the Hot Wheels series so that I could manage the pages.
Thank you for your help 🙂


Initial D : @ypyp is active, your run has been pending only 9 days. Patience.

Hot Wheels: Turbo Racing : Have you tried contacting them in any form?

Hot Wheel (Series) : Series doesn't need a moderator.

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I've tried to contact them with Twitter but it sais that I can't send a message to the users


@HabrenoHabreno as you told me I tried contacting @ChocolateTheGamingChocolateTheGaming via their YT 1 week ago, but I got no answer in return. (The game I'm looking for mod is https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​summoners_war_sky_arena ). So yeah I would be really thankful if you could add me as a mod.

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so im doing another mod submission for party.exe as i have a few runs to be vertified and @furioazulfurioazul hasn't been on for 5 months @MilengthMilength Hasn't Been On For 4 Months And @speedrunningiscoolspeedrunningiscool hasn't been on for 18 days and one of my runs
have been pending for 6 days