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Hey, Im running Hero Siege for five month's now, but since the update 3.X a lot has changed to the point that we cant submit runs on https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​Hero_Siege because of the rules and categories not matching the current patch, and no new categories getting created even after three forum requests. The update is now almost over 4 month's old no reactions of the mods what so ever.
Hero Siege also got a lot of attention since the update, leading to many more people being interested in the speedrun.

I'd like to help moderate Hero Siege to give the game love again.

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@KrabatKrabat you dont have e-mail authentication active.

Edit: dm me on discord to discuss new rules.

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Me and a couple of friends started trying to speedrun https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​dont_starve a while back and decided to submit a run but it seems as if the only mod for Dont starve hasnt been online for a month and has not responded to friend request on discord either is there anything to do? I would be fine being mod on it but i dont know if i can since my account is fairly new. Thanks in advance.


@LivLiv Ok no bother, I'll try to contact him through Twitter

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I'm here again to request for Pirate101. https:/​/​speedrun.​com/​Pirate101
My runs have been pending for 9-13 days and they're all WRs. Yes, I've learned from last time that it has to be 21 days, and I've had no trouble contacting Diemos before.
However, he seems to have blocked me on Discord for some reason (It seems to be relatively unjustified; I only sent him verify requests every couple days)
Also, I know Diemos isn't considered inactive since he's been offline for just 14 days.
He doesn't respond on Twitch from personal experience.
The other mods, mjdigit and TecGamerNate, are still as inactive as they have been for the past 1-2 years.
Is there any way I can rectify this?


hello i would like to request leaderboard moderation of https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​supertanks.​io the moderator logs on about once per year and has been replaced in quite a few game he moderates in already, he has no contact information and i have 4 runs in the queue


Hi, I'd like to request being a mod for http:/​/​speedrun.​com/​disneys_lilo_and_stitch_ps1_ I have a world record I submitted three weeks ago and it has not been verified yet. I tried contacting the moderators but did not receive a response. Two of them have been inactive for over a month and one has been inactive for over a year. Thank you for your time.

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I'm not sure what's going on at https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​power_blade right now, but we lost our mod (Butz). If this was done by SRC staff or from him by accident is beyond the community at this point, im attempting to reach out to him in private. Meanwhile, the board is currently left alone without any moderators in place. I'm willing to be a placeholder for now until the matter is settled. I Know a fair amount of the route and I grew up with the game, just never submitted an actual run.

Alternatively I suggest spyriel to take up the mantel as he's an active speedrunner since a few years back.

Edit: Butz confirmed on DM he is retiring and do not plan to return

Edit #2: I've discussed with spyriel in private and we as a community have discussed the matter in public at the forums. He would be willing to take the position as mod.

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@NubsanNubsan Did you try to contact the moderator through their Twitch link? Also, we require your account to be at least 30 days old before we will consider the request.

@ItzGrayItzGray Because your run is not pending for 21+ days and the moderator isn't considered inactive; We will decline your request for now.

@ViolinViolin I'll try to reach out to the moderators and I'll give them a few days to respond.

@xenkaroshixenkaroshi Seems fine after reading through the subforum, I'll add Spyriel as moderator.

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Hey guys,

I’ve been waiting for my run in Where is my Heart ( to be verified for a long time now (neither of the mods have been online in the past year). So maybe I could become a mod for the leaderboard? It seems not to be run by many people in general, unfortunately.


@NiennaOronarNiennaOronar moderators are grossly inactive and you have a pending run; this seems fine. Please enable E-mail authentication (MFA) so I am able to add you as moderator.

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id like to appeal my mod request for SHiFT https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​shift_1.​.​.​.​once again...

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I'd like to apply for Moderator for Bleed https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​Bleed I'm one of the most well known members of the Bleed/Bleed 2 community (I made and still expand the Discord server, myself), and I already moderate for Bleed 2, so I feel like I should be moderating Bleed 1's page as well.

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@tuff_lovertuff_lover 22 Days ago, Liv already told you your request should be directed to the active Super Mod. Did you manage to do so? Your last post doesn't contain any information on it? Please don't post half assed feedback on matters site staff requested of you. If you continue to do so, your request will be ignored.

@JakutsJakuts The Super Mod of the Bleed board is active and literally just made a post above yours in this thead.
I mean.. what are the odds.. Direct your request towards him.

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i cant contact him, and im not going to
same goes for bensa (i just cant contact him)

i tried to be nice, that didnt calling him out in sr discord didnt work...its clear that i am incapable...

if u think im being malicious or doing something really really bad...please dispose of me!

and yes, i did cry... (sorry for long reply)

can we just get alex in here to speak up on the matter instead of bashing me?


@SeydieSeydie email authentication should be enabled now 🙂


@tuff_lovertuff_lover You can't contact him and you are not going to.. what does that even mean? If you are not going to do what we asked of you, we are pretty much done here. I suggest you start with dropping the victim attitude and stop making silly posts. Seriously, we are not going to help users that come in here only to act childish. You expect us to help? Then do what is asked of you and feedback us the outcome.

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he never replied back since 10/ i silly? whatever, ill try again...

no need to be hostile...

u confused victim attitude with complete apathy, friend


i sent proof of me contacting him to one of mods