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I am writing to request mod roles for Batman Forever (snes and SEGA Genesis). The current mod was last online 1 year ago. I do not wish to spend the next month trying to contact them in hopes they actually come back to a site they haven’t been on in over a year. If you could please respond at your earliest convenience, I would greatly appreciate it!



Hey I wanna be a mod on because mods are gone and I see some ppl running the game and get there run not verify because nobody are here


Hi there! @MOUTHWESTMOUTHWEST and I would like to be added back as moderators to the series Nekogames. We were removed without notice during a dispute with another member who was abusing series mod powers. I'm not sure what the dispute was. Please consider DMing @MOUTHWESTMOUTHWEST and me with details :))

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Hello, I'd like to be added as moderator to three games.

The games are Virtual Police, Toastellia, and Avalanche (Flash). The moderators for these games have not been online for at least a month and have not responded to any off-site contact. I do have a pending run for each of these games.

Thank you for your time.

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Hi, I was recently removed from 2 series (Neopets and Echoes of the Past) with no prior warning or even any reason given. After speaking with @ReniReni I was told it was because he added a game that he wasn’t supposed to. It doesn’t make sense to punish me for the actions of another series moderator, especially since I wasn’t the one who added the game. Is it possible for me to be remodded since I haven’t committed any violations of the moderation rules? If I am added back on the condition of not adding Reni, I will happily oblige.

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Hello I am requesting super mod for and for the current mod to be removed I am moderator of the series and the current mod is inactive (has not been online for 8 months) and has also done a pretty poor job of setting up the board which I could fix.


Id like to request to have super mod for . Along with the fact the current moderator has not been online for 3 months, they only have the first act as the speedrun leaderboards and after being asked to put the 2nd and 3rd acts on the leaderboard, they replied with "nomegalul", showing they have no intention on adding the rest of the game and generally taking care of the leaderboards.

To show that there is no reason that the other acts shouldnt be added I have done a speedrun of the 2nd act.

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hi, i wanna be a Moderator the 5.0 game, the game was a one moderator.

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Hello I would like to request leaderboard moderation for the 2 games (Hat wizard 1 and 2)
Hat Wizard 1
Hat Wizard 2
The only moderator of those 2 games is magneticduck, and he has not been online for a while and since my run has not been verified yet and it's been 3 weeks since he has logged on I tried contacting him on discord but he had an invalid name
So I messaged him on the site
But he still has not responded
I have 2 pending runs for both hat wizard 1 and 2 that have not been verified yet and I moderate Hat Wizard Christmas.


Requesting moderator for Ninja Roy 6, the current moderators are @SnessSness and @-Ender--Ender-, @-Ender--Ender- has not logged on in 2+ Years, and @SnessSness has not verified my pending run after 2 months. despite logging on after 1+ Week of waiting, he has not responded to my sr.c message.

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I've submitted a run to the game called: 'Space Frontier' but it doesn't have any moderators and thus my run cannot be verified.

Link to game:

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I'd like to have "xxPronoobxx" removed as a moderator from , due to lack of his activity (he logged into his account for 3 months ago.)

edit: user:


@okbudlolim40okbudlolim40 The moderator seems to have verified your run. Please contact them about any future inquiries.

@Faust4712Faust4712 Added.

@KusaboiiKusaboii Added.

@OxkniferOxknifer Series moderators are not necessary. If you'd like to refute this, please DM me.

@TRLittleToasterTRLittleToaster Added for all three.

@GarshGarsh Series moderators are not necessary. If you'd like to refut this, please DM me.

@_-_STAR_fox_-__-_STAR_fox_-_ Added.

@QuivQuiv We request that you have a pending run before granting moderation status.

@LeJuanixLeJuanix Please enable e-mail authentication.

@dark_revellerdark_reveller Please enable e-mail authentication.

@FirewallFirewall I will give them a little longer to respond.

@Bob-chickenBob-chicken Removed the inactive moderator. Have you asked them to add you as a moderator?

@ThijnJDThijnJD Added.

@LorLor Done.

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@starsmileystarsmiley , yes that was what I contacted them about over a week ago.

Edit: runs were handled, but the super mod hasn’t responded to my message.
Also, the moderator doesn’t retime runs, this should be 2.950 but they didn’t retime it, and such verified an impossible wr.


Hello i am the any% and 100% leader for Hot Wheels Stunt Track Challenge. and I hate to ask, but I request to remove the mod olo_ili and the super mod c7 Meteors. We tried getting into contact to these two moderators for two months with no respose. olo has been inactive for 6 months, and c7 has been inactive for 9 months. the other moderator CheesyMonster is active and have contact, but no longer runs the game. I also ask for me to become mod, and make cheesymonster super mod, and also add another runner as a third mod that we deemed worthy to be mod. We have been discussing this on our official discord, but because cheesy has stopped running the game, he has become indifferent to the idea. The only reason i had to ask was because we need more active moderators. Having only one mod to verify runs is pretty difficult especially when new people are joining the community.

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Hi, I'm requesting moderation of the Cabela's series ( ) I am the user who requested the series, and I am already the super mod of one of the games in the series (as well as the series' Discord server) I currently have 2 official game requests for the series pending, and I, along with others, plan to run a lot more games in the series very soon (other games in the series: )
Because of the numerous notable games in the series, I believe that a moderator for the series is necessary.
I also believe I meet all the moderation requirements.



I request moderation for Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Because the other Moderators then inactive there are too many Races to be checked and the Moderators are inactive


Hi there. I am requesting moderator for Outtrigger. The moderator verified my current run but then it seems they deleted their account and all of their runs (seems like they haven't speedrun anything in a few years).

I have the WR for the category of the game I run and plan to do other categories soon. I am willing to take over as moderator.




I am requesting moderation of Monster Jam: Maximum Destruction ( )

current moderator has been inactive for 2+ years.


i have a run for Pokémon Cursed Version and Shrek Swamp Kart Speedway
Shrek's Boggin' Bayou: Any% but been 2 weeks and i i think the staff have retired according to posts on twitter