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Im just gonna repeat this since no1 saw it apparently

@DaravaeDaravae , I just tried whispering him on twitch but he has whispers on twitch disabled...


@ThroniorThronior Also didn't respond on my end, since you have a run pending and this moderator seems unreachable, I added you.

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@PeteDorrPeteDorr the current moderator of Toren has changed their social media name, that's why you couldn't go to their Twitter/Twitch through their SRC profile. Mace seems to be highly active on Twitter, because there aren't any pending runs and the last run is done 1 year ago, kindly forward your request to Mace: https:/​/​twitter.​com/​MACEchist

The same goes for OKAGE, the moderator seems to be highly active on Twitter and the last run of OKAGE has been done 10 months ago without any pending runs, so please forward your request to https:/​/​twitter.​com/​3fg_inc

Please give them a few days to respond to your request before we will take any action.


Hello, I'd like to request super mod for the Parappa the rapper series. I'm currently a moderator for PTR2 and PTR PSP, and the current only mod for the series is very inactive. I feel that both @Basher573Basher573 and @Kid_GamerKid_Gamer should also be added as super mod, as they're prominent moderators for games in the series as well.


@DaravaeDaravae if you ever find a different person to moderate it, don't hesitate putting them in my stead, i will be active but i am not the most knowledgeable about that game

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@LivLiv Thanks. I didn't really try to contact BlueInfinity because I think I tried in the past and got no response after a month or two, so I just put him on my list of people to not attempt to contact again. Thanks for the help! If nothing happens within a decent period of time, I will bring it up here again.

If nothing happens within a couple of weeks, I will ask again if Koopary could be raised to S-Mod or ask him if he could ask at that point in time.


Hi, I'm looking to become a mod for Candy Crush Saga. I've reached out to the current mod on all his social media, most of which has been inactive since 2017. They haven't responded in over a month now, hence this request. I have a pending run for the game

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@LivLiv I've tried to whisper the FUEL mod on twitch as well with no response in 2 weeks. But thank you for also trying


Hello, everyone 🙂
I'd like to report that the moderators of Neverending Nightmares and Winds of Revenge seems to be away for a long time and didn't check on new records uploads.
Is anyone here able to contact with them or just check the newly uploaded records? Thank you.

Here are my records regarding these two games:
Neverending Nightmares
Winds of Revenge


Hello, I've been waiting for 4-5 days for a WR on QUAD ³ but the only mod has been inactive for 3 months. I tried to contact him but no answer. Moreover the speedrun page has no rules defined, no details on the game version and a dead Discord link.

If he remains inactive, I'd like to replace him and rearrange the game page.


hey @LivLiv any update on the dude for the game

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I'm gonna be relatively brief, due to the site's bad loading just claiming a more detailed version of the post.

@Boog2TheManBoog2TheMan Page still not setup, run provided earlier. Done.

@KynotzibKynotzib Gonna give a little more time to this user. Since they've only been offline for a month, it may be that something came up and they're simply busy currently. I mostly just want to ensure I've given them a fair amount of time to respond. If they do not get back to me in a little while, I'll get back to you via this thread.

@sto1cRosesto1cRose Right now it's not really imperative to add series mods. The only function of them currently is to add games, and that's it. That said, if you want to have those users and yourself collectively reach out to us, then we ask that you do that. We don't particularly like the idea of users electing others as mods as part of a process.

@RazorflameRazorflame I've upped Koopary to SMod due to Blueinfinity's inactivity. Since he is active, and I do not want to go over their head since they do use the site actively, your request for moderator should be directed towards them now, unless an issue arises.

@CaisangCaisang For Winds of Revenge, there appears to be an active mod, and they have verified your run. Please contact them regarding this title.

For Neverending Nightmares it is apparent the mod is inactive. However, we require users requesting here to have at least 1 form of contact (Twitch, Twitter, etc) assigned to their profile. Please assign at least one, and we can process your request.

@Félicien2BFélicien2B I will try reach out to them.

@TheDongTheDong Mod grossly inactive and you have a pending full game run. Okay, done.

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@Félicien2BFélicien2B My apologies, I had been a ton busy tbh, but since I now have the chance to take a breath, how can I help you, I'll make sure to be active on this game, as it made me really happy to know someone else has taken interest on this little fun game 🙂

@LivLiv thanks a bunch for reaching out to me!

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@TheDark258TheDark258 No problem, thank you for validating my run, and now I will try the new categories x)

Thanks for your help too @LivLiv !

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FUEL's sole moderator @ProWolfProWolf (who does have some runs posted) has not been online for over a month. I submitted a run a month ago and that also hasn't been touched. I've tried contacting every piece of wocial media I could get, firsthand and secondhand. His posted discord contact is dead, his youtube channel and any associated info is also dead, and same story for his twitch. There was also a reddit linked from his youtube channel, but it seems to be private or it no longer exists. I will also add that his last forum post was over a year ago.

EDIT: Also I see that @KynotzibKynotzib has already made a request, my apologies.


@MagikarpleMagikarple, Yea I've asked as I have a few runs waiting too. @LivLiv is giving @ProWolfProWolf some time to respond before making a desicion

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I submited some IL runs in https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​Paper.​io there are one month,
I tried to contact moderators, who are not connecting since my first submission :
- DIscord : invalid
- Steam : invalid
- Twitter : invalid
- Discord : invalid
- Steam : active but decline my friend request
- Discord : invalid

Can i become mod for this game ?


Hey peeps, I would like to request for run verification on https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​dn3dwt - I currently have 2 potential untied WR's in for verification and can see that besides 1 mod, the others have not been active in over 3 months each. I have attempted to reach out to all 3, however all of their social media has been inactive for some time. As I have not been a member of for more than 30 days, I know that I am not eligible for mod status just yet, nor do I feel qualified for such a position. Please can someone drop me a line on this one? The runs have only been in since Saturday, however I feel that they will sit there stale for quite some time.

Same situation on the Duke Nukem 3D boards too, 1 run out for verification at this time, similar mod team and similar activity.

Thanks 🙂

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Hello, I submitted a WR run of Glider 4.0 ( over 2 months ago. The only current moderator, @japhyriddlejaphyriddle (who coincidentally has the current WR for that game), last logged in 1 year ago and has ignored my several attempts to contact him over the past month via his YouTube account (even though he has posted 4 videos since my first attempt to make contact).
If I could be made moderator in his place that would be excellent, or if someone could just approve my run that would be absolutely dandy. I was thinking of improving my time but if my runs are going to be ignored then what's the point?

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Hi, i have done world record runs for the 200cc hack for mario kart double dash. But its been over 2 weeks since i submitted and thr super mod has been offline for a month, the sub mod comes on regurally but has not verified my runs. I also tweeted him on twitter but have got no reply. Is it possible for me to be added as a sub mod?

Link to game - https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​mkdd200cc