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I have went into the discord for call of duty black ops 4 zombies, and the moderators say they are active, but have been too busy to look at submitted runs. I have 3 runs pending. 1 of those runs are over 25 days pending


Submitting another request for my run in Princess Tomato, as it looks like it got overlooked. Mod still hasn't responded anywhere and is still inactive. If I could get some help with that, I would really appreciate it.


Requesting mod for Buck Bumble. I have 4 runs pending, oldest one is 21 days old. One of the mods has been inactive for over a year and the other mod I sent a message on twitter over two weeks ago and have gotten no response. Their twitch also links to a missing channel and their youtube is empty.


Hi, can I be given mod for Kururin Paradise please? The moderator for the game only logs in a couple of times a year and hasn't done a run of anything in even longer. I also mod the other Kururin games and want to update this games categories etc to fit with the rest. Thanks!



@DaravaeDaravae I have updated my profile with the necessary information



The moderator for Toad's Christmas Adventure (, a Super Mario Bros. rom hack, no longer appears to have mod for the game, presumably because his account has been deleted. I moderate another smb1 rom hack and was a verifier on the category extensions at one point. Would it be possible to make me a moderator for TCA?



The mod for The LEGO Ninjago Movie Videogame ( has unmodded themselves and the game now has no moderators and I am requesting moderation, I currently have a pending full game run. Thank you


Hi, the mods for Enter the Gungeon submitted a category extension board for the game and got denied for a weird reason: because they used my run which I gave them permission to use? Everyone's kinda scratching their head over mods being required to do an extension run on top of modding being a requirement for the board. We find it odd that like 5 or so people have to do a run or unnecessarily mod someone temporarily for it and we fail to see the point. From personal experience someone denied a board I submitted a few months ago for "plagiarism" when I submitted a community member's run after their 1st attempt got denied 3 months prior (they were just posting all of the runners' times to their discord and gave up), despite the fact that I never claimed the run as my own and explained what I just explained here. So maybe the policy needs to be reevaluated, especially since it doesnt seem to be consistent, since one of the EtG mods doesnt even have a run of the game and I think he was the one who requested the board (???).

So I guess create the EtG category extension board and make me a mod of it if that's what it takes, or just approve the previous board application Spleen submitted. I've been doing runs of one of the categories for like a year now and I want a place to put it already. Here's a video: same one as the previous with my express permission to be used as a basis for the category extension board.

If you've seen the gungeon leaderboard, you know how incredibly fucked up it is, new categories cant get added unless they either move like 1100 runs or delete a bunch to reorganize the board. They even resorted to using the IL's section for 2 categories to try to make it work, and they had to split it into 3 categories. This is the only reasonable way to add new categories, and we have at least 4, one of them being my all bosses category. Additionally smaller categories like the tutorial run could get moved there to reduce a tiny bit of the clutter.


so maxdragonsoul does not go onto anymore as i have confirmed by talking to him on discord


@JMetaJMeta : Denied. Patience is a virtue. Your run has sat for less than a day. Your account is only 4 days old. There is an active moderator in @theenglishmantheenglishman (their twitter is outdated on their profile, I easily found the correct twitter). I would suggest trying to contact the moderator via either their twitter or their YT, both of which are active. In addition, @FarloonFarloon has an active YT; while comments on the videos are disabled, there is a discussion tab you can leave a comment on.
That all said, I'll still keep an eye on this and if the moderator goes inactive (will be in a couple days) then I'll likely poke them both on their socials to check.

@RK.Walnut : You would need to add at least one social media contact to your profile and enable MFA before we'd consider adding you to the game. We are aware there aren't any moderators currently for it.

@calmfornowcalmfornow : It seems like the runs may have slipped through the cracks. I'll poke some mods about them to see if those can get verified, since everyone but the verifier is active on the site. (March 17th, March 11th, March 11th, March 12th, respectively).

EDIT: The runs are being looked at.

@alsortisoalsortiso : @LivLiv responded to you here. To quote the relevant part, "... before we can even consider adding you, you will need to enable email verification as it is required for all moderators."

@lolawaylolaway : Sent @WinterLuckedWinterLucked a site message, as they were on today. Hopefully they will get the notification and see it, but if not, I'll consider how to progress from there.

@callumbalcallumbal : We're not going to give moderator to people without a run. What are your ideas for the board, since it seems relatively in-line with everything else in the series?

@JeremyMKWJeremyMKW : Will look into this, as you have a run on the boards.

EDIT: Added, as you have a run on the boards, there is no moderator, and you moderate a similar romhack already.

@WiiSuperWiiSuper : Added.

@teddyrasteddyras : For future reference, this isn't the thread for this. I would probably recommend the game requests channel in the sr.c discord or, barring that, a new thread in site (the ideal place would be the game's forum, but that's not as likely to be seen by staff).
Anyway. There is a fair bit to unpack here, so I will look into this. I am likely to move the topic out of this thread, though, as it does not belong here.

@ElimsElims : @ShikenNuggetsShikenNuggets responded to your post here. Have some patience and give them some time.

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@virgin-ninjavirgin-ninja - Can you make a forum post in the game's forum about your concerns and go into more detail about the "suspicious" gameplay? I'd like to try to get @CoolThing2014CoolThing2014 to address some these issues as they are still active.

Also just to be clear about something, being the current world record holder doesn't automatically make you more qualified to be a moderator than anyone else.


@ShikenNuggetsShikenNuggets I was joking about the suspicious gameplay, I'm friends with @diqweef even though he is an inferior Parking Fury 3 player than me. Mostly my concerns are the very inactive two other moderators for the game.


Hi! I'd like to request moderation for Gundam Side Story 0079: Rise from the Ashes.

The current moderator has not been on the site in 5 months. I reached out to them via twitter twice: (1) once just to ask about running the game ( https:/​/​twitter.​com/​pmcTRILOGY/​status/​1183787100044451840 ) and (2) then again this past week after submitting a run ( https:/​/​twitter.​com/​pmcTRILOGY/​status/​1238501143560499201 ). They haven't replied to either tweet although there have been tweets/RTs since the my first tweet. No activity that I can see on the linked Twitch/YT accounts.

I'm also a moderator for another Gundam game of the era (Journey to Jaburo) and am involved in the Gundam speedrun discord. No worries if you want me to wait a bit longer, though! Thanks! ❤️


@pmcTRILOGYpmcTRILOGY This seems fine to me. You have a pending run and the moderator hasn't been on in 5 months. By this point I'd say it's definitely fair to replace the moderator.

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@virgin-ninjavirgin-ninja - You can't "nominate" somebody to be a moderator, they have to request this themselves. That said, @dikqweefdikqweef already made the request here a few days ago, and it is being handled.

To be clear, I completely agree that highly inactive moderators like this is a problem, and it is one I would like to deal with. However, if you're going to make idiotic "jokes" about the quality of the current moderation, and how other runners may be cheating, and present those as facts in your moderation request, we're not inclined to take your concerns seriously or think that you're a suitable moderator.

So please, do not waste our time with this crap in the future.

Edit: Posts removed. Final warning, stop wasting our time, and stop posting in this thread. The situation is being dealt with.

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moderator inactivity removal request
the leos fortune moderator its niklass has been inactive for 1.5 months even after shiken nuggets tried to contact its niklass 3 days ago its niklass has still done nothing and i have multiple pending leos fortune runs i want approved so can its niklass be removed as moderator and me added in there place
link to leos fortune leader board here https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​leo


@Horridhenry257Horridhenry257 - I have not forgotten about this, I'm keeping an eye on the situation. I'm gonna give them a bit longer to get back to me, and I will let you know if anything changes. No need to re-post your request here.

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To clean up on a prior request:
@Milan35Milan35 - Put a message on one of @ChocolateTheGamingChocolateTheGaming 's videos, as this has reached inactivity levels. As your request was fairly early, I will require you to also attempt contact in some form before I act.