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I got in contact through Steam with the mod for Sega GT about being added as a mod and he said he would add me about a week and a half ago and i havent heard back from him since, I was unable to contact him through his listed contacts, only his steam account which i found through his YT. He has also been inactive from the site for 5 months which is why i got in contact with him in the first place as i have ran the game before. Is it possible to be added? - My contact with him through steam

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Hello, I would like to request leaderboard moderation for Play with the Teletubbies https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​Play_with_the_Teletubbies

I have submitted a run which has been pending for 3 weeks, and have made a forum post 6 days ago.

Current mod was last active on this leaderboard 4 years ago. And has not been online in 7 months. Looking at his links, his Youtube channel no longer exists, and Twitch channel inactive for 3 years, no other contact details available.


If email verification is "Require e-mail authentication" in settings, then I enabled it

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Greetings... I would like to request full moderation of these two games:

Mars Matrix Hyper Solid Shooting https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​Mars_Matrix_Hyper_Solid_Shooting
Giga Wing 1 https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​Giga_Wing

Since the moderator fepnascimento suddenly deleted all his runs, and also no contacts whatsoever... ( I don't why ), and he stripped himself from all his moderations of plenty of games, besides I had 2 runs verified by him done some time ago, but now fepnascimento is no longer found in speedrun dot com. I would appreciate it so so much.


@LonneLonne Do you mean the series or the board itself?

@manticor5manticor5 It looks like you were a moderator prior and you were removed before he deleted his account. I've re-added you to those boards in particular.

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Okay, fair enough. I would say you may possibly want to do some beta testing about this though. I assure you, I was the the top guy for all Mickey Speedway USA tracks until @meauxdalmeauxdal beat all but the ones I mentioned earlier. Sounds like a possible bug then that may need to checked out. Could happen to someone else and that would suck. Whatever happened, it didn't affect my other times submitted. I'll resubmit then when I get the time. I typically don't like to edit my videos as it allows room for legitimacy of a run, that is why I time stamp everything so you know exactly where to look for the specific run. If showing boot up and the like isn't necessary though I can try to edit them down to as close to the run as possible. I'll still time stamp them of course. Thanks for looking into it.

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@meauxdalmeauxdal didn't even know there where game specific forums otherwise I would have, haha. I know I was a part of the game's discord for awhile, or the wave race discord. Either way, I remember talking about it in one of those discords back when I uploaded my times. Doesn't matter, but I do highly recommend you check possible bugs or as Dangerless said the site may have been rolled back. I do know my runs where still on the leaderboards about 2-3 months ago. I was double checking all my videos to make sure I had uploaded them (and many other scores/times to other sites) so I know that is roughly the time frame when I last knew they where still up.

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I believe the conversation was in the Wave Race discord about 10-11 months ago. Not sure if discord would even let you check back that far. I remember Fitzentoaster and Metal Head talking about my times on Wave Race and they also made reference to my times on MSUSA as well. If that discord is still up and it's possible, that would be a good reference point to confirm my claims. No worries on my end, shit happens. Just caught me off guard is all. I'll resubmit when I get the chance.

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@DangerlessDangerless just the board for the original Sega GT. My apologies on the confusion

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@TheRangerNetworkTheRangerNetwork I've talked to the current moderator TheAJJohnson, and they've let me know it is okay to appoint a new moderator to the leaderboard. The other moderator seems to be inactive and you have a pending run.

Please enable MFA so I am able to add you as moderator to the leaderboard.

@PrncedPrnced Because there doesn't seem to be any pending runs for Lego Rock Band and you don't seem to have a run submitted to the leaderboard, there isn't really any reason for us to take action at this moment. If there are runs waiting because the leaderboard isn't updated, the runner can make a request and provide the run here.

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@LonneLonne Yeah it's all good I've gone ahead and added you to the board.


@thegamer1185thegamer1185 I'm starting a thread in the MSUSA GBC forums so we don't clutter up this thread anymore: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​Mickeys_Speedway_USA_GBC/​thread/​fq1xk

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I would like to request moderation to Metal Slug 5. I did a co-op run with my friend @CountGoobyCountGooby and messaged the only mod, @sukimossukimos, about making room for it on the leaderboard on the 9th. Since I still haven't heard any response, I'd like to request moderation in order to put room on the leaderboard for my run. https:/​/​imgur.​com/​a/​h1vZCNB

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About 3 months ago, @zombieroboninja1zombieroboninja1 created a post in this thread asking for me to be granted moderator for the King's Field page on SRC. I was able to touch base with the supermoderator @uselesshobouselesshobo via twitter to request I be granted supermod for King's Field 1 (kf), King's Field 2 (kf2), King's Field: The Ancient City (kf4) and the series page (kings_field). After I made the following tweet: https:/​/​twitter.​com/​meauxdal/​status/​1143688166504849409 , @uselesshobouselesshobo did grant me moderator for KF1, 2, and 4, but not supermod for any and not for the series page.

As both @zombieroboninja1zombieroboninja1 and @uselesshobouselesshobo are inactive (ZRN mentioned his desire to withdraw from involvement in moderation here: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​post/​st7z4 and you can see the last time uselesshobo logged in is in June of this year), I request to be made supermoderator of the following pages:


Mostly, I would like the ability to appoint additional moderators, as the only two other mods are inactive and uninvolved with these games/series/site.

I have already done a lot of work on the series, including updating the categories, rules, themes, writing guides, researching glitches, running several categories, routing, etc. and at this point I believe my good stewardship of the series is well-established. I did actually tweet to @uselesshobouselesshobo again to see if he would oblige my request without the involvement of site staff, but I have not received a response: https:/​/​twitter.​com/​meauxdal/​status/​1176196273898164227

Let me know! Thank you!

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@SeydieSeydie @tfresh2000 has just submitted a run for LEGO Rock Band.

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@SeydieSeydie I have turned MFA on! 😃 Thank you for the promotion! ^^


Hello everyone ! So i've got a pending run on Barnyard on GBA (for a month now) but the only moderator on this game was last online 1 year ago. So is there anyways to do something about that ?

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Hello everyone, i'm refreshing my ask about becoming a mod from https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​The_Vagrant . Because that almost 3 day now ( after i fixed that i don't have a discord, i was only having twitch. But Now it's fixed ^^ ) and i have read nothing about it after i have update
my profile and say it here. So if anyone can update me about if i can be a mod or not, that will be great.

Thank in advance 😉


Is it possible to request the removal of heavily inactive supermods despite the boards being active? The moderators in question are @S_LauGHTeRS_LauGHTeR and @KingKazmaKingKazma , both of which haven't been on srcom in nearly a year and moderate many boards in the Ratchet & Clank series. The former has stated in a moderator chat that he had no intent to moderate and said he couldn't bring himself to remove his mod status himself, and the latter I have talked to in DMs and agrees to removing his s-mods but can't remember the password to his own account. I can provide the receipts if necessary.


I requested moderation before to this game but I was fairly new to the website. I have the idea to make a new category called Any% Glitchless, where you don't use the jump glitch. Also, the only current mod for the game seems to be very busy most of the time and I am very active with this game and I've been on the website for a month now