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Good afternoon,

I'm putting in a request for Scrap Garden https:/​/​speedrun.​com/​Scrap_Garden

I have submitted a run about a month go that beats my current run by over 2 minutes. The only mod for SG has been semi-active on Twitch (but not active on this website). I reached out to him on twitch to see if he could review my most recent (and still pending) run, and he never responded to me. I'm thinking that either a change in moderation or adding to the moderation list could benefit the game as there are a few runners still for this game that would like to submit. They seem reluctant to due to the inactive moderation.

Thank you!


hey, the mods for 'Trip World' haven't been on in awhile and I have a run thats been sitting for 24 days, some friends told me this was the forum to go to. Its not that big of a deal as the game hasn't had that much activity in a while but I'm willing to mod for it if need be. I tried to find a way to contact the super mod but I dont think they have dms/whispers enabled (not too sure, I'm kind of bad at this), however, they do still seem to be active on other platforms. If someone DOES have a way to contact them, please do, I'm bad at using social media platforms so it could be just that.

thank you for readin'





i'm running this game almost 3 years.
Runs have not Verified almost 3 weeks, since we have good competition right now (runs posted in discord every 4-5 days with new wr). It will be good Verifying it faster. Make competition more interesting. any way im checking new runs for new strategy

Thank you!


Hola, no soy un usuario que lleve 1 mes en esta pagina, pero subi un speedrun del juego Metal Slug 6, y revise alguna actividad de los moderadores de este mismo juego, y al parecer llevan 1 o mas años inactivos, o al menos eso aparentan ya que no se de que manera puedo revisar su status. Desearia que revisaran a los moderadores del Metal Slug 6 para alguna solucion.


i couldn't find the dm thing when i checked twitter or i just dont know how to use twitter which is a big possibility. they went ahead and verified the runs so its not an issue anymore, thank you for contacting them liv, i really appreciate it!


Hey @DangerlessDangerless , It's been a bit, could you make me super mod on We Ski & Snowboard now? Thanks

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I'd like to request moderation for https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​Might_and_Magic_Gates_to_Another_World ... I've had a run pending for five weeks. The moderator was last online "1 month ago", but has no other contact information listed. I tried to track them down outside of SRC, but:
- Their only run seems to have occurred as a guest on someone else's (larger?) Youtube channel.
- They have a "Full Walkthrough" Twitch video guide attached to the board, but seems to be expired and I can't glean a Twitch username out of it.

There is a series mod for the Might and Magic series, but their last login was 4 months ago. I haven't tried to chase them down. The rules for moderation requests only talk about "game moderators" so it's unclear if that's supposed to be an escalation path before coming to this thread.



I'd like to request mod on https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​Rise_of_the_Tomb_Raider
Most of the moderators there are currently inactive and the only active active mod right now wants another mod on the rise scene.


  [user deleted]

NFL Blitz 2001 on N64/PS1 please!! 😮


@afnannen136afnannen136 I'll have a look later.

@TheRangerNetworkTheRangerNetwork Not quite sure what your request is here? If you don't have a request, then please don't clutter this thread.


Quick heads up: I have added the following information to the initial post:

• All users requesting moderation in this thread are required to set up MFA (Multi factor authentication) in their account settings before their request is being considered.

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Requesting for honorableJay to be removed as a moderator from the Batman series. We removed him from all the games we could due to him being inactive for a long time (looks like he logged in about a week ago, but before that he hadn't been on in months and hasn't had any involvement with the community for years), but we can't remove him from the series because he's a super mod there.

Situation was resolved internally.


Hello! It has been 25 days since I submitted a run for shrapnel city. At the time, my run was 3rd place but I've recently hit 2nd ( and hope to get WR in a few days.
None of the mods have been online on over a year, can someone please help me out? 😉



Requesting moderation privilege for Bulk Slash. The current moderator hasn't logged on in a month and my run has been pending for a couple weeks now. https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​Bulk_Slash/​ Thanks! Also I checked for MFA in my account settings but only saw an option for email verification in the general tab, hopefully that's it.

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@ShikenNuggetsShikenNuggets Responded through SRC: Moderator was last online yesterday, so please approach him first requesting him to unmod himself and allow him a reasonable period of time to respond before we proceed. Also try social media?

@AkillezIIAkillezII That seems okay to me, but you need to set up MFA in your settings before you can be added as a moderator. Please set this up and get back to us here.

@AquasAquas Okay, added. Thanks for setting up MFA.


@DaravaeDaravae I have turned on "Require e-mail authentication" - is MFA something separate? Thanks for the help ❤️

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@AkillezIIAkillezII Its the same thing yeah. Could you send me a message on Discord? We'll get this sorted then. My handle is Daravae#0002