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@DaravaeDaravae he currently doesn’t have an email as the one that currently doesn’t exist was his only one.

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@Treewood50Treewood50 I mean, how difficult is it to make an emailadress and send an email to support? Don't expect us to hold his or your hand in that process.

@ChutacoackoPlayzChutacoackoPlayz I'll have a look.

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Ignoring what was written which in this case was "mod's contacted him" (mod being you) and kinda providing alternate methods of contacting and bit of context.

@DaravaeDaravae I found it fairly easy to contact @OverworldYTOverworldYT via Discord and what I found out with one of the two users (Bluely) is that they're banned from the Discord of the speedrunning community.

Now I didn't ask further if that included the srcom but I thought I'd let you know.


@DaravaeDaravae I was mostly concerned that they wouldn’t help him because it’s a different to email to what’s linked to his account but okay, I’ll get back to ya.

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@SpikestuffSpikestuff Its been resolved outside of this thread.


@TwigWallderTwigWallder The initial posts states that accounts have to be 30 days or older, so yes, you read that correctly.


@DaravaeDaravae Weird situation I got, I recently learned the game Neverending Nightmares and went to check on submissions and I think it may be an inactive leaderboard. https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​neverending_nightmares

1. The only moderator currently is a guy named Sant who has not been online for 3 years. His Youtube itself has a video from one year ago only.
2. The only other runner somehow was able to verify his own run although he isn't a moderator.

I just submitted the run but looking ahead I'm fairly certain that at the very least Sant won't be watching it anytime soon so the board may need a new/additional moderator

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Hi, I'm here to make a post about PresJPolk, a Super Mod for the Zelda II board : https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​zelda_ii_the_adventure_of_link

As of yesterday, he has been removed from the community due to toxic behavior.

You can see tweets from him here where he admits not caring about the community anymore and having moved on. He also refers to members of the community as "gaslighting SJWs" and "parasites".

For a few years now he has also not been representing the consensus of the players for the game. Some categories have definitions or restrictions that only he completely agreed with.

The third Super Mod for this game and WR holder for most categories, Simpoldood, agrees with me that PresJPolk should be removed as a moderator on the leaderboards.

Thank you for considering this matter.

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@EcdycisEcdycis Thats fine. Moderator inactive for 1 year with one social linked. Added.


I'd like to request being added as a mod for Bloody Roar 3 and 4 and, if possible, the Bloody Roar series.

I have a pending run for BR3 and BR4 which are 45 and 22 days old, respectively. The sole mod for 4, who is also the sole mod for 1 and a mod for every other game in the series, hasn't logged into SRC for two months. The second mod for 3 is also a series mod and was last online 3 months ago. Neither have responded to outside contact, even though one is clearly active at least on Twitter.

And as an aside, the BR game pages badly need to be cleaned up. Some list wrong platforms or release dates (the worst being 8 years off) or, in the case of 3, have categories for a mode that isn't in the game.


@SCXCRSCXCR Added for both games. Gonna deny your request for series moderation since this game is in no need for series moderation.

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Request to be made super mod for https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​the_mask as the other boy haven't been signing in on SRC for 2 months.

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Hi i have tried to get in contact with a game mod but they have no contact details and they have not uploaded a run in 4 months the user is https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​user/​Nostalgia64 the game i am talking about is https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​dwrte i was planning on trying to start a community with the game. I have done a few speedruns in the past and would like to moderate this game.
thanks for taking the time to read this.

(edit: the only way i could contact them was through twitch and even though their active they have ignored it)


@Ace_JohnstonAce_Johnston You have no runs on the board and no pending runs. You need a pending run at least.

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@DaravaeDaravae ok thanks for telling me will run it when i get the chance


Requesting moderator for Chalk (

The current mod hasn't been active in a month and I've not been able to reach them anywhere.

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re request for https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​dwrte i now have a pending run


@rythinrythin Added.

@Ace_JohnstonAce_Johnston Enable MFA and get back to us (or send me a message on Discord)