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Hi, I have a moderation request for Hugo: Black Diamond Fever ( I've had a run pending for two weeks. Mod has not logged in for two and a half months. I contacted the Mod on Twitch (which is the only contact info) two weeks ago, but unfortunately I got no response.

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Hi, I'd like to request moderation for Fossil Fighters. There are two moderators; one has deleted all social media liked to their account, and the other only links their discord account to their profile, and they have not been active in the server for 5 months, even though people have been trying to ping them for a month. I currently have a world record Any% run of the game pending submission.

Edit: I was able to contact one of the mods, cinnamonhunter, but unfortunately they are no longer able to access their account.


Hey, I would like to request moderation for Ultra Street Fighter IV. All mods are offline since 1 year and they can't accept runs. So I'd like to manage the runs if its possible.

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@adrianusadrianus - I'll also try to reach out to the moderator. If I can't contact them we can add you.

@BanterBanter - Okay, I'll reach out to @Wayno717Wayno717 and see if they can address these concerns.

@nucularnucular - I'm gonna attempt to help @cinnamonhuntercinnamonhunter recover their account. If that doesn't go anywhere, we can add you.

@DKxngDKxng - One of the mods ( @skill8dskill8d ) was online a month ago, I'll try to contact them (unfortunately they only have YouTube as a social media link, so that's a long shot). In the meantime, you'll need to enable Email Authentication in your account settings, and add another social media contact to your profile (preferably something like Twitter or Discord that you can be directly contacted on) before you can be added.

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I would like to request moderation for Touhou fangames series. The moderator, CrystalChaos https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​user/​CrystalChaos , has been offline since Oct. 13th, 2018, and cannot reply on new game requesting. So I'd like to manage the series and help others request games if possible.


@ShikenNuggetsShikenNuggets I have done both of the things you have told me to do, what next?

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@gensokyorepublicgensokyorepublic This is going to be a no. It appears you have zero runs for any game in the series itself. We don't necessarily want to add mods to a series page who we can't verify has any connection to this. For now, create separate game requests for these games in line with the necessary requirements.

@gilbsthecrushgilbsthecrush Please enable e-mail authentication, we aren't able to add you as moderator to the leaderboard if this is disabled. Go to your settings and enable "Require e-mail authentication".

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I'd like to request moderation for Angry Bots ( https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​angry_bots ), the moderator deleteme ( https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​user/​deleteme ) hasn't been online for a year with no means to contact him except an inactive Youtube channel. I've submitted a tied WR run that's likely going to go unverified.



Hi, I made a speedrun of the game maniac manision deluxe, and I'd have gotten the third position in the leaderboard, but the moderator called El nino, is highly inactive (the last time he logged was a year ago), so my speedrun isn't verificated. Please I request a moderator change, so that my speedrun can be verificated. Here are the link to the maniac mansion deluxe speedrun page:
And the link to my speedrun: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​maniac_mansion_deluxe/​run/​zxkxqp8m

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I would like to request moderation in Fairune ( https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​fairune ) and I would like for the current Super Mod Tryst ( https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​user/​Tryst ) to be removed. He has been inactive for over a year, hasn’t answered any messages over social media, he never seems to stream on twitch anymore, the last video on his yt channel was 1 year ago and he hasn’t answered any of my comments.
Removing the other Moderator CyberAquarius ( https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​user/​CyberAquarius ) won’t be necessary as he is in contact with the community over our Discord Server and he verifies runs when we ask him to, which is the way that we‘ve been getting by until now.

The reason I am making this request this late is that I would like to change some things about the leaderboard such as adding new categories and changing the rules for the current categories as they aren’t exactly well done. (For example, the rules don’t state when the RTA timer has to start and end) I would also like to have someone who is constantly active on the site as a mod (which I am), because having to constantly ask CyberAquarius to verify runs is just unnecessarily tedious for both sides, as he is very rarely on the site aside from verifying runs.

As for my experiences as a runner and as a mod, I am a mod in 2 other games of the same series (Fairune 2 ( https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​fairune2 ) and Fairune Origin ( https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​fairune_origin )) and I also hold the World Record in most Categories of said games.

Lastly, Iknow there hasn’t been a run in over a Half a year and I don’t have a run that is currently pending(I do have the World Record in 2 categories of the game though) but the community speedrunning discord that we have is sort of being revived right now and I especially will be doing frequent runs again soon. There should also be at least 1 pending run of another runner who recently joined our Discord Server (if not, then CyberAquarius recently verified it xd).



@TacliteTaclite Okay, done. Please also fix some things on the board, such as the category name to something more fitting. "Speedrun with Glitches" seems like a very unfriendly description for a category name.

@gilbsthecrushgilbsthecrush Your account is only 9 days old in combination with a 4 min IL run.. I am not very comfortable adding you to this board. Could you present a run in one of the full leaderboard categories? If so, we'll add you.

@MiganMigan I'd prefer it if you ask CyberAquarius to post here/contact us global moderators to up him to Super Mod instead. He can then determine to add you as additional moderator instead.


@DaravaeDaravae That will take some time but yeah I can do that if that’s what you want.


Hello, I am here asking for new moderation for the game Soul Knight, Gaming Aries the OG mod hasent been on in over a month, same with every other mod expect Pingvin, and the other one I don't know, pingvin messed up the leader board and gave himself a INVAILD WR and then disappeared, the other mod I don't know has been on recently but as far as I know has never not once verfied a run, so I would like to apoint new mods, my suggestions in this order would be
Golden Creep
So please consider this and dm me or something if you would like, I would really like to fix this, and there are many new catagoreys and levels to add, that game recently got a update


Also I don't have many runs becuase I don't have many good runs 🙁 it lags on my phone to often, still running the game tho


And I have contacted all Pingvin the other active mod that hasent verfied the run and Gaming Aries about a week ago.


Sorry if it feels like I'm saying alot, I also checked it with are community (Its small) and I got the ok from them (2 people)

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@JaviGGpy20718JaviGGpy20718 - We can add you as a moderator due to the long-term inactivity, but first you'll need to enable Email Authentication in your account settings, and you'll need to add another social media contact to your profile (preferably something like Twitter, Discord, etc that you can receive direct messages on).

@CakewalkerCakewalker - First of all, please edit your first post instead of clogging up this thread by posting 4 times in a row (especially when one of those additional posts is not at all relevant to your request). Also, moderation requests are expected to be made by you, for you. If one of those other users you mentioned should be added ahead of you, they need to be here making the request for themselves.

Anyway, I'll try to contact the current moderators, as there are several long-standing unverified runs. In the meantime, you'll need to enable Email Authentication in your account settings before we can consider your request (and this goes for everyone on your list, as none of you currently have that enabled).

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Ok, so about a this morning both of the other moderators contacted me... when I contacted them a bout 1 week ago... Sorry.


@DaravaeDaravae I was thinking about doing a full run anyway. Thanks:)