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@DaravaeDaravae , I just tried whispering him on twitch but he has whispers on twitch disabled...


@DaravaeDaravae ok i have messaged him on twitch if in a couple days he doesnt answer i will be back in the forums thank you for the response


@sto1cRosesto1cRose After contacing SuperNoah he has verified the run, however he has stated he isn't able to remain active as a moderator and so would ideally like someone to moderate alongside him but wasn't sure who would fit. Since you've requested a run extremely recently and requested moderator here, I have added you.

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Hello, I am a moderator for https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​kf and the supermod is https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​user/​uselesshobo . Unfortunately, uselesshobo has deleted his twitch channel ( https:/​/​www.​twitch.​tv/​datuselesshobo ) and I am unable to contact him via his twitter. I am requesting that another user be made moderator for the king's field leaderboard. https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​user/​meauxdal is an active runner of king's field, and I would like if meauxdal could be made a moderator. I am no longer speedrunning king's field and do not visit regularly enough to approve runs. Any help would be appreciated.

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Hello, I'd like to request super mod for Mothlight. The leaderboard seems underdeveloped, to say the least, and I don't think TheRoc has any intentions of returning anytime soon. Although I haven't submitted a run, I've made a full route with multiple new strategies, and I feel like I would be fit as a moderator.

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@zombieroboninja1zombieroboninja1 I'll try reach out to UselessHobo regarding this. That said, we don't particularly like the idea of users volunteering moderator for other users. We would like to also hear from @meauxdalmeauxdal as well, ideally.

@sto1cRosesto1cRose We really would prefer you have a run either submitted or one that can be provided to us. The board isn't going anywhere, and judging from the moderator's current inactivity, we would be happy to follow through when the aforementioned is fulfilled.

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@LivLiv just got wr, ill upload and submit soon


@LivLiv @zombieroboninja1 @uselesshobouselesshobo I am happy to take over as moderator for King's Field (


hello again im writing back for https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​Devolver_Bootleg I have messeged him on twitch like you guys asked me too its has been about 3 days going on 4 and still havent heard back from this guy. If there is anythinng I can do to become moderator or if there is anything else to get this guy to contact me please let me know some people are looking to submit their run on the board with no categories thanks in advance


Hi, I would like to request to be made a moderator on FUEL ( I've tried messaging the current moderator on various social media platforms with no response and the moderator hasn't been active on here for a month. Thanks.

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I would like to request to become a moderator for Factory Balls 4. The moderators @NeobubzyNeobubzy amd @MikuRunsMikuRuns have been inactive for 2 months and 6 months respectively. I have 12 unverified runs (11 IL categories and one full game category) because of their inactivity. I have read both moderation guidelines, and I feel capable of the task

Likewise, I would like moderator for Zerg Rush Google Easter Egg. @PiroGaming1734PiroGaming1734, @darwall15darwall15, and @tenall17tenall17 have all been inactive for almost a year.


Hi, I have a somewhat weird request.

I want you to remove a moderator from "Factorio" called "Xedre".
He had been Moderator since I took over the Moderation in Factorio 4 Years ago by a request in the Forum. He has never been active or moderating anything for this game in these 4 years, but requested this Game at the very beginning. I don't even know him.
Since he is still listed as the first Moderator, but isn't responsible for anything, he's possibly better of removed to prevent the case of any user contacting him for a request.


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@meauxdalmeauxdal Would you by chance be able to tweet at UselessHobo on their twitter? They seem active and have let me know if you want to be Mod they're willing to do so if you wish here: https:/​/​twitter.​com/​datuselesshobo/​status/​1142935491026784258

@sto1cRosesto1cRose Since you look to have submitted a run since and the mod is extremely inactive, seems fine.

@Boog2TheManBoog2TheMan I'll send the mod a whisper and see if I can't hurry it along. That said, would you have any run you could provide to us for this title? It doesn't have to be submitted, just post it in this thread or something so we can indeed verify you are running this title.

@KynotzibKynotzib I'll try reach out to the mod via Twitch. Their discord seems invalid / privacy settings against FRs, so cannot try via that avenue.

@SundexSundex Regarding Factory Ball 4, I've tried to contact NeoBubzy via Reddit and attempted to add them via Discord. They seem to be actively using Reddit, have you tried to contact them yourself beforehand?

For Zerg Rush Google Easter Egg, this seems fine. These mods are all over 9 months inactive. Added.

@AntiElitzAntiElitz User looks be offline for 8 months and doesn't appear to have any runs / activity in the game. Done.

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Hi, I'd like to ask for a promotion in the game "New Star Soccer", although I'm already a Verifier of the game, I deserve more than that: I improved all the runs more than anyone else, I posted more guides than anyone else, I provided more resources than anyone else, etc. But when I try to ask to the only Super mode "SpiderHako", he just ignores all my messages. I'd like to know if you can do something about my situation. Thanks in advance


Hi there. I've already left a message on the forums for Dr. Mario Online RX (albeit very shortly before posting here). Koopary is the only moderator that is actively moderating the game, but there have been spats where the runs have been waiting in the queue for 2-4 weeks before they get verified or rejected. I would like to request either Acmlm or myself be a moderator for this game. I have contacted Koopary via Twitch and have not heard back from him in over two weeks, and he has no other way of being contacted.

Thanks in advance!


I was wondering if possible if i can be considered to be a moderator for the Final Fnatasy 14: Shadowbringers leaderboard, i have a huge understanding of the game annd plenty of runs and would love to help that community grow

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@lunamilegaminglunamilegaming Ask Deln or MLSTRM in that game's thread. This is meant for requests on games that have inactive moderators and you have runs pending for three or more weeks.

Sorry for co-opting the stance of moderator there. Was not my intention.

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@Boog2TheManBoog2TheMan Thank you. I'll give the user a couple more days or so to address the board. If they do not, then I can get you added so you can set it up.

@AkjaAkja This isn't something we'd deal with here. Strictly speaking, SpiderHako isn't inactive, and he also isn't necessarily obliged to raise anyone from verifier to regular/super mod simply because they asked him to do so. We're not here to deal with moderators contesting that they feel the position they're given isn't to their liking.

@RazorflameRazorflame I've tried to contact both BlueInfinity and Koopary. I've suggested to BlueInfinity if he is unable to remain active that Koopary is raised to Super Mod so he can get around to adding more mods himself, since he is active.

@lunamilegaminglunamilegaming Ask the mods of FFXIV: Shadowbringers.

@SundexSundex The mod of Factory Balls 4 appears to have logged on yesterday and verified a couple runs. They look to be actively monitoring their social media, so if you have any issues may be best to try contact them there.

@meauxdalmeauxdal I'll take it this situation is solved now.

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Requesting mod for the following two games:

Game: Toren
Reason: the only mod/super mod has been inactive for 7-8 months. All of their social media is taken offline (twitch page is empty, twitter account is deactivated.) with no other ways of getting in contact. I have run the game in the past. Might be worth just removing Mace and making me the super mod since it seems like Mace has no intentions of returning or being contacted again based on their removal of all social media.

Game: OKAGE: Shadow King
Reason: Current mod/super mod has not signed in for 5-6 months. As a way for them to never have to visit the site anymore, they made the change so that all the games they moderate no longer require verification. This is an issue for a game like OKAGE because it is a long RPG speedrun, and having WR runs get accepted without any form of verification is a problem. I am very knowledgeable on this games route/run (as I have ran it in the past) and would like to take on the responsibility of verifying any future runs and taking control of the leaderboard in general as supermod if possible.