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@Arngrim30Arngrim30 it seems the moderator of the game is indeed inactive. If you want to become moderator of the game to be able to verify runs, I suggest you to wait till your account is 30 days old and add some contacts to your profile. After that, we will take another look at your request.

@TheRangerNetworkTheRangerNetwork I will try to contact one of the moderators and give them a couple days of time.

@ZOMandKatgarrZOMandKatgarr Have you tried to contact the moderators of the game regarding your request? They don't appear to be inactive. Please forward your request to them.

@PrncedPrnced I haven't heard back from MeowmiXX, so I can't confirm what you are saying. Aside, I do not see a pending run of the game by you. Could you please provide a run so we can validate this?

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@DaravaeDaravae Yes I try to reach out to him on his social media but without any answer from him. I try to send him messages and friend requests but he doesn't answer.


@XenuKeyXenuKey Interesting, because I added Xreey and he accepted my friend request after 10 minutes telling me he would look at your runs as soon as possible.

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@DaravaeDaravae Very interesting indeed because mine is always pending and my message always not answered. Maybe it's because you are a from the site staff. I send him the request and messages a few days ago without any answers.
However some of my runs have bien accepted a few minutes ago. I imagine it's thanks to you so thank you.
PS : If you want screenshots of my request or messages I can send them to you, because it seems you think I'm a liar. (I'm saying that without any animosity of course, it's just what it seems to be)


Hello. I wanted to submit a run for a game Drakensang Online but moderator wasn't online for over 1 month. So I was thinking how to submit this run because mod is away. Can you guys help me?


@XenuKeyXenuKey mod pointed out he never received a message from you. Either way, he said he would look at your runs so this request has been handled now. Also, like the first post of this thread points out, keep discussion between the requesting party and site staff. No need to go answer requests from other users in here.

@SzorenSzoren Its only been a day since your run has been pending. Please try and message the mod on his linked social media.


@DaravaeDaravae I have proof that I send him messages and a request, I can send you the screenshots of the messages and the request I sent on his twitch and discord channels (that still with no answers today) I sent 3-4 days ago when and where you want. I hate liars it's not for becoming one. And I have no raison to do it.
Yes and I'm gratefull to you for that, thank you.
Yes sorry for that, it was just to help him, I won't do it anymore. Thank you very much.


@DaravaeDaravae Thank for you'r answer, i have added discord on my profile like you have asked so it's done.


Hello, I would like to request moderation for RayForce ( I have submitted a run (a very crude one, but still a run), but since there is NO Moderator (since I am unable to contact the previous moderator, @fepnascimento ... who seems to have disappeared from the site) I do not believe any run can be verified.

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In hypixel party games ( https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​hypixel_pg ), I submitted a run a few weeks ago and it still hasn't been verified. There is only one mod for the game and I tried to contact him but his discord doesn't work and the Youtube link leads to nowhere. I would like to request to be a mod too so I can help him.

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Requesting to be supermod of https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​gssh2 . Run has been pending for about a week, and all four moderators are at least 21 days inactive, with two being offline for over a year. Additionally, three of them do not have contact info, and the one that does only has YouTube, which has recently done away with private messaging. I am prepared to moderate the game in question, as I have already done a full game run, I am supermod of the first game in the series ( https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​gssh1 ), and I am owner of the series Discord. Thank you in advance for your response.

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I would like to appeal to the decision made in response to this post https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​post/​58eye

I am an active moderator and runner of the Ford Racing series. Because of the World Record run posted by Vadyanga I wanted to take my time to watch his submission. Unfortunately I was on vacation in recent weeks and was unable to find enough time to do it. (Especially because the game is set to foreign language)

Can I please ask for the changes to be "reverted"?
Sorry for reacting so late, but I have just been notified that a new run was submitted and verified without my knowledge.
Thank you.


Anyone have any response to my submissions being deleted? Mickey's Speedway USA (GBC).

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@thegamer1185thegamer1185 you can check that response on your profile under “pending actions” in the rejected section.


@thegamer1185thegamer1185 I assure you, we looked at everyone's logs including the leaderboard and this is nothing there that implies you ever submitted. I did reach out to @meauxdalmeauxdal to talk about the situation for you, he assures me that no such runs were ever deleted and he wants you to resubmit your runs to the board. There is a slight chance that you could've submitted those runs during a time when the site had been rolled back, but either way you are encouraged not just by us but the mods of the game to submit those runs. There is no malicious intent here.

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I was just notified of these posts today. Why no posts in the Mickey's Speedway USA GBC forums, where I would have seen them? I didn't know about the existence of any of these runs. I would love for them to be (re?)submitted. Though as an aside, if they could please not be 40 minutes long, that would be vastly preferred.

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Hi! I would like to request moderation privileges for Guilty Gear X: Advance Edition. (link for easy access to the leaderboards https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​Guilty_Gear_X_Advance_Edition )

Currently, there is only one mod for this game. He has been inactive for three months and has no linked social media other than a dead link. ( https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​user/​Cl9000 for easy access to the mod) If you also just happen to know of any other way to reach out to this mod i would much appreciate it.

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@SeydieSeydie I'm not looking to get my run validated. I'm asking to have MeowmiXX replaced with me so that I can redo the leaderboard and appoint mods appropriately. The LEGO speedrunning community has shown interest in running it, but only after the leaderboards are updated. I was selected by them to replace MeowmiXX since I am a mod for the LEGO series as well as many LEGO games.


My submission is only going on a week so I am happy to wait out the full 2 weeks but the moderator for Chicken Run has not been active on the site for 7+ Months. I wanted to propose coming on as moderator as I would like to make some improvements to the page and add another member from the community to moderate incase either of us are on holiday or away.



I got in contact through Steam with the mod for Sega GT about being added as a mod and he said he would add me about a week and a half ago and i havent heard back from him since, I was unable to contact him through his listed contacts, only his steam account which i found through his YT. He has also been inactive from the site for 5 months which is why i got in contact with him in the first place as i have ran the game before. Is it possible to be added? - My contact with him through steam