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@Frost_C19Frost_C19 I will attempt to try follow-up with the mod on the situation.

@Niss3Niss3 I can attempt to direct the mod to your message here, but past that there isn't really much I can do. Series Moderators aren't obliged to add the requestee as a moderator when they create the game in question, and to be just you and (I imagine) a friend of yours, and @sasquatchbillsasquatchbill, so the rules discussions I would guess are going to be very one sided on both sides, so I can't particularly side with either or argue for either, when I don't fully know the game itself to do that.

@AwosomeandyAwosomeandy Have you tried to reach out to either of these guys beforehand? We're not really in the business of just sniping people's mod's ranks off especially when they're active on the site (in the case of Sgitch), as all that is going to do is invoke ire and confusion.


@LivLiv I suggested to @sasquatchbillsasquatchbill that he could add any other runner of the game as a moderator if he didn't trust me to do it. One of my suggestions included @duckfistduckfist , who agreed that it is silly to time from the menu. He is also on of the oldest runners of the game and started out by timing from character control to loss of it. I've urged @sasquatchbillsasquatchbill to add NES runners as moderators because @sasquatchbillsasquatchbill isn't a runner of NES himself. He was unaware of the difference between PAL/NTSC and accepted the runs I submitted without even verificating them. I even used the timing method that he has enforced to be consistent over plattforms.

Here's a quick example of how starting from the menu is different depending on your position, which adds even more weight to the argument.

But then again, I personally don't see how the will of a single mod overweights the norm of every NES Rod Land runner.

To quote a few rules from https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​moderationrules ;

"• The users moderating a game should represent the consensus of the players of the game. If it is evident that moderators are not representing consensus among runners, site staff may change moderation."
Since he isn't a runner of the game, how is it then that his opinion overweights all the runners?

"• Moderators should typically speedrun the game, or at a minimum be heavily involved with the community."
He's not a runner of the game, nor involved in the NES community.

"• Leaderboards should aim to have at least 3 active moderators if qualified people are available."
Me, @JkLoserJkLoser , @duckfistduckfist are three potentional candidates. There are plenty of active and experienced NES runner qualified to help out if necessary.

"• Moderators should make themselves available for feedback from runners for rules, categories, and board organization via the game's forum page, social media, or Discord."
@sasquatchbillsasquatchbill ignores PM:s on speedrun. He doesn't answer on twitter. His discord alias is without tag. Do I need to attempt persuading him through the forum page of a recently opened leaderboards with currently only 2 users?

I've been trying to get the leaderboards up for Rod Land for almost a month now, and I wouldn't have had this patience if I weren't passionate about speedrunning, and the game. I feel very sad that this had to happen right now. But if you tell me that @sasquatchbillsasquatchbill is free to rule over the leaderboard exclusivly as he wish, since he is the series moderator, I will drop everything and stop persuading this at once.


@LivLiv We are all in a discord chat together, and they barely post if at all, if you are not looking to snipe mod ranks, could you make them normal full mods or just verifyers? Thanks, It's partly just that the last change Ccrusher1 did make, he didn't check with any of us.


Requesting moderation privilege for Madou King Granzort. The current moderator hasn't logged on in a year and my (first) run has been pending for a while now, something like a month? I've also attempted to contact the moderator bmosley with no response. https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​madou_king_granzort Thanks!


Hello. Mod is asleep on https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​super_solitaire with several months between verifications. Tried reaching out by message a week ago with no response. Request for moderation privileges.


Hi, supermod from Hello Neighbor leaderboards here.
This is regarding Awomeandy's post.

Ccrusher1's role was set by misstake by Andy, as he was messing around with the game settings.
Cc's role was deleted by ShikenNuggets because of 10 months inactivity, but I gave him back verifier role as a temporarily test to see if he was gonna become active or not again.

Please change his role back to verifier and regarding Sgitch, he has been really sloppy with accepting runs. Doesn't look at the content, and accepts everything at this point, even if the run doesn't apply to the rules.

// Neiru

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@crazeyawesomecrazeyawesome I see, misunderstood the term on my end then. Looking at how Intellectual property usually behaves: ownership on 'intellectual property' is claimed by having a potent / copyright on such property. As I'm sure you don't own either of those on a save file, I don't think its very reasonable to make such a claim.

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Not sure if this is the right place to ask about this, but the CELESTE Classic board ( has Super Mods who haven't really been approving runs since 2015-2016. Particularly, the game's community doesn't even know who @deetajdeetaj is, as he's never actively participated in it and doesn't seem to have even run the game. Being just a regular mod, I can't add or remove people to help out- would it be possible to overhaul the moderation team with active, known members of the game's community?


Hello, I have some runs pending in Haunt The House: Terrortown and I have reached out to the only moderator twice. Once last month and once this month, and it says they haven't been online for 11 months. Is there somebody else I need to contact or is this the best place? I would not mind becoming a moderator, but I think I am the only one actually running it and since my time should be WR I won't really run it much more.


@AquasAquas Noticed they're active on Twitter, so mentioned them in a tweet to see if they respond. Will give them a couple days to see if they do.
@Ms_Riley_GuprzMs_Riley_Guprz Sent them a site message since they are active but your run has been sitting a while.

@StickGokuStickGoku Declined. Fix the issues with your account prior to re-requesting, please (the first post of this thread explains what you need on your account before we will consider a request).

RE: Hello Neighbor - Did not look at this request as of now.

@Meep_MoopMeep_Moop Can you point to some kind of community consensus regarding this somewhere?


@HabrenoHabreno The community is on Discord ( It has around 250 people including the top 30 or so runners of the game as well as one of the game's developers- neither of the Super Mods are active there, though. To give some quicker context/evidence, people have been requesting many more smaller categories (such as ILs), but being practically the only one approving runs nowadays, I wasn't able to accommodate some of the requests. This is evidenced by the Discord community making and managing several spreadsheets (e.g., https:/​/​bit.​ly/​2w1VJpF) in place of something on SRC, but I think it would be better for the community if these could get moved to SRC, with more people from the community able to help out.


I've been waiting 4 weeks now for my runs to be reviewed on Galactic Hitman. The mods that are there aren't active and by looking at the last accepted run on the leaderboard, it took well over a month to get reviewed and that was 7 months ago.


@Niss3Niss3 SasquatchBill has told me they're trying to gather consensus from other runners regarding how best to go about handling this. Let me know if nothing has come about after a selected period of time, and I can try to get this sorted directly myself. In the meantime, it may be best to create a post on the game's forum in which runners are able to easily label out their views on these changes the community wants, so I am more easily able to gauge / track the best interests of the runners when / if that time comes.

@RJP0409RJP0409 I'll try to get in contact with BinaryDragon. If I am unsuccessful, I will add you to the game. In the meantime, would you be able to assign other contact methods to your profile, alongside your discord?

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Hi, I recently submitted a run for the Black Mirror 2 ( https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​bm2 ) and I've noticed that the supermod is inactive for about a year. I am supermod on Black Mirror 3 which is game from the same series https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​black_mirror_iii . Can I ask for giving me the supermod role in the BM2 as well as the game needs lots of editing. Thanks.


@Meep_MoopMeep_Moop Removed Deetaj due to inactivity and bumped you up to super. As far as Seckswrecks goes, they are still around and if the community feels they should be removed, I would prefer if you approached them about it since they are relatively active.

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Bumping my post, since @HabrenoHabreno didn't look at the request.


@LivLiv Who are "they" though? If there is someone else I could talk with that didn't ignore me, who would that be? And what do you deem to be a selected period of time? I came here because I believed that more than a selected period of time had already passed.

I would be happy if there were more runners that I didn't know of out there, but to me it just sounds like made up arguments to further abuse his position and delay as much as possible..

I'm kind of tired of this situation and have now mostly given up on having a proper leaderboard here. I came here and requested to moderate the board because he isn't doing it properly. But since he isn't held up to what I believe is higher standards, and seen for what he has already done, he might just as well keep doing his thing.


@Niss3Niss3 At the time of this request being initially made, the board hadn't even been up for more than 4 days (created the 18th of February), which I wouldn't say is really enough time to absolutely say with certainty that nothing is going to change in regards to the moderation's thoughts on how to maintain the board.

I'm more than open to continue trying to help with this situation, but right now the only visible sides I can see are yours, and his. You think the board should go one way, and they think it should work another way. That's why I suggested to make a thread on the game's forum in which you, and the others runners (duckfist being one you named) can drop their thoughts and we can go from there.

@robot1232robot1232 Done. I've also re-enabled verification since it appears to have been off prior.


Requesting moderation for https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​kami

Used to be a moderator there. The current supermod got the role because I deleted my old account and they were the only other player with a run on the boards. All of their runs have since been deleted from their Youtube account, which is now filled with meme compilations.
The account hasn't been on this website in over 5 months. Direct messaging, as well as several other services lead to no response or a dead end.