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@GumjawGumjaw Paulie seems to have upped you to Super today looking at the audit log, so I assume you're in communication with him now?

Since he's active it's best you put forward your request to him first and foremost.


Yes. I managed to catch him on Twitch shortly after making this post. (Figures) Thanks for the quick reply!

Side note: He is still a person who doesn't run, play or support the game. What grounds do I have to get him removed from the game entirely, or are we just stick with this random guy with super mod powers? It's kind of an awkward question to just ask him directly....

"Hey, since you don't play the game or contribute, can you kick yourself?" 😛



Hello, This is kind of a weird situation, but on my first account I was a mod for Sid Meier's Railroads (the game was submitted by a friend of mine and since we made the first routes together he added me as a mod). However, I was not really active on at that time and I forgot my password and the email address I was using. I've been using this account for about a year now (it's basically the same name but with two E, my older account was Rehim). Since this account is inactive and that I'm not really going to do any runs of that game in the near future, I'd like to know if it's possible to unmod my old account (Rehim). I don't really have any proof that it was my old account apart from the username similarities, and that I was following the same games (Fable and SMR). It's been inactive for a few months now, if not a year, with a few attempts to change my password, but again I forgot the email address I was using. Sorry for the inconvenience, I hope that I made myself understandable (english is not my mother tongue).


@GumjawGumjaw Could just ask him if he has any interest in the board/game anymore, and go from there.

@ReehimReehim The info on our end doesn't match up between these accounts, but for now maybe just best left upto the other two mods of that game to reach out to us if they want that account removed as a moderator.


Just did some Heartbound runs a few days ago and after submitting a run, I realised none of the moderators have been online in the last 7-12 months. I wouldn't mind modding another game, but i havent been able to get in touch with any of the current 5 mods to check as each of their twitter/discord/twitch accounts have been deleted, as well as their info on SRC.


Hello, i think my previous message got skimmed


Can I get added as a mod for Godzilla (GB)? https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​godzilla_gb

The moderator's links seem inactive for quite some time, and the twitter account no longer exists. I tried to whisper them on Twitch, but haven't heard anything in a month.


I'd like to request mod on jumpNULL. Neither mod has social media I can contact them on (I can't DM them on Discord, YT doesn't have DMs, I don't have a Snapchat account). I posted on the board forum about a week ago; no response yet.

I have a pending run from about a month ago (


@BlueserBlueser All moderators seem to be inactive and you have a pending run; added.

@hsbluehsblue Said moderator is grossly inactive; done.

@ZenicReverieZenicReverie Moderator inactive for quite some time and your run is pending for 21+ days; added.

@baldnatebaldnate both moderators seem to be inactive for a longer period of time and your run is pending for over a month, it also appears the Discord tags are invalid of both moderators. I've added you to the leaderboard.

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Hello, i want to know if i can get mod in this gane, i have a pending run ago +20 days, and all the 3 mods was unactive



@LivLiv Hello people 🤠

I'm Mkrabs, creator and mod of SMR and close friend of Reehim,

Yeah Reehim forgot the email used which means he can't log in. So I wanted to ask you (the admins) if:

- he/i could get his account back and change the email
- if he can be removed as mod on SMR and maybe even close the account (since he can't access it anymore)

Marc K.



For now, I can remove them as a moderator for the game. In terms of them getting their account back, they'll need to contact Pac, who they'll be able to DM if they join the SRC discord here: https:/​/​discord.​gg/​0h6sul1ZwHVpXJmK

Alternatively, they could try an email here: www.​speedrun.​com/​help


@LivLiv he have the direct messages locked


@relentlessrelentless I've tried to send them a message. I'll see if I hear back from them.

edit: Zooms has gotten back to me. They appear active on both twitter/twitch, so any further concerns you should aim directly at them.

@AaronCRAaronCR Have you tried sending them a friend request via discord? They do have requests open, as I have just checked. I will try to get a hold of them in the meantime as well.


Hello everyone.

I wish to become a mod for SHiFT https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​shift_1

Marketing blab: i'm active, already a mod for another game, don't take time to verify runs, easy to contact 🙂


@tuff_lovertuff_lover A super mod for that game, @alexmandialexmandi, is active, so your request should be directed at them.

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Hope it goes without a hitch 🙁

Oh wait...I had to reread that again...NVM me on discord if u rly want to know why I asked for mod ;(


May I become either a moderator or a super moderator for the game Fossil Fighters Champion, some of the community is thinking of changing some of the rules to make timing more accurate but the current mods aren’t too active


@TheLeftoverKingTheLeftoverKing CyberAquarius will respond to attempts to contact, they did so last time.

If you're wanting moderator, please make the effort to reach out to them and ask them first. I'm not going out of my way again to do so this time myself, because I know they will respond if you try.

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