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Hello I wanted to request to become a moderator for (, I submit my run about 2-3 months ago and it still hasn't been verified. I even tried contacting a mod on Discord but never got any response


Requesting to be added as a moderator for https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​The_Matrix_Path_of_Neo Reached out to Thursday and they've lost interest in the game in general. Thanks!


Hi there, i submitted a run over a month ago for history books % on monster hunter world and have yet to have it even looked at by any of the moderators. I was so excited to see i actually had a decent time and that excitement kinda crashed when absolutely nothing came of it.

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@Ystos29Ystos29 Yeah, everything seems to check out and they have no contact methods, however you need to enable e-mail authentication as all moderators require it now to be able to become moderator of a game, you can find this in your profile settings.

@Night63Night63 You need to enable e-mail authentication as all moderators require it, you can find this in your profile settings.

@mobiusmobius We wouldn't mind seeing those transcripts.

@CoreKidGamingCoreKidGaming The moderator in question is site staff, have you reached out to him to talk about this? I will gear him to this thread.

@eucalyptuseucalyptus You need to enable e-mail authentication as all moderators require it, you can find this in your profile settings.

@ValerieVValerieV Please attach at least one more social media account to your account (Twitter, Youtube, etc) as it helps for users who may need to reach you.

@YarrWolfGamesYarrWolfGames Have you attempted to reach out to any of the moderators on this board via their social media links, community discord or a thread post under the game?

Also just a reminder everyone please always make sure you enable e-mail authentication as it is required to become moderator on any leaderboard now.

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@DangerlessDangerless Thank for the answer, it's done, if i have not done wrong thing ( it's the thing whith a pin when you'r log up ? if that it, it's good ) ^^


@Night63Night63 Added, also I have a suggestion please add a relevant game cover to the leaderboard as the one posted there was....just an icon of a character.

@ValerieVValerieV You still need to enable e-mail authentication, it's in your profile settings.


Am I all good to go now, @DangerlessDangerless ?

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@DangerlessDangerless No problem, it's done. Was not difficult to found a decent cover 😉

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@DangerlessDangerless thanks for the answer and i've done what you told me to do


@DangerlessDangerless I've sent you a friend req on Discord, I'll post the images of the convos there rather than clog up this thread.


Hello, I have just submitted a run for Lego Rock Band. The current mod for the game was last online 6 months ago. The Lego community has clntacted him outside of SRC and he says that he doesn't know his password, so he cannot mod the game. I'd like to request to be a mod for the game. Thanks!


@Ystos29Ystos29 Added.

@eucalyptuseucalyptus Added.

@sailingwhispersailingwhisper Read the first page of this thread, you just submitted a run today.

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Could make me a super moderator? OverworldYT doesn't verify ChutacoackoPlayz's run for 2 months, OverworldYT if you're seeing this please don't be very angry at me ok? https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​dstgrao/​run/​zp4reo8z


Hi. I'd like to request a change to the Eragon ( leaderboards. One of the two mods hasn't been online in 4 years, and the other one for 2 months. The super mod is very active but just seems to ignore the leaderboard completely. There was a forum mod requesting to change the leaderboard 4 months(!) ago, but has yet to be answered. I tried contacting them via Twitch, didn't get an answer tho (and there's no discord ID linked). As an information, the leaderboards really need to be changed since the leaderboards treats all platforms of the game as the same, but there are actually 4 (or even 5 counting mobile) versions of the game that are very different, so the leaderboards really need a revamp.

I get that there has basically been 0 traffic on those leaderboards so far, but it would still be cool to change it to be more open to potential new submissions.

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Hello, I submitted a Tiger Road run ( 25 days ago, but the moderator Kobepilgrim ( was last online 10 months ago. I already tried to contact him via Twitch with no success. Can I be appointed moderator too?

Thank you.


We requested modship for Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam on the forums there and the only mod to respond told me to come back here. It seems the only Super Mod is inactive.

We resubmit our request for modship for THDJ. Please see our previous post ( for reference.

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@LivLiv I really hate Twitter as a platform but I can also try and reach them there (edit: it seems like the supermod @RPG_GamingThief can't be contacted via twitter dm and I'm not gonna publicly tweet about something like that). And sorry but the categories are not fine. DS needs its own new category, and for GBA (I don't know DS and PSP very well) the categories easy/ normal / hard don't make any sense since there is only one difficulty. I agree that all can somehow be done in one leaderboard but it sill needs to be revamped.