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@LivLiv Hey so here is some more explanations, first of i don’t have a run pending because like I said in my request, the game isnt on the market anymore, the dev is going to make it avaible again soon tho, also you said raxxh’s conctact link works but his twitch chanel doesn’t exist, that said I’ll send him a tweet



I would like to request moderation for the fan game, Sonic Smash Bros.
I've had a run still pending for over a month, and have tried to contact the mod, but have not gotten a reply for a while now.


@Jaypin88Jaypin88 moderator inactive and you have a pending run; added.

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I thought I'd post here too, but this is the whole blasphemous situation. There's at least 3 recorded runs so far that I know of for any% (more categories to follow), a community discord with over a dozen people and growing quickly, and we're figuring out standardizing the timing method right now.

I made a forum thread on the page for the prototype on saturday and contacted the mod on saturday via twitter. No response on either. Super mod only had a twitch link and was much more inactive.

I submitted an application for a separate full game blasphemous board instead of that prototype page, but if you feel it's more appropriate to just use that existing board and new mod moves all the prototype categories to misc, that's your call.

Forum post has like 200 views last I checked, so the interest for this board is there. I want to try to speed this along, because the last time I was in a situation with inactive mods, the inactive mod happened to log on like the day of the mod request and it took over a month to resolve. Been 2 years and I haven't heard a word from the guy despite the game getting more active recently. I want to avoid this situation again since one mod logged in within the past week coincidentally in this case too and I find these situations to be parallel.

I can add links to the discord and runs later since I'm on mobile now, but forums for the prototype has discord link, board app has one of my runs, the discord has others.

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Alright. So basically us at the CELESTE Classic speedrunning community realized that we have different leaderboards for multiple different mods of the game as the virtual console its programmed on is extremely useful for modding, however these individual mods get little to no activity and quite frankly all the leaderboards are taking up too much space so we came to a decision to have every mod put under a single leaderboard ( however for whatever reason I am not able to assign other mods as the site claims they do not have email authentication despite the fact that they do and so I'd like to request moderation (super mod) for

Also if you guys are able to and have the time feel free to delete the pages for the following mods as their runs have been moved over to the new leaderboards:

Thanks in advance.


-Remove stikam as a moderator of geometry dash meltdown (he hasn't been on in 11 months)
-Make me a super mod for meltdown (I'm a super mod for the rest of the gd series, just not meltdown for whatever reason)

That's all; let me know if there are any issues.

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Just to be sure, you looked at Mickey's Speedway USA (GBC) and not just Mickey's Speedway USA, correct? I submitted for the GBC version. Please check your records on that. All the scores I posted to SRC I also posted on Twin Galaxies. I would upload a time to TG, then immediately come over here and post my times. If it wasn't immediately, it was within a week I know that. I have several times that would still be #1 if they had not been removed for whatever reason. All my times on TG pre-date the current holders times. I'll post links to those mentioned before about how I time stamped my runs here, I also time stamp my runs there. So I guess my proof is over at TG of me doing these runs before the current holder if your records don't come up with anything. If that is the case, then there are bigger issues that need addressed if you can't find any records of this. Here are the links to the times that would still be the #1. Note that all dates for my TG submissions are between 11-02-18 and 11-05-18, about a month or two prior to the current leaders submitted runs.

Smoky Mountains Lap and Time

Washington DC Lap and Time

Utah Lap and Time

Boston Lap

Indianapolis Lap and Time :Note - He did match my lap time to the millisecond however I did achieve it first.

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"Need to start from main menu, resubmit and it'll have verification. "

"Which seems like a pretty clear reason to me they've given. If you want to contest that, then reach out to them."
the problem being if you read the rules for the category we ran it very clearly implies that the menu rule is for solo
if you do not believe me look at escape%, for solo AND swf are singled out for being in the main menu while kyf is not
so we are being held to a rule that doesn't even apply to our category
despite me explaining this to the mods and they told me to talk to Jesser who made the rules
the problem being jesser is impossible to get a hold of and neither of the other mods have his contact either
to make a long story short we are being held to a rule that doesn't even apply to that category and the active mods don't even understand why the main menu rule exists
This is a bit of an edit for a bit more info
i have talked to the main mod
i told him this is not against the rules
he talked to the active super mod sciku who said back to him to reject the run
but he later says he doesn't know why the menu rule is in place
so he is rejecting it for reasons he does not even understand, to a run it doesn't even apply to


@UsmailmanUsmailman We have talked to you, we have given you the reasons.

@LivLiv We have been communicating to have stuff changed due to this little incident. Everything should be fixed for now.


The guy has risen from the grave, ignore all blasphemous stuff

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I would like to request mod on "One Strike".
I don´t know if the moderators ( 2 ) are inactive or not , but i want to add a new Speedrun Category for this game as well and would like to help the community. (
Thank you for your time.

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I already sent a message here before but I read the rules again and I saw that the moderator have to be inactive since 21 days and I have to have at least 1 run pending. The moderator of WWE 2K18 is inactive since 25 days and I have runs pending. I tried to send him messages on twitch and a friend request on discord but he doesn't answer so I send back my request to become a moderator of WWE 2K18 please.
Link of the game : https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​WWE_2K18


@SeydieSeydie Have you heard back from MeowmiXX yet regarding LEGO Rock Band? It's been 23 days since you said you would message him.


Hello, I would like to request LB-moderation for "Hugo : The Evil Mirror". (
The only moderator is still inactive, I've requested my runs more than a month ago. Rules are, for some categories, not set, so I can fix that.
Thanks for your time !



Putting in a mod request for RockRocket ( Current moderator was last online 2 years ago and has no external contact info.


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Hello everyone, i'm sad but i need to do it so... i'm here to report the moderator from https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​The_Vagrant.​ He have not been online by 1 month and i have a run awaiting verification ( 1 month to awaiting verification and nothing... ). I can't contact him or whatever so... I'm sorry about him but i have been patient i think to wait so long before doing a report.

Also if i can be the moderator for this game i will be happy. Thx in advance.


@ItsMaximumItsMaximum Okay, done

@seriseri Can't see any pending run from your end. The rules don't imply that you have to run on a specific platform. Can you submit a run you did and then get back to us here?

@DerOnkelMoritzDerOnkelMoritz You 'dont know whether the mods are active or not' are inactive or not, but you still come here to request mod? I'd like to point you to the first post in this thread. Also, one of the mods was last online 6 days ago. Next time, do us all a favour and check this yourself next time.

@XenuKeyXenuKey Your runs have only been pending for a couple of days. Did you try to reach out to this moderator through his linked social media contacts? He has quite a few listed. Would appreciate it if you did and get back to us here with the outcome.

@fepnascimentofepnascimento How come you always submit Coop runs to regular "One player" boards? Not that long ago, Site staff has already pointed out that we had problems with these co-op "speedruns" as they are claimed which really look more like a simple coop playthrough. From this point on, I'd like you to submit runs as a single player when there are no coop categories. These runs were all done by a single person and coop categories should be different than the ones performed by one player. Far East of Eden: Kabuki Klash looks like the only single player run you have done, so I have added you to that board.

@ContosContos Okay, added.

@SokksSokks Okay, added.

@Night63Night63 Mind adding one more social media contact to your profile? Preferably Twitter or Discord next to your Twitch. Kindly add one more and get back to us when you done so here.

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I have submitted 2 runs for Rugrats Scavenger Hunt on N64 2 months ago and I haven't got a response from any of moderators. I think that game needs a new mod or 2 - I also tried contacting Social Media, nothing
I even posted on the forum and nobody has saw it or replied https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​rugratssh/​thread/​tl80e


I'd like to request moderation permissions for Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam. We are the primary routers of the game and interest in the game has increased recently. We've gotten back into running the game and would like to add some new categories.

We've been playing the game on and off since it came out in 2006 and have personally timed and routed every single event in the game. We've beaten the developer times on virtually every course and tested just about every conceivable path for glitches/optimizations so we'd be a useful resource in verifying runs and making judgements on rules.