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Game: The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring GBA
Url: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​lotrfotrgba/​full_game

One mod has been inactive for over a year. The super mod (who also has never ran the game and just seemingly moderates it for no reason) has not signed in for over a month. The bigger issue is that the super mod has no way of privately contacting them, which I have attempted to do across all platforms since I have issues with the leaderboard that I need to discuss with them.

They have DM’s disabled on Twitter, DM’s disabled on Discord, and even DM’s disabled on Twitch. If a rule of being a mod for a game is to have social media linked to your account for contact reasons I don’t think this should count since there is virtually no way to privately contact this person.

Also, the game has the incorrect title which makes it hard to search (it should be “The Lord of the Rings: THE Fellowship of the Ring (GBA)” specifically (additional “the” and inclusion of parenthesis for GBA). There are also drastic differences between emulation runs and runs on real carts, they should not be on the same leaderboard.

I actively run this game (as well as in marathons , see my pending submission) and want the ability to have full control of the leaderboard. Thanks for your time.


@baldnatebaldnate Do you have a public tweet that you did this?

@RicoDexterRicoDexter No, no and no. Tell HDlax hi for me.

@PeteDorrPeteDorr I'll add you to the game but just gonna tell you something for next time; You can still publicly tweet at people, if we have to do it when we can't DM then I think everyone else should at least do it as well and anxiety is not an excuse.

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@RicoDexterRicoDexter First, your behavior isn't doing you any favors.

Second, did you read this at all prior https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​the_site/​thread/​dueac/​1

Third, you have zero runs for any game in the series itself.

Fourth, SwitchVC isn't a thing and it's not even an actual platform, these runs could simply be tagged as emulation runs if that's such a problem. Though didn't think get a disc release? You could you know...explain to the moderators about it and they could easily get "Switch" added.

Fifth, all things considered you still have two active super moderators on the game have you not made a single attempt to express what your actual problems are to them? If you have, maybe I should suggest to get T3tsuya and Kryptek to communicate with us.

sixth, this was also a request for series moderation and let me be frank, we have zero reason to add you as one with just the small handful of things listed above.

Seventh, just because someone isn't part of some discord community doesn't mean they aren't allowed to moderate a game more so if there is still a form of contact with one another among moderators.

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I will try and talk to them, but in the meantime the answer is still a flat: No.



Looks like it was a couple hours between your message to me and this post but I did receive your message last night.

I wasn't around to respond to it immediately, I have discord up on a server 24/7 so my current status on discord might not reflect my actual availability in responding. Was not ignoring you.

I responded to your discord message just now, hope I addressed what you wanted addressed.

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Requesting mod for Basic Math (a.k.a. Fun with Numbers): https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​bm

They don't answer in Discord. My runs are awaiting verification for 2 month.

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I am trying to add my friend as a mod, but i am the only mod and also i am not a super mod for the game
I am mod for the game called I Want To Be Human

Could you please add Pengyjake as a mod or Make me super for the game so i may add him,


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@D_YUMASHEVD_YUMASHEV Please enable e-mail authentication first.

@reece21403reece21403 Could you add at least 2 contact methods (YouTube, Twitch, Discord etc) to your profile? After you've done this, I'll bump you to super moderator.


I'm a League of Evil game supermod (and the only of the three smods to be active...).
I need to create new games for the serie, since the guy who submited the game didn't realized than all the League of Evil games are totally different games (speedrun-wise at least). For example, game physics change a lot between the 2011 (Web) and 2016 (PC/PS/Switch) versions, and I'm not even talking about the mobile versions.

Could you set me mod of the League of Evil series ?
Thanks in advance ^^


@KikooDXKikooDX This series is no need of moderation. Only very large series will considered to be granted moderation, and then only for specific circumstances. For now, create separate game requests for these games in line with the necessary requirements.

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Sorry if this is the wrong place to put this, but would a site mod be willing to delete the game "Scooby-Doo BMX Challenge" from the site? I am the sole moderator of the game, and it has been up for a year or two now, but it is an extremely inactive. On top of this, the differences of different versions found around the internet that had different load times, so right now there are two different categories separating that. So I feel like it's a bit arbitrary as well at that point, lol. It's just a biking flash game that was made a long time ago, overall I don't think it's really worth keeping on the site anymore and I don't see it drawing much interest in the future.

Here is a link to the board

If i need to delete the runs beforehand I can do that, but yeah just mostly figure that having a board for one of the billions of flash motocross games out there isn't super necessary.


@BetoKosBetoKos I'm fine with adding you, but you need to enable MFA in your settings.

@Silo_SimonSilo_Simon Make a separate thread for this. Also, its gonna be a hard no until you contacted the runners on the board and get their approval for the removal of their times as well. We are not just gonna delete a board because you deem it inactive. There are lots of games that are inactive. Doesn't mean its a reason to go ahead and remove the board.

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The super moderator of the game Spongebob Squarepants: Lights, Camera, Pants has been very combative and uninterested in this game for a long time. He hasn’t verified anything since February 23rd 2018 leaving it all up to the other moderator who’s only mod due to the fact he’s the series mod as well. I first wrote to the super mod on discord asking for some help but he was very dismissive and in the end insulting. I’ve been talking a lot to the other mod/series mod who has given me the thumbs up to request moderator as we both see the board needs some TLC and he hasn’t got the time for it. I want to help share his workload because he’s been doing it solo for almost 2 years

Game : https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​lcp

Finally, I realise this is quite a strongly worded post but I’d be more than happy to speak to any of the team in private on discord in regards to screenshots of conversations


@cheekychunkcheekychunk Lets have a talk on Discord about this. Send me a message on Discord about it: Daravae#0002 is my handle.


Hey all,

a good friend and I started running "The smurfs (SNES)"...since we have rivalry going on its a lot of fun to push each others times lower.
Meanwhile we got quite good and compatitive times BUT:
1) the only runner (who is also only mod) the game had so far is online once or twice a day. So far he has not accepted any of our runs.. (it has been over a week in total) ...
2) That runner also runs on ZSNES which is mostly banned globally due to running games faster than actual we don't think it should stay on the leaderboards because its an unfair advantage which should not be legit in the end.
3) Don't think he would be mad about my friend "Turanin" and myself becoming the new mods for this game because he seems to be inactive anyways.

Hope to hear from you and get a fast answer, thank you!



@ZockerstuZockerstu Your pending runs didn't reach the mentioned threshold of 3 weeks of 'inactivity' nor did you mention whether you attempted to reach out to this mod as he has multiple social contact methods listed. I'd advise you to contact him through his linked socials first.

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I am requesting to become a super mod for Drakengard 3 https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​drakengard_3 . I had 2 runs sitting for just over 2 months, until I managed to talk to @KerngesundKerngesund (former mod) on twitch. He approved my runs but said he didn't have time for the game/speedrunning anymore so he was stepping down as mod. I reached out to @speedwerdspeedwerd, the only current mod/super mod, 8 days ago on twitch and he has yet to reply. Speedwerd has never had any activity in the game, and was last online 11 months ago. I can provide the chat logs with Kerngesund through discord if necessary.

I'm requesting super mod as I think it would be helpful to have for trying to grow the games popularity (something I really want to do). If it is deemed unnecessary for me to become a super mod, I'd like to follow with a request to become a mod on the same grounds I've requested to become a super mod.