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@HabrenoHabreno The community is on Discord ( It has around 250 people including the top 30 or so runners of the game as well as one of the game's developers- neither of the Super Mods are active there, though. To give some quicker context/evidence, people have been requesting many more smaller categories (such as ILs), but being practically the only one approving runs nowadays, I wasn't able to accommodate some of the requests. This is evidenced by the Discord community making and managing several spreadsheets (e.g., https:/​/​bit.​ly/​2w1VJpF) in place of something on SRC, but I think it would be better for the community if these could get moved to SRC, with more people from the community able to help out.


I've been waiting 4 weeks now for my runs to be reviewed on Galactic Hitman. The mods that are there aren't active and by looking at the last accepted run on the leaderboard, it took well over a month to get reviewed and that was 7 months ago.


Hi, I recently submitted a run for the Black Mirror 2 ( https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​bm2 ) and I've noticed that the supermod is inactive for about a year. I am supermod on Black Mirror 3 which is game from the same series https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​black_mirror_iii . Can I ask for giving me the supermod role in the BM2 as well as the game needs lots of editing. Thanks.


@Meep_MoopMeep_Moop Removed Deetaj due to inactivity and bumped you up to super. As far as Seckswrecks goes, they are still around and if the community feels they should be removed, I would prefer if you approached them about it since they are relatively active.

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Bumping my post, since @HabrenoHabreno didn't look at the request.

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@LivLiv Who are "they" though? If there is someone else I could talk with that didn't ignore me, who would that be? And what do you deem to be a selected period of time? I came here because I believed that more than a selected period of time had already passed.

I would be happy if there were more runners that I didn't know of out there, but to me it just sounds like made up arguments to further abuse his position and delay as much as possible..

I'm kind of tired of this situation and have now mostly given up on having a proper leaderboard here. I came here and requested to moderate the board because he isn't doing it properly. But since he isn't held up to what I believe is higher standards, and seen for what he has already done, he might just as well keep doing his thing.

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Requesting moderation for https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​kami

Used to be a moderator there. The current supermod got the role because I deleted my old account and they were the only other player with a run on the boards. All of their runs have since been deleted from their Youtube account, which is now filled with meme compilations.
The account hasn't been on this website in over 5 months. Direct messaging, as well as several other services lead to no response or a dead end.


Hi there,
I would like to request for mod for this game here https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​hsf2 as I have a run ready and submitted it but there are no moderators available and no way for it to be verified.


@EroEro You need a pending run. Next to that, could you provide a motivation as to why we should add you back? Taking into consideration you previously deleted your account

@NerdyNesterNerdyNester Okay, added.

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@NeiruNeiru / @AwosomeandyAwosomeandy There's a fair bit to consider here, but some of that belongs in another thread in the Hello Neighbor forums (which I created). For this thread's consideration, I am not going to touch Sgitch, but will demote ccrusher to a verifier as I do believe this was accidental. I will also note that this game seems to have some moderation issues, so that lends more reason for me not to touch moderation much at this time. I encourage the moderation team to look at various games on sr.c and take some notes from them in order to improve.

As a final note, having gone back through the audit log, I found a very valid run that was rejected as obsolete. I verified this run with a note that it's verified as obsolete, and I encourage the Hello Neighbor moderators to go back through their large list of rejected runs and do the same for other, perfectly-valid, runs that were rejected as obsolete. This is something that is discussed in the moderation rules. I will link them here and in the Hello Neighbor forums for your ease of viewing.



@HabrenoHabreno , Thanks for replying, will try to improve my ways, and ccrusher just told me that he would prefer to be taken off of moderation as he is very inactive. Regarding Sgitch, I will keep watching him and see if he picks up moderation again, thank you again!

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I am requesting moderation for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers(Game Gear). I have had a run submitted for over 3 months https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​mighty_morphin_power_rangers_gg and have another submission in as well and the moderator has not been on in over 3 months. I reached out off the website and was told they'd get to it, but that's been nearly a month ago now and they have still yet to log on.

Edit with the link to the game

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https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​ofp_resistance#Any_Segmented There are several problems here:
Game changed its name after the new steam release to ArmA: Cold War Assault (
It only lists the campaign Resistance, which is not the main campaign, the main campaign is Cold War Crisis, there is also the "Red Dawn'' campaign
also there are two pages for the same game, because https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​armacoldwar is the same game as OFP, just that AACWA was the re-release on steam and is the avaliable version today, so i dont know, i volunteer for modding Arma:CWA btw, i've run the game.

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Cleaning up prior requests I made contact attempts on:

@AquasAquas Added, as they did not reply to me on twitter.
@Ms_Riley_GuprzMs_Riley_Guprz : When I come back on tonight (real life calls now) if I don't have a response I will adjust moderation for your request. I simply am out of time to watch your run to deal with your request at this immediate moment. EDIT: Added you as a regular moderator, but leaving Riley on as a super. Riley is active on the site, but your run sat for a fair bit and they didn't respond to a site message I sent them.

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@MeozinhoMeozinho I'm not sure if this is the right place to discuss this but since I'm the moderator of https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​ofp_resistance I would like to give an explanation and my point of view.

More than 2 years ago I've made a request for creation of the speedrunning section for Operation Flashpoint since it was the game I was running back then. I was looking for a section to post my run on but I couldn't find any so naturally I asked for one to be created. I had no idea they had re-released the game under a different name.

Even though the game is no longer available under its original name I have requested the name of the page to be called "Operation Flashpoint: Resistance" since that's the name the game has on my box and it's the game I'm playing. I don't know what are the differences between that and the version that's available on Steam if any. I requested the page to be only for this campaign since I didn't want to moderate every campain and single player mission for the game that has been released by the developers in base game or other expansions thinking that should there be an interest to expand the page I would have been open to it. Also I was under the impression that expansions have a separate pages (e.g. Starcraft and Starcraft: Broodwar). Some time later when I found out about the other page I saw "Arma: Cold War Assault" so I figured they run the original campaign which is called "Cold War Crisis" and I left it as it was.

Finally I'm open to reaching some sort of compromise but I would prefer to retain the original name of the game since that is the name that has made the game famous before it was "stolen" from it by the publisher.

PS: If by "Red Dawn" you meant "Red Hammer" campaign than that wasn't the part of ARMA: Cold War Assault game as it is copyrighted by Codemasters.

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A few days ago I requested to be moderator for ROBLOX: Down Hill Smash as the current moderator does a horrible job managing the boards and verifying runs. It was rejected due to me not having ran the game at the time, but now I have a verified and retimed record in the game's main category, and I am requesting to be the moderator again. I'm a moderator of many other games in the series, and I watch and retime every run.

Edit: if you want to see all of the problems with the current mod, see my other post

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Hello, I am looking for Floatious or I to be added as a mod for https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​wrath_of_the_black_manta Both mods have been inactive for months and have not responded to either verify runs or add us so we can. Thanks in advance.


Hi i'm just curious what I would have to do for the moderation of Vermintide 2 Speedrunning. I understand that i am less than 30 days but the mods in vermintide 2 haven't posted in about 6 months.