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Hello, I submitted a run 10 days ago but one of the moderators is banned and the other one logged in 3 months ago. Is there any chance my run can get verified?




@LugiLugi Post the game in question, please. Makes it far easier for the full mods to find than for them to have to track it down.

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Good evening... I would like to ask for moderation in relation to the game: 1941 Counter Strike (aka. 1941 Counter Attack) https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​1941counter_strike

The only moderator of the game @babasan851babasan851 has been online 7 months ago, the last time 7 months logged thru Speedrun dot com. I have a recent run done in this game streamed thru Twitch, but I don't know if it is even necessary to wait more than 21 days for my run to be verified. I would be very glad if you do make me moderator of this action game 1941. Thank you so much.
My recent run: (


Hello, I would like to request moderation of Ridge Racer (PSX): https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​ridge_racer
Another one of the mods (wesen) has been offline for 2 months and has no socials on their profile. Another of the mods (Veritas) has been offline for a month from site.
I have had a run waiting for a month ( https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​ridge_racer/​run/​z57v61dm ) and I have messaged Veritas eight days ago that basically asked that could he check run out (according to what Twitter tells me, he has seen message but he's yet to give a response).
I've focused recently more on other games of same series, but am still active in community and have access to Ridge Racer (PSX)'s every version on official hardware (including high-spec demo, that has full game-categories on leaderboard).


@PokerFacowatyPokerFacowaty In order, added.

@Horridhenry257Horridhenry257 Removed.

@LugiLugi I'll try and see if can reach out to DuoDunk. Did you try to do so yourself as well?

@manticor5manticor5 Added.

@ALZERI28ALZERI28 I've tweeted Veritas. I'll give it some time and let you know whether I receive a response.

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@DaravaeDaravae Thanks for your response. Couldn´t contact him. His account on twitch is inactive. 🙁


@FinaLeDoodFinaLeDood I just do not feel particularly comfortable granting mod over a single IL submission right now. We do not know the full circumstances with which that board was requested, as neither of us saw the request the user put in to former staff.


I have a pending run, a WR of Inazuma Eleven Strikers, but the moderator is AFK.


Moderator inactivity removal request
the super moderator of underfail is more than 3 weeks inactive there steam link does not seem to work I sent them a friend request on discord they just left it pending and I have a run I want approved so can they be removed and can i be added in there place?


hey there, i have 2 runs waiting for confirm. but unfortunately, game's moderator is offline for about a month. can i get help? thank you very much) https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​skyhill


i have some https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​melfand_stories runs awaiting for the moderator but he looks like an inactive account (1 year since he submitted his only 1 run)


@PokeAdryPokeAdry This seems fine, the mod has been offline for a while. That said, to add you we will require you to enable MFA (multi factor authentication) in your Settings page, as we now require all mods to enable this setting. Please get back to me once this is done.

@Horridhenry257Horridhenry257 I'll try to get a hold of them beforehand.

@SoR3xx_SoR3xx_ Have you tried to reach out to them via their contact methods? It's expected you attempt to before posting here.

@v0oidfangirlv0oidfangirl This seems fine, added.

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Hello there, I got a problem with a leaderboard for the game Beyond Good and Evil. One of the mods there (Named Keanu) is 1st in the Any% category, and 2nd in the Any% (No major Glitch)'s one. My problem is that none of his runs are available to watch, and from what I can tell, he verified his own run, which shouldn't be allowed... Could you help me?


@PicaboomPicaboom Try contact one of the other game mods and alert them to the issue.


@LivLiv yeah, i really did. I added his steam profile, but he just rejected it or smth. he also has youtube and twitch but i think he does not stream and post smth on youtube or twitch. no discord, no twitter.


Hi, I would like to mod the game P.O.W.: Prisoners of War (NES) https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​p.​o.​w.​_prisoners_of_war#Any

There was only one mod and recently they deleted their account. The game currently has no mods.

My run of the game (



Well, 1 week ago i send the friend req to @FrancescoFrancesco on discord and he never accepted it, and it return to be unactive ago 1 week, i have a run pending ago 1 month https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​crossy_road


Hi there, Shrek 2 (GBA) is currently modless with 2 runs after user "Ted" was banned. I've asked Smartalec (WR holder) on discord if I can take mod as it's a game I have future interest in and as he has none he gave me the go ahead.

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Hello! A few weeks ago I saw a request was made by someone to get modship on Baseball Stars which was denied as the mod had been around recently-ish. He's now been gone for at least a month, and I know folks have runs pending for pretty near the full month. I've been starting to run this game myself, tho I've not had a time I'm happy enough with to submit(especially knowing there's more than one new WR pending), but I was wondering if you might now be willing to grant myself or Schmidtty_Games a moderator role on that game? I feel we'd get more people active if new runs were actually being posted. Thank you for your time, I greatly appreciate it.