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Request to remove users Lolkiu64 and The_Scrivener as moderators for Daytona USA. The former is just about approaching 1 year of inactivity on the site, and the latter is already at 2 years of inactivity (with 3 coming up in january). They also have no way of contacting them as Lolkiu64 is not active on his YT channel and The_Scrivener has deleted his Twitter and YT, and is inactive on Twitch.


He doesn't verify my run for over 1 month, what should I do? https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​dstgrao/​run/​mre744gy


@VaruunaVaruuna moderators are grossly inactive; done

@BluelyBluely Please forward the issue to the moderator of the leaderboard. As they don't appear to be inactive.


Hi !

I have submited a run 22 days ago that haven't been validated yet. The game have only one mod and he is offline for more than a month. What should I do ? I would like to be add as mod to the game if possible. Link to the game : https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​mr.​_do

Thanks a lot.

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So one of the "Destiny 2" modding team member named "Aotorra" is rejecting a valid run for the reason "Not a speedrun". A 1 hour and 39 minute run isn't a speedrun but a "Super Mario Odyssey" any% with the time 6 hour and 44 minutes is a speedrun. Would appreciate if anything were to be done about this.

Rejected run: https:/​/​gyazo.​com/​7f08e6b2c40fe9ddab0f31fad074db56

SMO run: https:/​/​gyazo.​com/​a2e0c0a8f813d226a9aa030ff6a9bd5a

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Hello. I submitted a run for Not Tonight about 2 weeks ago and both moderators are unreachable (I tried their DIscord and youtube links and I got no answer). I was planning on doing more runs for this game but without moderation activity, is a bit pointless as my runs will render unverified. Is there something we can do?
Game link: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​not_tonight
My run: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​not_tonight/​run/​yw4v1xpz

Thanks for your attention, and have a nice day.


Hello! Just want to confirm what @Absurd_Absurd_ posted. Requesting removal of the current Super Mod and I am willing to take the role. Thank you!

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@StrackelStrackel enable e-mail authentication

@SayonSayon Don't know, I just jumped around in the video it I saw some parts with some goofing off, also quit using other games as an example. Every community handles this nonsense differently from one another, if you have a problem with it I want to see you make a thread post under the game or their discord community making an argument about it.

@Absurd_Absurd_ So why isn't he posting instead of you about it?

@LegnaXLegnaX Unless you want to become a mod on the game.

@lollipopomglollipopomg Are there any logs of what happened whatsoever?

@SurriSamaSurriSama I will appoint you as Verifier.

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@_Smiley_Smiley Even though you moderate a handful of the games across the series, you can't just insert yourself onto the board just because you have experience or series mod status. If you want changes to happen, you'll need to at least make the effort to contact these people at least once and submit a run to the board.


@DangerlessDangerless ultimately, our request was to remove RunningSky wich is why @Absurd_Absurd_ posted first. He mentionned me because we would need someone to take the Super Mod role. Sorry if this wasn't the right place to ask.

Also I'm not sure what you mean by logs? If you mean Audit Logs from the leaderboards, I can't access those anymore. Maybe Absurd can show them to you. Otherwise, we can always discuss on Discord if you need further explaination about the situation, i'd be glad to go into details.

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Requesting moderation for https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​ski_or_die

Mod has been offline for months. I sent a message on Twitter recently and did not receive a response. I have a run pending and there may be more (not sure if Overswarm actually submitted his runs or not.)

Thank you.

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@lollipopomglollipopomg Talking about what your friend said "Because of this reasons the moderator lollipopomg sent him a message on 28th October in which he asked him very friendly if he would give the super mod to someone else. His answer was removing lollipopomg as a moderator which is absolutely ridiculous." are there logs of this? Also this is exactly why we do not approve of people speaking for others, it causes issues and confusion. I don't really care about an apology, I just want to know what exactly happened out of your own words.

@StrackelStrackel Added.

@ShesChardcoreShesChardcore Was this done through a tweet so I can verify if you actually tried to message the guy?

@_Smiley_Smiley Added. Feel free to make further adjustments on the board.

@AaronCRAaronCR Francesco just barely hits the threshold, have you made any attempt to get ahold of this moderator?

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EDIT: Please ignore this request, mickey592592 may be able to contact Diemos, plus info in this request is now outdated.
Back on for Pirate101.
3 of my runs have been pending for 16-20 days (as opposed to 9-13 when I last posted) and Diemos is now considered inactive.
As I've previously stated, he seems to have blocked me on Discord, and he doesn't respond on Twitch from personal experience.
He has also taken a lot of time on some runs, examples being mickey592592's runs on Fin% and Moe%, and Obyg_27's runs in Jack% and Moe%, where the verification obviously passed 21 days. (Yes, the structure of the board is weird, but the reason it's the way it is is because an entire Any% run would take way too long to complete)
This page really needs an active moderator. (I'd prefer if you could make me Super Mod as I would like to have the ability to add other people to the team whenever necessary, and also to remove inactive moderators mjdigit and TecGamerNate)


@DangerlessDangerless I don't think it would be appropriate to share publicly on the forums screenshots or "logs" of the private conversation RunningSky and I had. Like I said previously, we could discuss further on Discord for clarification in private.

Here is an explaination of the situation from my own words:
RunningSky was the first Super Mod on the leaderboards having only added 2 Individual Levels, so when I wanted to submit a Level that wasn't on the leaderboards I contacted them and asked them to add the rest of the levels. They added me as a mod so I could do it myself, wich I did. I took feedback from the community on the WWZ forums while creating the boards and created a Discord server when interest was growing for the game. I sent an invite to RunningSky for the server and they never joined, I asked them back then if they still wanted to moderate and they answered yes. Couple months go by, RunningSky hasn't verified a single run and is completely inactive with the community. @ReportWroteByLeonReportWroteByLeon and @Absurd_Absurd_ joined the moderation team during those months contacting me and then RunningSky to be added as moderators. We have since taken every decision together regarding leaderboard or community changes. Recently, RunningSky added a new Moderator without contacting any of the other moderators or having a discussion about it. We had no idea if the new Moderator was even posting legit runs to the leaderboards and auto-verify himself. In disagreement with RunningSky's decision, I decided to contact them once again asking them if they would accept to give the Super Mod role to someone else in the community. Moderators @ReportWroteByLeonReportWroteByLeon and @Absurd_Absurd_ had a discussion and we all agreed that I would take the role going forward, so I suggested it to RunningSky. A week later, no replies from RunningSky and I was removed from the leaderboards moderation team without notice.

Sorry for the long text, but I figured I would go as much into details as possible. If you have any questions or require any screenshots of the discussion between RunningSky and I, please contact me on Discord. I will be glad to share this information with you privately.

Thank you for your time.

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@DangerlessDangerless, yes i send he a friend request on discord ago 22 days, and he dont accept it, it continues pending and he not was online any day.

And before sending it, he already has 1 month unactive


@DangerlessDangerless he actually did end up responding to me via tweet confirming that he will not be on this website again. I would be happy to take over the other boards where he's the only mod as well since he has no plans to return.


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Moderator ignoring my pending run removal request
the underfail moderator jeclin has not approved my pending run in 1.5 months now they even came on recently after liv contacted them and ignored my pending run so can they be demodded and me added in there place?

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I feel like I need to apologize for my behavior...took some time to think bout all this!

in short: i am really sorry for the drama i caused...only 1 out of 2 mods can be contacted, and he refuses to verify more than one run...per user...

...with a run being on hold for 28 days w/o verifying...

hope you guys can forgive me...


i wasnt sure where to post this...