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Hey folks,

I'm currently having about 5 runs pending for over a month at: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​reobf2 , the only mod of the game called @mrmaximus11mrmaximus11 has been inactive for 3 months now, i contacted him via Discord last week about the situation, but got no answer.
I just like to point out that i'm more concerned about the approval of my runs and not necessarily becoming a mod of the leaderboard.

Thanks in advance.


@SeydieSeydie Has there been a response from the Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam mods in regards to https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​the_site/​thread/​dueac/​31#9ufzs ? We've been waiting for around two months and thought the topic could use a bump.



I've had a pending run on the Sweet Home leaderboard for about a month now. The guy who moderates the board is on again and off again in terms of being logged onto the site. I also noticed he isn't a super mod for the board so I don't think he could appoint more mods if he wanted to. I feel the game can use an additional verifier or a new super mod at a minimum and have posted a thread on the forums there.

The Siege should remain as a mod but I'd like the ability to add on additional moderators so the leaderboard doesn't die.

I'm not sure which forums to reach out to him on unfortunately but he has responded to forum posts previously about a month and a half ago

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@KromerKromer - I've attempted to contact @mrmaximus11mrmaximus11 about this since they do appear to be active on social media. If they don't answer soon, we'll add you.

@dubiousdinobotdubiousdinobot - That's not really how this works, but more importantly this is not the purpose of this thread. This is a last resort for if existing game moderators are inactive and cannot be contacted.

@EcdycisEcdycis - I've attempted to contact @TheSiegeTheSiege directly. If they don't get back to me soon, we'll add you.


@dubiousdinobotdubiousdinobot Posts deleted. Read the first post of this thread properly before you decide to post here again. First and last warning.



It's been about two weeks I have waited at this point, but I expect nothing to change in the next week based on the following. No hard feelings if this is deemed too soon.

Super Mod @CuppsCupps has not logged in in almost two months. Their last YouTube video is almost two months old, the one before that is six months old, and their last Tweet is almost nine months old. Tweeting at them and commenting on their YouTube channel two weeks ago has failed to get a response. I am also unable to locate them on Discord to DM them (either through the account in their SRC profile or a different one in their YouTube profile).

In addition, verifier @Melodic_MermanMelodic_Merman has not logged in since Cupps made their mod request a year ago: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​post/​s7i7b .

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@CardsOfTheHeartCardsOfTheHeart - I'll also try reaching out to @CuppsCupps , if nothing changes in the next week or so we can add you.



Hello! Both moderators for this game have apparently been inactive for 8 months. I would be more than willing to verify any runs that come in. Thank you.

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I've got runs pending for Rage Racer https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​rage_racer for 21 days...

Mods last seen active 8 months for NovaFortune and 3 years ago for razor989598

I could mod this game for you guys if you like 🙂 I already mod a few other Namco racing titles.

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@chryoyochryoyo - You don't have any runs pending for this game or on the leaderboard. As it says in the first post of this thread (edited for brevity):

Originally posted by DaravaeSite staff will most often need to see a pending run to make a moderation change... If a game's moderators are highly inactive and you have a run already on the boards, you may request moderation of the game without a pending run

@YT_Veritas0923YT_Veritas0923 - Okay, added.



I would like to request moderation for the Stick War (web) game leaderboards. The mods of that game have not been active for over a year and I have a run that was submitted 5 months ago and is not verified. I am pretty active on src checking it every day and I think I am suitable for the moderation role of that game.

Thank you,


Also I’de be happy to work with @chryoyochryoyo on the leaderboards if he gets a run


Run pending for 6 days: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​skate_boardin/​full_game

Mod offline for 1 Month
Twitter account deleted
Last Twitch Stream 2016

I have no chance of contacting this person. That's why i would like to take over and provide more activity for this website.

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@BMANBMAN - Mods offline for 8 months and 1 year respectively, and you have runs pending. Okay, added.

@oORaydenOooORaydenOo - It's a bit of a long shot, but you should still try to reach out to them on Twitch (worth noting that their last highlight isn't necessarily the last time they streamed). If you try contacting them and nothing changes in the next week or so, we can add you.

Cleaning up an older request - @EcdycisEcdycis - added you to Sweet Home since @TheSiegeTheSiege never got back to me.

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Looking to become a Moderator for Super Smash Land.
The two Mods haven't been online in 5 or More Months; And the Super Mod has had inconsistent uploads, and hasn't made a Speedrun in 4 Years.

Problem Resolved - Mod has Verified

  [user deleted]

I have a serious problem with the mod whose name is LifeL1ke on Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order. Extremely rude and accused me of things I didnt say on my forum post. I really dont appreciate being talked to in that way, especially being a military veteran who served twice in Iraq.


@GordonBoxmanGordonBoxman - Since your run has only been pending for a day, I'm gonna try to get in touch with one of the mods first. If I'm not able to, we can add you.

@GrumpyWarVetGrumpyWarVet - There are no issues that site staff needs to take action on here.

@FinaLeDoodFinaLeDood - I'll try to get in touch with @KyutoraKyutora for Digimon and @MathweMathwe for A.R.E.S. If I'm not able to, we'll add you to those games.


I'd like to request mod for Fairy Bloom Freesia, I have a pending run since about 3 month and the only mod hasn't been active on here in about 4 month or active anywhere else in over a month.
Less of an issue but one of the game I moderate, Space invaders 1999, has a completely inactive supermod which I haven't been able to contact at all since june and hasn't had any activity in over a year anywhere.

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@TransparentBlueTransparentBlue - Long-term inactivity in both cases, okay. Added you to Fairy Bloom Freesia, and bumped you up to Super Mod for Space Invaders 1999.


Idk if this is the right place to put this, but again, I don’t know. If this isn’t the right place, can someone redirect me to where? Thanks.

There is a game on called “Slender Man’s Shadow”, it’s an unofficial spinoff of the “Slender” series. And despite each map being in the same game, the moderators made it so each map is it’s own game...

All the maps were released at different times, but that shouldn’t matter. They’re all part of the same game.

I’m not asking to be modded on there, I just want it to be right.