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@ZenerZener Mod was active 3 days and your runs have only been pending for 2 days. Give it some time.

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I am talking about cannot be contacted because he do not have any social network enabled (twitter and twitch have them deleted), I understand that I have to wait because each person has things to do. But I just said that I would like to be able to contact him but there is no possible way to do it.


@ZenerZener - The mod is active on Discord and is in the server for that game, though they appear to have changed their name to "DrMaxtermind" there (seems to be the case on other social media as well).


@ShikenNuggetsShikenNuggets Just because the KI games aren't as popular doesn't mean they don't need moderation. I have done work for Gears of War and Soulcalibur series so I am more than willing to do the same for KI. If anything with no other mods being there and one leaving it does need someone to look after it. What is it going to take to make it need moderation?


Hello, I'm the WR holder for Beyblade metal masters. There are only two moderators. One was active two years ago and the other is slightly more active but ruined the leaderboards. I'm getting comments on my wr run from someone who wants to run the game and is concerned his runs won't get approved.

Please may I have mod for Beyblade metal masters?


@SlevanasSlevanas Series moderation going forward will only be given out in exceptional cases, such as very large series who handle weekly or even daily workloads of having to deal with users requesting games in the same series like ROM hacks or fangames and actually require these permissions for that cause. Next to that, we see no reason to add users as series mod. Like already poined out by Shiken, KI has 4 games and is in no need for permissions like these.

@TheCheeseball81TheCheeseball81 Your question does not belong in this thread. Please read the first post. To answer your question either way: Go to Edit Game and click the Moderators tab to add new moderators.

@IguanasInPyjamasIguanasInPyjamas BlaGe was active 4 days ago and has multiple social media contacts attached to his profile. Direct your request towards this mod first.

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Cleaned up some older requests:
@CardsOfTheHeartCardsOfTheHeart - Added you to Sort the Court since @CuppsCupps never got back to me.

@oORaydenOooORaydenOo - Added you to Skate Boardin' since @hueyhuey never got back to me.

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@DaravaeDaravae I can't DM him on Discord (I get a bot saying because I don't share any servers with him). And I don't have Twitter, his YouTube is pretty inactive also. As an aside. The problems mentioned were discussed in a forum post last year with no response


@IguanasInPyjamasIguanasInPyjamas A lack of contact methods on your end is not an excuse for not attempting to contact a moderator. You will need more than just a Twitch linked anyway; kill two birds with one stone, make a Twitter, and contact via that method.

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hello, i would like to request to be a moderator for crimson room ( i feel like the way that the leaderboard is setup, having the game being put onto level leaderboards is a very sloppy way of doing so, and i cant find a way to contact the only moderator about it. ive also submitted quite a few runs, and none of them have been verified.


Requesting mod for Navy Seals ( I've had a run pending for 21 days. Mod has not logged on in two months. I attempted to contact the mod through twitter ( I have not heard anything back.


opus the Mod for Pitfall ll Lost Caverns has been off the site for the last 8 months.
who will verify my run this is concerning lol.

Thank you!


@DaravaeDaravae Well then would I be contacted one day to be the series mod should it change?


@stoic_rosestoic_rose - The mod has several social media links on their profile, try contacting them through those.

@baldnatebaldnate - I'll try getting in touch with RantronBomb. If they don't get back to me we can add you.

@consoleplayercenturyconsoleplayercentury - We can add you as a moderator due to the long-term inactivity, however you'll need to do a few things first. You'll need to add at least two social media accounts to your profile (specifically, ones where you can receive direct messages, such as Twitter, Discord, Twitch, etc). You'll also need to enable "Require e-mail authentication" in your user settings.

@SlevanasSlevanas - This is very unlikely to change in the foreseeable future. If it does, we'll worry about it then.

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Requesting mod for (, I've had a pending run for 22 days now and the only way to contact the current moderator is through Discord but they have not accepted the friend request in order to contact them. They also have a Twitch account, but they're inactive on there as well. In addition, they do not have a Twitter or anything else to contact them.


I would like to request mod for the game EDGE ( because the super mod (Fe) hasn't been online in almost 2 years and I also tried to contact her on Discord a month ago but my friend request hasn't been accepted yet. The only mod I could contact was Cyberdemon531 and she has agreed on making me mod but isn't able to because she's only mod and not super mod.


@ShikenNuggetsShikenNuggets they have messages disabled on twitter, I can't find their twitch page for the life of me, and I can't send them a message on steam until they accept my friend request. ...which I sent out a few weeks ago.


Hello, I would like to request moderator for the following games
While I have so far only submitted runs for two of these games, the sole moderator of these games HowDenKing has confirmed to me that he is no longer moderating. For one of these games, mhfu, the other mod has also been inactive for a length of time but I have not been able to contact them. I would like to take over for HowDenKing in these Monster Hunter games as moderator as I am a speedrunner of the series and seeking to both run and grow these games.


So how long does this process take, once I made the needed changes ?