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Also I don't have many runs becuase I don't have many good runs 🙁 it lags on my phone to often, still running the game tho


And I have contacted all Pingvin the other active mod that hasent verfied the run and Gaming Aries about a week ago.


Sorry if it feels like I'm saying alot, I also checked it with are community (Its small) and I got the ok from them (2 people)

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@JaviGGpy20718JaviGGpy20718 - We can add you as a moderator due to the long-term inactivity, but first you'll need to enable Email Authentication in your account settings, and you'll need to add another social media contact to your profile (preferably something like Twitter, Discord, etc that you can receive direct messages on).

@CakewalkerCakewalker - First of all, please edit your first post instead of clogging up this thread by posting 4 times in a row (especially when one of those additional posts is not at all relevant to your request). Also, moderation requests are expected to be made by you, for you. If one of those other users you mentioned should be added ahead of you, they need to be here making the request for themselves.

Anyway, I'll try to contact the current moderators, as there are several long-standing unverified runs. In the meantime, you'll need to enable Email Authentication in your account settings before we can consider your request (and this goes for everyone on your list, as none of you currently have that enabled).

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Ok, so about a this morning both of the other moderators contacted me... when I contacted them a bout 1 week ago... Sorry.


@DaravaeDaravae I was thinking about doing a full run anyway. Thanks:)

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even though i just submitted my first run yesterday, id like to request to be moderator for Crush. something tells me that the only moderator wont be coming online again any time soon, if at all. the leaderboard also doesnt specify when timing starts, which id like to fix


Hi, I'm a super moderator for all Trackmania games along with DarkLink.

We'd like to remove the super moderator role from Valux on the following games : TrackMania Turbo, TrackMania² Stadium, TrackMania² Canyon, TrackMania² Valley, TrackMania Nations Forever, TrackMania United Forever, TrackMania United and TrackMania Nations ESWC. He hasn't been online for 4 months and he hasn't verified a speedrun in years.
We'd also like to remove the super moderator role from DivisionX on TrackMania Nations ESWC. He hasn't been online for 9 months and he also hasn't verified a speedrun in years.

Thanks for sorting this out 😃


@oomameoomame - I'll try to reach out to the series moderators so they can handle your request. If that doesn't work out, you'll need to submit a game request the usual way: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​requestgame

@stoic_rosestoic_rose - Okay, added you due to long-term inactivity.

@RastaBobbyRastaBobby - Handled.


ok so ive add a way for you to contact me via discord and enabled email authentication now can i be mod for escape the prison ?


@FadekustomFadekustom - You still don't seem to have enabled Email Authentication. Double-check your settings and make sure you save after enabling it.


i guess i did not hit save but now its on 🙂


I'd like to request a removal of a fellow moderator of the game Soul Knight. I made a mistake of granting them Super Moderator status while I took leave, I'm working with the handful of runners of the game who brought issues of the Mod-In-Question, "Pingvin107" apparently while I was off site, he changed rules massively to make his own runs better, changing the game from real time to in game time, which shifted the leaderboards in his favor. It's my belief that he is unfit to moderate the game, and that one of the more active runners should likely also replace me as a moderator as well.

I'm aware this request seems odd as I myself may be considered unfit to moderate as well, and after undoing some of the changes he made that the runners contacted me about I had full plans to help step down from the position once a new, more trustworthy mod was selected. The runners of the community have been discussing a plan to call a vote form the tiny community on who should have the status.

I have gone through and placed the rules back to where the runners of the game remember to the best of my ability and planned to sort through things and double check everything more this weekend when I have the free time.

No matter your decision thank you for reading this long post, and I apologize if I drew things out without realizing it.

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@FadekustomFadekustom - Added.

@GamingAriesGamingAries - I'll talk with @Pingvin107Pingvin107 about this, will likely need to contact you for more details so keep an eye on your messages. Also, it sounds like you haven't already tried asking them directly about this, so you should do that.

Edit: Handled some older requests:
@BostonBrewBostonBrew - Added you to Mario Kart Arcade GP as I've been unable to contact the moderator.

@adrianusadrianus - Added you to Hugo: Black Diamond Fever as I've been unable to contact the moderator.

@nucularnucular - Added you to Fossil Fighters as I've been unable to contact the moderator.

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I reached out to X-Men (Genesis) https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​x-men_genesis about opening a new category for a co-op run. Here’s the link to the forum we posted 7 months ago - https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​x-men_genesis/​thread/​82flm . I never heard back and got on here to see what my options were. I saw you asked if we would reach out by other means first so I discord messaged the mod and I also whispered via twitch but after a week I still have not heard anything. I was hoping I could get approval for mod status on X-Men (Genesis) so I could create the new co-op category as well as have a mod that is more active here. If you need anymore information just let me know. Thanks

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I wanted to request moderation on the Dragon's Crown board. https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​dragonscrown
I contacted the runner who currently is mod (Flicky) on Twitter, but they no longer are able to access to moderate the board.
I have a run that's been waiting two months to be accepted and it looks like an added moderator to the board could help revive it. Thanks!

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I'd like to request super moderator for Drakengard. The moderator @speedwerdspeedwerd has been very inactive, having still not replied to me from back when I requested moderator on Drakengard 3 (see https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​the_site/​thread/​dueac/​43 ). My reasoning for wanting moderator is the same as for Drakengard 3 (continuing to grow the community, etc.).

I would like to also request super mod for the Drakengard series. Right now I have runs for the two games that are added, and am planning to run Drakengard 2 soon.


@BoosterShaneBoosterShane Ok added.

@theboykstheboyks I'll respond to the Twitter post first. Will give it a few days and see how it goes.

@RodGRodG Did you try and send him a message through SRC? Thats a thing now. He was last online 14 hours ago and is still verifying runs.
As for your series mod request, gonna deny that for now since this series is in no need for series moderation. If you want a game to be added, request it through the normal means.

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@DaravaeDaravae I didn't know I could, I've sent him one. Didn't expect him to become active again after so long, thanks for the heads up.

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@ShikenNuggetsShikenNuggets Thank you for the response, I'll attempt to contact him.