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@LivLiv Sure! I also contacted them a while ago via the site's DM function; hopefully they respond to one of us! My message(s) were:

Hi Satsu! Nice to meet you! I'm the current 3rd place holder in The Last Guardian. I'm about 40 seconds from moving into 2nd place, and I'm a big advocate for this game -- I love it so much! 🙂 I've speedrun the game at a couple marathons, including GDQ, and I was wondering if I might be allowed to become a moderator on the TLG leaderboard? It looks like papertwo isn't active, and it might be more convenient for you if someone like me, who is very active in speedrunning Last Guardian, was around to help with things so you don't have to worry about it as much. What do you think?


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Hello - I would like to become a moderator for Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? Treasures of Knowledge. I submitted two runs to the board three months ago and the only moderator for the game has never been online to verify the entire time. I contacted the moderator on the social media linked to his profile three weeks after I submitted the second run and have still not received a response. I know I don't have an already verified run in the game, but that would have been difficult to obtain considering the only moderator for the game has been AWOL for three months.


@jdsjds - We can add you due to the long-term inactivity, but first you'll need to add another contact method to your profile (preferably something like Discord, Twitter, etc, that you can be directly contacted on).

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On Tuper Tario Tros. The mod hasn’t been on for a month and I am hopping that can change cuz I’m worried my run won’t get verified


@ShikenNuggetsShikenNuggets Added my Twitter


that doesn't help me at all

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"that doesn't help me at all" probably because that comment had nothing to do with you or your request... Anyway...

@jdsjds - Okay, added.

@SilverFramesSilverFrames - I'll see if I can poke the moderator and get them to verify your run (though they don't have any external contact methods listed, so that might be difficult). If I'm unable to... normally we would opt to add you as a moderator, but since your account is only a few days old we wouldn't feel comfortable doing that at this time. I'll see what else I can do, but you're probably gonna have to wait a while for a resolution on this.

Also, for future reference, if you want to be added as a moderator to anything, as is all stated in the first post of this thread you'll have to enable Email Authentication in your account settings, and have at least two social media contacts listed on your profile (preferably something like Discord, Twitter, Twitch, etc, that you can be directly contacted on). Also while I'm talking about contact methods, your YouTube doesn't seem to be linked correctly, you might want to fix that.

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I have a run in Princess Tomato in the Salad kingdom that hes been pending for over a month now. I tried to get ahold of the game's only moderator both on site and on twitter and haven't gotten any response. It says he's been inactive for over a month too.


Requesting mod/supermod on Rez ( The current and only mod makes a note on their Twitch profile that they “lost interest in speedrunning.” Makes sense as they mod for 21 games and haven’t logged in in over a year. I tried adding them on Discord a week ago to request mod and my request still sits dormant. I also whispered them on Twitch a week ago and got no answer. These are the only options for contact. I’m running this game in a pretty large online marathon soon and also submitting this to SGDQ so I would like to mod the board to better define the rules and clean up organization of the categories (it’s kinda messy right now) and obviously have my PB/WR verified in time for GDQ submissions. Thanks for whoever reviews this request.

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@HararoHararo 6 months and 1 year offline respectively for two super mods, though, Super Mod @FleshCrunchFleshCrunch appears to be very active on Twitter. Did you make any sort of effort to reach out to him and ask him to unmod himself if so? Same goes for the other mod @CleverUsernameCleverUsername

If you made a substantial attempt to reach out to these mods and can prove you did not receive any answer after some time alongside the other mods agreeing to remove them, is when we will go ahead and remove them.

As for your verifier status: Not up to us when there are other active Super Mods. Super Mods can add other Super Mods. So if @JukesAndStuffJukesAndStuff finds you suitable for Super Mod, he can up you to Super. As for @ZeeeZeee, I wouldn't say removing a super mod just because he disagrees with a certain rule is very fair. For now, we will skip over this.


Hello. I would like to become a moderator on Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Zombies. I enabled all of the needed criteria


Hey, the moderators on the game Golfing Over It with Alva Majo are inactive. Super Mod has logged on February 26th but has not verified any runs while online. Mod Sizzyl hasn't logged on since January 15th and obviously has not verified any runs after that point.

I, if possible, would like to volunteer for position of moderator in place of them. I have multiple runners of the game requesting that I make this post including the WR holder (his run hasn't been verified yet). Thank you to whomever reads this and decides to help, it means a lot 😉

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@calmfornowcalmfornow Declined. Moderators are active, ask them. This thread is a last-resort.

@fialhitofialhito Can you point to a community consensus on this? Moderation for this game seems fine; the only person who isn't very attached is a series moderator whose inactivity is for a known reason, and the other three moderators for the game are active.

EDIT: Scratched the inactivity notice. I had two people confused in my head. My apologies.

@TheFirstOreoTheFirstOreo I'll look into this one.
EDIT: Sent Sizzyl a twitch whisper, as they're relatively active there. Likely to put a message on one of bogdan's videos as well. However, if things don't get resolved, I would not be able to make you a moderator as you do not have MFA enabled on your account. If there are others requesting moderation, they would need to make the request themselves.
EDIT2: Put a comment on one of Bogdan's videos last night. I see you enabled MFA, so if nothing arises in a couple days then I would be able to handle things.

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@HabrenoHabreno If I were to set up MFA would I be eligible for moderation?


@TheFirstOreoTheFirstOreo Indeed, though I do still want to wait and see if they respond first. If you enable MFA and there is no response, then I am likely to grant the request.

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Alright, thank you for the help 🙂

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Hello! I have 5 pending runs for Hammerin’ Harry, the longest pending run being submitted February 8, and my new World Record on March 3. I run 2 categories, I have runs pending for both. I have worked for 1 1/2 years to get my “2 Loops (Hard Mode)” World Record back, and now I just want it approved. I reached out to both moderators through twitch whisper and have heard no response from either. One moderator it has been 1 month since they logged in, the other has been 3 months.
I also recently was accepted into Retrothon event, and would like to submit to GDQ, but really would like to say I’m the world record holder and have the leaderboard reflect that fact.


@shannaberryblastshannaberryblast - I'll also try to contact one of the moderators. If I'm unable to we can add you as a moderator, though you'll need to enable Email Authentication in your account settings before we can do that.

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Queria ser Moderador Top Gear Rally


@VanGomesVanGomes - There is an active moderator for that game, talk to them. This thread is a last resort for if moderators are inactive and cannot be contacted.