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@R0mainR0main I will try contacting them through discord.
How long should I wait for them to answer?

@Springer03Springer03 Wait for a week, if they don't respond you then I'm fine to process your moderation request. Send me a site message once a week passed with no response from them.

@kiraa96kiraa96 Removed them on all requested games.

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Hello, I would like to request moderation for this game:
I submitted a run two weeks ago, but today I checked the leaderboard again and it turns out the only moderator deleted himself off the board without verifying it.
So I have a pending run and there is no mod in the game currently.



I send this message :
"Hello !
I have a run on Kirikou (PC), which is a world record, but unfortunately, the moderator of the game hasn't been online since 3 months ago, and doesn't answer when I message it, I already waited few weeks but I don't think that waiting is useful anymore ^^
Thanks for helping me,
have a good day"

And @starsmileystarsmiley answer me :
"@KallicKallic You do not meet the contact requirement, nor do you have e-mail authentication enabled."

I don't understand, I looked everywhere on my profile about the contact requirement and e-mail authentification but didn't find anything, and I think I did the e-mal authentification 😕
Thanks for your time ❤️


Requesting to mod Aidyn Chronicles (, as the existing moderator is inactive.

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i am requesting moderation for as the one and only moderator is inactive and wont respond to dms


@starsmileystarsmiley i submitted the run in Earthworm Jim HD, the run verification was added automatically


Hello !
I did switch on the e-mail authentification ! I think it will be okay now 🙂
If I have to do anything else let me know !
Have a good day


Hello. I am requesting Moderatorship for the Record of Agarest series. I have a pending run and there have been zero runs submitted in 5 years other than mine. I attempted to contact the current mod on twitter as his youtube and profiles have been long time inactive. Please let me know what else I must do/provide in order to be considered. Thanks!

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I have enabled email verification and gotten in contact with the mod! Yay! I will accept his offer to take over mod for Agarest 1 and Zero. Appreciated very much!

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I'm requesting again for moderation for: . I requested previously but my account age was not old enough, so now I am back. The current moderator of the game has been inactive for 4 months now and still no contact by using social media connected to his account.


@SuperpositionSuperposition Added.

@PullMatroxPullMatrox Added.

@KallicKallic Added.

@ElastoidElastoid Added.

@okbudlolim Can you send a screenshot that you attempted to contact them?

@Death_DevilDeath_Devil Added.

@SssneekySnekSssneekySnek Added.

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@starsmileystarsmiley sorry here twitch is his only social i could find he has a youtube but dosent check comments anymore it has been a while and no response


I am writing to request mod roles for Batman Forever (snes and SEGA Genesis). The current mod was last online 1 year ago. I do not wish to spend the next month trying to contact them in hopes they actually come back to a site they haven’t been on in over a year. If you could please respond at your earliest convenience, I would greatly appreciate it!



Hey I wanna be a mod on because mods are gone and I see some ppl running the game and get there run not verify because nobody are here


Hi there! @MOUTHWESTMOUTHWEST and I would like to be added back as moderators to the series Nekogames. We were removed without notice during a dispute with another member who was abusing series mod powers. I'm not sure what the dispute was. Please consider DMing @MOUTHWESTMOUTHWEST and me with details :))

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Hello, I'd like to be added as moderator to three games.

The games are Virtual Police, Toastellia, and Avalanche (Flash). The moderators for these games have not been online for at least a month and have not responded to any off-site contact. I do have a pending run for each of these games.

Thank you for your time.

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Hi, I was recently removed from 2 series (Neopets and Echoes of the Past) with no prior warning or even any reason given. After speaking with @ReniReni I was told it was because he added a game that he wasn’t supposed to. It doesn’t make sense to punish me for the actions of another series moderator, especially since I wasn’t the one who added the game. Is it possible for me to be remodded since I haven’t committed any violations of the moderation rules? If I am added back on the condition of not adding Reni, I will happily oblige.

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Hello I am requesting super mod for and for the current mod to be removed I am moderator of the series and the current mod is inactive (has not been online for 8 months) and has also done a pretty poor job of setting up the board which I could fix.


Id like to request to have super mod for . Along with the fact the current moderator has not been online for 3 months, they only have the first act as the speedrun leaderboards and after being asked to put the 2nd and 3rd acts on the leaderboard, they replied with "nomegalul", showing they have no intention on adding the rest of the game and generally taking care of the leaderboards.

To show that there is no reason that the other acts shouldnt be added I have done a speedrun of the 2nd act.

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hi, i wanna be a Moderator the 5.0 game, the game was a one moderator.