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The game Deadliest Warrior: Legends is a very under ran on, but as of recently I’ve started running the No projectiles sub section of the game because I remember it from my childhood. This has no other runs but I am only doing it for fun. I got a 10 minute 19 second run last week and noticed that the only mod for the game is named “Ultimatehadcore” and seems to be banned indefinitely. Since then I’ve dropped my run to a 9 minute 50 second run, but It seems to be that he was the one that got the game on the website. He is the only other runner and I was wondering if my run will be reviewed if he really is banned. even if there is no mod on the game that is active. And if not I was wondering if there was a way to become mod for this games speed run leaderboard. Thanks everyone

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Link to his account


Hi, no run has been verified for Mario Kart 8 in the last 4 months. I tried to contact the MK8 mods on the site, Discord and YouTube, but I still don't have an answer. I sent a run 3 months ago :
I don't know if someone already asked to be mod for this game, if not and if it is possible, I would like to become mod for this page.

Mario Kart 8 :

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Hi, I'm following up from ~4 days ago. I had starsmiley request that I contact Ozsef and ask, however they were last online 2 hours ago and I contacted them (with the follow up requested) 3 days ago. Do you need me to wait longer? As I said previously I haven't the greatest replies, let alone many at all most of the time.

Follow up message request:

I'm requesting game moderation for Google Doodle Halloween 2016: Magic Cat Academy. I've contacted Ozsef out of the 2 moderators: Poefred & Ozsef - as Poefred hasn't been online for 2 months. Ozsef has had very limited replies with me through only Speedrun.Com's messaging system (doesn't have discord etc). Back in mid Feb I requested they looked at the WR time (for IL LVL 1) as I believed it to be mistimed, but only got a reply about how if I my time was "a little off its alright." I had stated that I had retimed my own run using a retime tool (Slush0Puppy's) several times and WR time too and believed WR time (for IL LVL 1) to be incorrect. I sent a follow up message again in early March and still no reply.

Game Leaderboard:
Game Leaderboard (for IL LVL 1):
Screenshot of Messages/Contacting:
Thank you!


Okay, so I have enabled email and added places where users can get in contact with me. I know that my account isn't 30 days old yet, so if you'd prefer I wait a bit then I will. Just for a reminder, requesting moderation for Doodle God. Current mod is inactive and is not responding to attempts to contact him. His name is TodinhoDaFarra if you want to look into it. Thank you again for your consideration and let me know if there is anything else I should do.


The current mods for mega man 8 have not been on here in 10 months (orsa) or 4 years (plum) and I have a run pending verification

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Hello, moderator for the windows games/series
has been inactive for about 3 months and I'm asking for unmoderating him from the windows games.
I asked him few times already if he would just unmod but he rudely rejected me, and I can prove it if needed.
A few moderators from the windows games/series also want him removed.
Thanks for reading and have a nice day.


@Death_DevilDeath_Devil We request that you have a run pending before granting moderation status.

@doakeydoakey Added.

@GG_KazuuGG_Kazuu Please enable e-mail authentication.

@Félicien2BFélicien2B Handled in the Mario Kart 8 Discord.

@KingLavaCactusKingLavaCactus I am going to give them a few more days to respond. If they haven't responded by Sunday, DM me.

@HazyheelHazyheel Added.

@PeterAfroPeterAfro Added.

@kiraa96kiraa96 Done.

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Please add @BoppledBoppled as moderator to

The only Supermod isn't active anymore and I can't add them myself


@psychonauterpsychonauter Did you tried to reach that super moderator about adding them or upping you to Super?


I would like to be added as a moderator to the Mable and the wood leaderboards

The only moderator has been offline for 4 months.

  [user deleted]
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Hello, in the future I want to run Saturday Night Speedway but one of the mods has been inactive for 4 years and the other mod has been inactive for 8 months. I see no reason to run this game if there are no active mods, so I would like to take over as moderator for the game.


I'd like to be made a Super Mod on Super Smash Bros Crusade.

I am already a Mod for this game, however, the 1 Super Mod (Dracobat10) has been inactive for 2 years, and has cut ties with everyone from the community. It is impossible to contact him. I'd like to be able to add new mods to the game.

Thank you.


@Springer03Springer03 Did you tried to contact them via their external contact methods and if so since when? if not I'd try to contact them on Twitter, their direct messages are open to everyone.

@SkarletSkarlet You require a pending or verified run on that game.

@slippy318slippy318 Upped you to Super. Are other moderators fine for a removal of this Super as well or it's fine to keep them on board?


@R0mainR0main I will try contacting them through discord.
How long should I wait for them to answer?

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Hello, I requested a game a few days ago called 5D Chess with Multiverse Time Travel. It got verified today and I was messing around with the settings to customize to how I wanted it. I saw the moderator's feature and wanted to make my friend a mod, but accidentaly made someone else a mod. I wanted to remove them and accidentally removed both. I do not know how but both were removed after. I tried everything I could but it didn't say anything anywhere. Can someone please help me?


Hello !
I have a run on Kirikou (PC), which is a world record, but unfortunately, the moderator of the game hasn't been online since 3 months ago, and doesn't answer when I message it, I already waited few weeks but I don't think that waiting is useful anymore ^^
Thanks for helping me,
have a good day


I am currently running Star Wars: Episode 3 for the GBA.
Sadly, the Mod seems to be inactive for at least 9 months (one of my unverified runs is that old).
I wrote him months ago via Messages, but got no answer.
He seems to be inactive on his other socials as well (e.g., his Twitter account got removed).
Thanks in advance, if you can help me.

Link to the game:


@ThisBananaGamerThisBananaGamer Added.

@KallicKallic You do not meet the contact requirement, nor do you have e-mail authentication enabled.

@SuperpositionSuperposition You do not meet the contact requirement, nor do you have e-mail authentication enabled.

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I am sorry for not meeting the requirement. By now, I have e-mail authentication enabled.
And regarding the the contact requirement, it seems to be not possible for me to contact the Mod, because his Discord name is also invalid.

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Hello agian, sorry for not precising my previous request on the removal of
from Windows series.
I forgot to mention that I am also asking about removing him from all Windows games.
The said games:
Chess titans
Mahjong titans
Purble place
Spider solitaire

Once agian sorry for not including this in my original request.
Thanks for reading and have a nice day.

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